neighbors vs neighbours

neighbors neighbours


  • 1) Plural form of neighbor.
  • 2) Third-person singular simple present indicative form of neighbor.


  • 1) Plural form of neighbour.
  • 2) Third-person singular simple present indicative form of neighbour.


  • 1) The neighbor, Maggie Forrest, was involved in a television discussion about domestic violence.
  • 2) It was something for which he could never forgive them, -especially the lehen auzo, the'first neighbor '.
  • 3) The presence of a neighbor 's pickup wasn't particularly unusual.


  • 1) She has been unable to trace her former neighbour and has asked the council for help.
  • 2) Luck reunites former neighbours at a prize ceremony.
  • 3) Your guests are resorting to getting in via the neighbour's garden.
  • 4) Ivy grows on these boundaries, one of which is the external wall of a neighbouring house.
  • 5) My mum was shouting at me to shut up, saying all the neighbours could hear me.
  • 6) Manchester is following close behind its neighbours in the north west of England.
  • 7) Many blame noisy neighbours for disturbing the peace, with a quarter of those polled moving house to get away from them.
  • 8) Commercial transactions are only part of the picture when it comes to looking at benefits of close co-operation with neighbours and those from far away.
  • 9) Well, imagine your angry next-door neighbour thinks a tree in your garden spoils his view.
  • 10) Here two rival teams of gnomes preside over neighbouring gardens.
  • 11) Neither side has an interest in a proxy war or instability in their northern neighbour.
  • 12) Or a house where the neighbours know you and maybe watch you out their windows.
  • 13) Luck connects you to a former neighbour.
  • 14) The house is down a long access road and there are no near neighbours.
  • 15) The countries were close neighbours in more than one sense.
  • 16) The noisy neighbours are causing a deafening din.
  • 17) Former neighbours suggested she was unemployed and on benefits.
  • 18) No such scruples had restrained him from unleashing new conflict with a nearer neighbour.
  • 19) It would be similar to calling on a group of neighbours who live next door to one another.
  • 20) The pair have been bombarded with parking restrictions due to a neighbour's building work.
  • 21) How much council tax does your next-door neighbour pay?
  • 22) Behind him rises the neighbouring building, offices and studios housed in an old warehouse.
  • 23) Her house overlooks a neighbour's garden.
  • 24) It is not surprising that Italy is under pressure from its northern neighbours to deliver more austerity.
  • 25) They took them to our neighbour's house because there is a doctor there.
  • 26) The mums live in neighbouring Suffolk towns and went to the same school.
  • 27) I have watched a kind and loving neighbour addicted to pizzas and fizzy drinks became diabetic.
  • 28) This is not only a dubious historic proposition, but also represents an unwarranted slur on the reputation of his country and its neighbours.

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