Difference between regal and regally




  1. belonging to or befitting a supreme ruler


How does this twitchy recluse become the regal princess in Act III?

Wit and playfulness is one thing, sending your models out in full Highland regalia is quite another.

His ring classicism has always argued so persuasively against excessive physical harm, his pride was beyond anything but a regal exit.

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  1. in a regal manner


In our posh London hotel suite, she glides through, thanks the press girl, and is regally solicitous when a tape recorder coughs and dies.

A Fabergé brooch with a huge Siberian aquamarine sitting regally on top of a glittering rim of interwoven diamonds symbolizing eternity and union is breathtaking enough, but when Mr. Munn starts to tell the story of the piece it takes on an otherworldly quality.

He glanced at the girl next to him, holding her head so regally and high, her back ramrod straight.

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