Difference between forereach and reach




  1. to extend as far as
  2. to gain with effort
  3. to exert much effort or energy
  4. place into the hands or custody of
  5. be in or establish communication with
and more 4 ...


  1. the act of physically reaching or thrusting out
  2. the limits within which something can be effective
  3. an area in which something acts or operates or has power or control:
  4. the limit of capability


Apart from any other objection, a different classification would be reached if the characters were used in a different sequence.

A boa made from black water mink is worth about 50 dollars, a collarette about $100,00 and a coat reaching down to the hips would cost about $250,00.

The lymphatic vessels of the tongue may be divided into four groups: (1) apical, from the tip of the tongue to the suprahyoid glands and principal gland of the tongue; (2) lateral, from the margin of the tongue—some of these pierce the Mylohyoideus to end in the submaxillary glands, others pass down on the Hyoglossus to the superior deep cervical glands; (3) basal, from the region of the vallate papillæ to the superior deep cervical glands; and (4) median, a few of which perforate the Mylohyoideus to reach the submaxillary glands, while the majority turn around the posterior border of the muscle to enter the superior deep cervical glands.

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