typhoon vs hurricane

typhoon hurricane


  • 1) A weather phenomenon in the Eastern Pacific that is precisely equivalent to a hurricane, which results in wind speeds of 64 knots (118km/h) or above. Equivalent to a cyclone in the Indian Ocean and Indonesia/Australia.
  • 2) A tropical cyclone occurring in the western Pacific or Indian Oceans.
  • 3) A violent whirlwind; specifically, a violent whirlwind occurring in the Chinese seas.
  • 4) a tropical cyclone occurring in the western Pacific or Indian oceans
  • 5) A violent hurricane occurring in the China seas and their environs, principally during the months of July, August, September, and October


  • 1) meteorology a wind scale for quite strong wind, stronger than a storm
  • 2) sports, aerial freestyle skiing "full—triple-full—full" – an acrobatic maneuver consisting of three flips and five twists, with one twist on the first flip, three twists on the second flip, one twist on the third flip
  • 3) A severe tropical cyclone in the North Atlantic Ocean, Caribbean Sea, Gulf of Mexico, or in the eastern North Pacific off the west coast of Mexico, with winds of 75 miles per hour (120.7 kph) or greater accompanied by rain, lightning, and thunder that sometimes moves into temperate latitudes.
  • 4) A wind with a speed greater than 64 knots (74 miles per hour; 119 kilometers per hour per hour), according to the Beaufort scale.
  • 5) A severe tropical cyclone having winds greater than 64 knots (74 miles per hour; 119 kilometers per hour), originating in the equatorial regions of the Atlantic Ocean or Caribbean Sea or eastern regions of the Pacific Ocean, traveling north, northwest, or northeast from its point of origin, and usually involving heavy rains.
  • 6) Something resembling a hurricane in force or speed.
  • 7) (Zoöl.) the frigate bird.
  • 8) A violent storm, characterized by extreme fury and sudden changes of the wind, and generally accompanied by rain, thunder, and lightning; -- especially prevalent in the East and West Indies. Also used figuratively.
  • 9) (Naut.) See under Deck.
  • 10) a severe tropical cyclone usually with heavy rains and winds moving a 73-136 knots (12 on the Beaufort scale)
  • 11) In the eighteenth century, a social party; a rout; a drum.
  • 12) Any violent tempest, or anything suggestive of one.
  • 13) A storm of the intensest severity; a cyclone.


  • 1) The wet season is also typhoon time.
  • 2) Huge screens were put up so typhoon victims could watch the fight.
  • 3) Despite the ferocity of this storm, the typhoon season this year has been much quieter than usual.
  • 4) The biggest weather disaster of the week was a powerful typhoon that battered the southern Philippines on Tuesday.
  • 5) Q When is the typhoon season in the Philippines?
  • 6) Here are the main dates in its history: 1974: Soviet leader Leonid Brezhnev gives a speech talking about a new type of ballistic nuclear missile submarine and mentions the word 'typhoon,' prompting Nato to christen the new vessel the typhoon class.
  • 7) A so-called "super typhoon" is bearing down on the northern Philippines, prompting evacuations of thousands of people from coastal areas threatened with destructive winds, rain and storm surges.
  • 8) The same type of storm is known as a typhoon in the western Pacific Ocean or cyclone in the Indian Ocean.
  • 9) According to reports, the slightly weakened typhoon is now bound for China, where residents are racing to prepare before it touches ground this coming Saturday, bringing with it heavy rains and strong winds.
  • 10) Even beyond the natural, Umi thinks the typhoon is “a ship for spirits”, carrying more than fish far from home.
  • 11) A typhoon is one of the most awesome things known to man.
  • 12) ‘There has been an observed and recorded link between the sea surface temperature and the frequency and intensity of tropical storms, typhoons and hurricanes.’
  • 13) ‘It is the super-cells within the tropical cyclones, such as hurricanes or typhoons that produce very heavy downpours as these storms start to move inland.’
  • 14) ‘Hurricanes, tornadoes, typhoons, lightning storms, nothing was a match for what was experienced almost every night in our house.’
  • 15) ‘In the Pacific they are known as typhoons, in the Indian Ocean as cyclones.’
  • 16) ‘The archives show names for typhoons in the western Pacific all of the way back to 1945.’
  • 17) ‘Severe tropical cyclones correspond to the hurricanes or typhoons of other parts of the world.’
  • 18) ‘Each year, the tropics are battered by up to 40 hurricanes, typhoons, and cyclones, while floods and landslides occur everywhere in numbers too great to keep track of.’
  • 19) ‘He complained that the community flooded every time a typhoon or tropical storm swept through Taoyuan.’
  • 20) ‘You have a lot of coastal dwellers particularly in the north, where cyclones and even typhoons, hurricanes are a problem, and we warmer waters are going to generate more intense cyclones.’
  • 21) ‘Well, there have been strong hurricanes and cyclones and typhoons in other parts of the world this year.’
  • 22) ‘Other great winds like hurricanes, typhoons and cyclones, are essentially just high winds.’
  • 23) ‘Hurricanes, like their regional cousin a typhoon, both come from the family of tropical cyclones.’
  • 24) ‘Kobayashi said last month's deadly earthquake in the central region of Niigata and typhoons that hit western provinces would have dampened the figures.’
  • 25) ‘In other parts of the world, the same types of storms are called typhoons or cyclones.’
  • 26) ‘Hurricanes, typhoons and tornados are commonplace.’
  • 27) ‘Records for heavy rain, flooding, hurricanes and typhoons as well as drought and dust storms are increasingly being broken.’
  • 28) ‘Summer brings warm winds from the South Pacific, and typhoons, especially to the southern regions of the country.’
  • 29) ‘They include delays caused by storms, typhoons and snowfall.’
  • 30) ‘The Far East, Australasia and the Indian Ocean have their fair share of typhoons and monsoons.’
  • 31) ‘Many lives in Pacific states have been spared from earthquakes, tsunamis, typhoons and hurricanes in the last 50 years or so thanks to the system.’


  • 1) This stirring philosophy was to be swept away with hurricane force.
  • 2) Church candles and hurricane lamps are tasteful but bland.
  • 3) The dust produces vivid red sunsets and also helps to choke off tropical storms and hurricanes.
  • 4) They felt a current of air like a hurricane wind.
  • 5) In recent years its nine million population has been battered by storms and hurricanes.
  • 6) Then they brought a hurricane lamp.
  • 7) Such is its hurricane force that she has to throw away her pants and trousers and wrap herself in a paisley scarf.
  • 8) THERE'S a new hurricane warning in force for Manchester.
  • 9) There are no bright lights - just solar lanterns and the gentle yellow flicker of hurricane lamps.
  • 10) There are battery lights, hurricane lamps and a large candle lantern.
  • 11) Nature lashes out with floods and hurricanes, and people fight back with steel beams and reinforced concrete.
  • 12) These old-fashioned metal hurricane oil lamps are the ideal accessory for dinner in the garden or stylish camping.
  • 13) As for the rest of the year, it is expected that hurricane activity will be slightly below average.
  • 14) There have been two small hurricanes and nine tropical storms, which carry less intense winds than a hurricane.
  • 15) This time last year nine tropical storms and four hurricanes had struck, in a season of record numbers.
  • 16) The transition from a powerful tropical storm to a hurricane can occur very rapidly, surprisingly so at times.
  • 17) In near hurricane winds and heavy snow, the forces ran into trouble and called for helicopters to rescue them.
  • 18) As you drive down the valley you can see the odd cable hanging from electricity poles where the hurricane force winds have felled trees through them.
  • 19) Meanwhile, they have been forced to battle hurricanes, floods and lawlessness.
  • 20) Wind at hurricane speed, pumping in blasts, cold.
  • 21) ‘In fact, tropical storms or hurricanes have ended many droughts in Texas, and other parts of the world.’
  • 22) ‘Severe tropical cyclones correspond to the hurricanes or typhoons of other parts of the world.’
  • 23) ‘First, wind and water erode it, especially during tropical storms and hurricanes.’
  • 24) ‘This book shows the tracks of all the hurricanes and tropical storms recorded over more than a century.’
  • 25) ‘We see this a lot during tropical storms and hurricanes off the Florida coast.’
  • 26) ‘Gray expects at least three named tropical storms and two hurricanes this month.’
  • 27) ‘The season is barely two full days old and we've already had nine advisories, although as yet no tropical storms or hurricanes.’
  • 28) ‘The last big storm here was in 1993, and it wasn't even a hurricane or a tropical storm.’
  • 29) ‘With a hurricane and a tropical storm moving in, the State of Florida is bracing for a beating.’
  • 30) ‘The hurricane caused a surge of water that flooded large areas of the historic city center.’
  • 31) ‘From hurricanes to floods to unbearable heat, 2005 was one for the record weather books.’
  • 32) ‘Planned as temporary refuge from the hurricane and flood waters, they became sites of official neglect.’
  • 33) ‘The main post office here in New Orleans flooded right after the hurricane.’
  • 34) ‘There is chaos around you, caused by a hurricane and severe floods.’
  • 35) ‘Tonight so many victims of the hurricane and the flood are far from home and friends and familiar things.’
  • 36) ‘Thousands of people displaced by the hurricane are forced to find new homes in new cities and states.’
  • 37) ‘About 1,100 oil platforms were exposed to the full force of the hurricane.’
  • 38) ‘There was little structural damage, but the hurricane downed trees and blew roofs off of some bungalows.’
  • 39) ‘The strongest part of a hurricane is the eye wall, on the edge of the calm center.’
  • 40) ‘The hurricane has claimed 65 lives with winds gusting up to 155 mph but Jamaica missed the worst of it.’

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