Difference between strife and rooted




  1. lack of agreement or harmony
  2. bitter conflict; heated often violent dissension


Tribal traditions and a male-dominated reading of Islam have produced a deeply rooted ideology of women as temptresses, who must be kept under control to avoid "fitna" or social strife, thereby safeguarding the "peace of Islam.

Where my taxi driver and dhobi would have peace, their leaders see advantage in strife - where and when does India reach the tipping point and choose its path?

Its people are overburdened by religious riot, ethnic strife, corruption and the absence of social infrastructure.

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  1. absolutely still


The Western Cape's pursuit of an inclusive South African identity is bedevilled by ... the persistence of white privilege rooted in historical baaskap and black exclusion," the document said.

His self-image is rooted in robotic toughness, like the shape-shifting, molten-metal fiend in Terminator 2: Judgment Day.

The Oni character is a deep-rooted aspect of Japanese culture.

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