wellbeing vs well-being

wellbeing well-being


  • 1) Alternative spelling of well-being.


  • 1) a state of health, happiness and/or prosperity
  • 2) The state of being healthy, happy, or prosperous; welfare.
  • 3) The state or condition of being well; welfare; happiness; prosperity.
  • 4) a contented state of being happy and healthy and prosperous
  • 5) Well-conditioned existence: good mode of being; moral or physical welfare; a state of life which secures or tends toward happiness. Sometimes written wellbeing.


  • 1) But neuroscience is basically about mental wellbeing.
  • 2) But having to be the main carers can have a negative impact on physical and mental wellbeing.
  • 3) Your wellbeing chart is waking up via some sociable exercise.
  • 4) That is the wrong signal to be sending at a time when the government is looking to encourage investment in employee health and wellbeing.
  • 5) Focusing on helping my mental wellbeing makes me feel better when I can't seem to control all of my physical being.
  • 6) A longing for home, and the memories evoked by the past, were no longer seen as detrimental to mental wellbeing.
  • 7) Councils are responsible for the physical and mental wellbeing of their residents, yet last year some spent only 0.4 per cent of their budget on mental health.
  • 8) It will be the'just about managing' employees who will be most affected by no longer having access to so many health and wellbeing benefits and mobile phones.
  • 9) Monitoring the mental wellbeing of an entire nation has always been a problem.
  • 10) Winning has to come second to player welfare and wellbeing.
  • 11) The sun visits your work and wellbeing chart so feeling good about yourself brings opportunities.
  • 12) We will also assess their general wellbeing.
  • 13) Research suggests extreme wealth disparity can have a negative impact on health and wellbeing.
  • 14) This can include promoting physical activity or providing managers with the training needed to manage emotional wellbeing.
  • 15) But this has affected her mental wellbeing.
  • 16) The sun swings into your work and wellbeing chart so job ideas are ready for action.
  • 17) The bands are also said to improve general wellbeing for anyone.
  • 18) Our natural flow of energy always moves towards perfect health and wellbeing.
  • 19) The impact of our emotional wellbeing on our health is not a trifling problem.
  • 20) The moon is in your wellbeing chart and feeling good about yourself adds to your love life.
  • 21) Take the employee to one side and inquire about her general wellbeing.
  • 22) It has also taken its toll on his health and wellbeing.
  • 23) Singing has been proven to relax and restore a sense of emotional wellbeing.
  • 24) The full moon focuses on your work and wellbeing chart.
  • 25) He did so knowingly and with a total disregard for her physical or emotional wellbeing.
  • 26) But each one has suffered a terrible experience which has had a profound effect on their mental wellbeing.
  • 27) It aims to maximise health and mental wellbeing by setting out the ideal conditions in which the gut thrives.


  • 1) Work and well-being are now your themes.
  • 2) This sense of inner well-being influences our health and the way we perceive ourselves.
  • 3) Your sense of well-being and vitality will therefore depend partly on the time of day.
  • 4) Knowing you are following good advice should improve both your physical and emotional well-being.
  • 5) They need to take care of their physical well-being.
  • 6) The moon visits your work and well-being chart to put you in a calm and businesslike mood.
  • 7) It is unconvinced that money spent on food is a sound investment for future health and well-being.
  • 8) This sense of well-being is carried on into marriage where husband replaces father.
  • 9) It reduces stress and improves emotional well-being.
  • 10) Their mental and physical well-being suffers as a result.
  • 11) The full moon focuses on work and well-being.
  • 12) It benefits your mental health and general well-being not to always be connected.
  • 13) These give you a feeling of happiness and positively affect your overall sense of well-being.
  • 14) Is that best for your own emotional and physical well-being?
  • 15) But his well-being and health is the most important thing.
  • 16) The scenery adds to the general sense of well-being.
  • 17) My sense of well-being at its nadir.
  • 18) The tremendously high count of positive ions found in most modern offices is detrimental to health and well-being.
  • 19) The focus is on work and well-being and you have a new and meticulous attention to detail for success.
  • 20) Thus our life style and its effect on our physical well-being has in turn a pronounced effect on our feelings and mental experiences.
  • 21) I want emotional well-being connected with a less individualistic and more caring society.
  • 22) YOUR work and well-being chart is at the heart of the action.
  • 23) It is not hard to see how education would promote long-term happiness and well-being.
  • 24) He is a selfless man who puts others' happiness and well-being way before his own.
  • 25) ˜well-being™ is an otiose notion in ethics is that he himself seems to have a view on what well-being is.
  • 26) The biggest mistake I see parents making is that they want their children to love them, but the price they're paying is the long-term well-being of their children.
  • 27) Work and family balance policy recognizes the importance of quality child care to the long-term well-being of families.
  • 28) In nations where governments have become dysfunctional, the central operating systems of those governments refuse to place the needs of their people's long-term well-being ahead of the short-term realities and interests of the powers-that-be.
  • 29) ‘Little is known of the drug's long term effects on physical health or emotional well-being.’
  • 30) ‘It is essential for health and well-being to maintain a positive attitude to life.’
  • 31) ‘This lack of trust is dangerous, not just to our physical health, but also to our mental well-being.’
  • 32) ‘This nurse prepared his food and anything else required for his physical health and well-being.’
  • 33) ‘As we get older this facet of our lives becomes even more important to our well-being and our health.’
  • 34) ‘My brief as a councillor is to safeguard the health, wealth and well-being of the ward that I represent.’
  • 35) ‘The law says young people cannot work in a place or job which is harmful to their health, well-being or education.’
  • 36) ‘We would also like to satisfy ourselves as to your health and well-being.’
  • 37) ‘He is now on a broader social mission to improve the health and well-being of Scotland.’
  • 38) ‘Pet ownership has well documented positive effects on physical well-being.’
  • 39) ‘Our body image in fact is central, if ambiguously so, to our mental and physical well-being.’
  • 40) ‘It is in the agencies' interest to ensure the safety and well-being of their clients.’
  • 41) ‘The aim of the weekend will be one of complete relaxation and enhancement of well-being.’
  • 42) ‘A study addresses how economic status is no longer a sufficient gauge of a nation's well-being.’

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