Difference between bully and sexuallyabuse




  1. a cruel and brutal fellow
  2. a hired thug


  1. discourage or frighten with threats or a domineering manner; intimidate
  2. be bossy towards


  1. very good


You may think this trivial; the point is that if I'd mounted Miss Fanny that day I daresay I'd have lost interest in her -- at all events I'd have been less concerned to please her later, and would have avoided a great deal of sorrow, and being chased and bullyragged halfway round the world.

A favorite uncle provided pointers on pugilistic defenses against bullies - namely her father, who was the first regular bully in her life.

Loman is a rather unpleasant figure throughout much of the play, a boastful blowhard, a bully, a coward.

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