Difference between clumsy and schoolboy




  1. lacking grace in movement or posture
  2. showing lack of skill or aptitude
  3. not elegant or graceful in expression
  4. difficult to handle or manage especially because of shape


Gideon could see the places where the silver was wearing off the cane and he noticed a good deal of clumsy darning on the inside of the cloak, as though the lining had come away from the backing several times.

I might have understood how clumsy I was, when I was rearing my children in the most utter idleness and luxury, to reform other people and their children, who were perishing from idleness in what I called the den of the Rzhanoff house, where, nevertheless, three-fourths of the people toil for themselves and for others.

Overall, this is a clumsy, uneven affair which, by the time the final credits roll, grates.

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  1. a boy attending school


Not convinced by these public schoolboys!

The 27-year-old, who is in training for next summer's Olympic Games, began his swimming career at the Longsight baths by competing in galas there as a schoolboy.

The Brits, with their propensity for schoolboy humour and scatology, deal with the subject by uproarious laughter.

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