Difference between gainstay and stay




  1. dwell
  2. overcome or allay
  3. stay behind
  4. remain behind
  5. fasten with stays
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  1. (nautical) brace consisting of a heavy rope or wire cable used as a support for a mast or spar
  2. a thin strip of metal or bone that is used to stiffen a garment (e.g. a corset)
  3. a judicial order forbidding some action until an event occurs or the order is lifted
  4. the state of inactivity following an interruption
  5. continuing or remaining in a place or state


A few people were crying, and one girl was very sick and puking, but most people tried to stay calm.

I just stayed the dorm to around and shoot the breeze with a couple of friends.

He's managed to stay calm and controlled when the other slebs have been going a bit mad, and just got on with the winning.

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