regretful vs regrettable

regretful regrettable


  • 1) Full of feelings of regret, indulging in regrets.
  • 2) Sorrowful about what has been lost or done.
  • 3) Full of regret; sorrowful or sorry.
  • 4) Full of regret; indulging in regrets; repining.


  • 1) Of an event, action, or state, allowing or deserving regret.
  • 2) Eliciting or deserving regret.


  • 1) A minute later the call was over, and John's smile was regretful as he turned to Colette.
  • 2) ) `Nope,' Wesley sounded regretful, `just burned his palm very badly.
  • 3) Surprisingly, she didn't feel nervous, or regretful about her actions.
  • 4) It is the winds of God that dries my vain regretful tears,
  • 5) He called these manipulators "regretful" but never clearly indicated who they were.
  • 6) In Iran, Foreign Ministry spokesman Hassan Qashqavi called it "regretful" that all sides were hard-line in their campaigns.
  • 7) _Wonderful Woman_ is perhaps less a novel than an analysis -- painfully close, with a kind of regretful brutality in it -- of one special type of femininity, and a glance at several others.
  • 8) She talked of it sort of sad, kind of regretful, as if she was sorry, but felt that it had to be.
  • 9) And then, how Constance would have smiled over Beatrice's ideals -- her "fluffy" evenings -- in a kind of regretful, wondering way; almost as she had smiled when she first called me "Dick," in asking what had become of our staid English reserve; as she watched the noisy crowd in Fleet Street, singing its silly doggerel about England's security and England's "dibs."
  • 10) Anyone placing sanctions on Iran would be "regretful", President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said on Tuesday.
  • 11) Speaking on the drills 'fourth day, Guards commander Massoud Jazayeri said Iran had a deterrence plan which would make the enemy "regretful" if they launched any attack against the country, the official IRNA news agency reported.
  • 12) ‘Jason kneeled near the dog, and gave a regretful smile.’
  • 13) ‘He walked out with somewhat a regretful smile on his face, his eyes lost in the past; he nearly walked into the closed door!’
  • 14) ‘In one case, a tiny, angry-looking boy is judged sufficiently regretful to return to the school where he threatened a bodyguard.’
  • 15) ‘Don't get me wrong: I'm not overly traumatized - just occasionally regretful.’
  • 16) ‘‘He apologised and was really regretful even though he was not involved in the actual attack,’ he said.’
  • 17) ‘He said everyone present was deeply regretful about the situation and had really wanted to see the radiotherapy unit become a reality.’
  • 18) ‘At the same time, I breathe a regretful sigh at the anguish, the desperation and the rage reflected in the letters I hold in my hand.’
  • 19) ‘But it is utterly regretful that no one could understand the reality.’
  • 20) ‘I'm thankful for what it's given me, and regretful for what it's taken.’
  • 21) ‘I am deeply regretful about this mistake of others - no, I will not say sorry.’
  • 22) ‘However, there is no doubt in my mind that the two officers were genuinely regretful that they were not requested to stop traffic.’
  • 23) ‘Bragg sometimes seems vaguely regretful about the fact that he is not thought of, primarily, as a writer.’
  • 24) ‘I give it a regretful look, hoping it won't be my last and turn to head back inside.’
  • 25) ‘Kent the narrator is wise to the flaws of his younger self, if not exactly regretful.’
  • 26) ‘His eyes cast themselves to the floor, and his attempt at a smile followed; he looked almost regretful.’
  • 27) ‘Her smile was slightly sad and regretful, almost pitying as she continued speaking.’
  • 28) ‘She slipped out the door, relieved that she was able to sneak out, vacating the room, before anything regretful was said or done.’
  • 29) ‘This is truly regretful and I offer my candid apologies.’
  • 30) ‘I sat there in quiet, feeling regretful for anything contemptible I ever thought about the many sitting in front of me.’
  • 31) ‘Overall, there was something in his eyes she had noticed: sadness, a deep, regretful sadness.’


  • 1) This was a deeply regrettable error and we are very sorry.
  • 2) That it has not happened consistently is deeply regrettable.
  • 3) That he has been allowed to cheat justice is more than deeply regrettable.
  • 4) Other governments have turned a blind eye and that is deeply regrettable.
  • 5) It was a regrettable incident on his side, but the federation did not act strongly enough.
  • 6) It is deeply regrettable that he shouted at the referee: there should be no place for such behaviour in football.
  • 7) Any death is deeply regrettable.
  • 8) It is deeply regrettable that both before and since those two spills occurred, much more oil has been spilt due to illegality.
  • 9) Ten unions last night called the coup bid 'deeply regrettable and unnecessary'.
  • 10) Council bosses have launched an investigation and a spokesman said: 'This was an extremely regrettable incident.
  • 11) He added: 'It is always regrettable when there are civilian casualties.
  • 12) They are silly, hilarious, inspired and often deeply regrettable.
  • 13) She said last night: 'My conviction was deeply regrettable.
  • 14) It is deeply regrettable that the British Government refused to support this proposal.
  • 15) He squirmed: 'This was a deeply regrettable error and we are very sorry.
  • 16) The feeling at Anfield is that this was a regrettable, avoidable incident rather than a serious one.
  • 17) He said: 'A pupil followed our advice but it led to a regrettable incident and pupils became nauseous.
  • 18) He said: 'It is very regrettable that an officer should apparently have disregarded a speed camera under these circumstances.
  • 19) We remain at a high level of alert, but sometimes it is possible that they slip through our defences as they did in Pune, Mumbai and Delhi, which I described as regrettable 'blots' on our record….
  • 20) Now, first, I have to say that I admire Lord Hoffman's style, and am glad that someone else is as sceptical as I am of what he calls a regrettable tendency, and what I call human rightsism.
  • 21) Top officials briefing the news media on what they call a regrettable mistake.
  • 22) Nanaimo Mayor John Ruttan was disappointed with Mr. Les's remarks, which he described as "regrettable."
  • 23) "Inappropriate and regrettable" is just the beginning, sir.
  • 24) There is thus nothing much surprising, even if there is something more than a little regrettable from the standpoint of principle, about the narrow-almost - (but-not-quite) - to-the-point-of-nothingness opinion today.
  • 25) Now this, while regrettable, is hardly surprising.
  • 26) "Although there exist differences in the judicial system (between the two countries), it is quite regrettable from the Japanese side," Kyodo news agency cited Japanese Prime Minister Yukio Hatoyama as saying before the execution was announced.
  • 27) "Although there exist differences in the judicial system (between the two countries), it is quite regrettable from the Japanese side," Kyodo news agency quoted Japanese Prime Minister Yukio Hatoyama as saying before the execution was announced.
  • 28) ‘Firstly it must be said that all of these incidents are regrettable and that this newspaper in no way condemns the breaking of the law on drugs.’
  • 29) ‘However, apart from that one rather regrettable episode he'd never found the attic room particularly unsettling.’
  • 30) ‘The events that led to this claim and counterclaim are indeed regrettable.’
  • 31) ‘It is therefore regrettable that you chose to print the article in its current form and under a misleading heading on the front page of your paper.’
  • 32) ‘She said that it had been regrettable that this had occurred.’
  • 33) ‘He's not exactly acting very honorably in that role or as a man, and I think it's deeply regrettable.’
  • 34) ‘It may be that the decision to interfere with such an editorial decision will have perverse and regrettable consequences.’
  • 35) ‘It is regrettable that it has become necessary to deploy policemen in schools, but it is needed as an emergency shock treatment.’
  • 36) ‘She said it was regrettable that a policeman, who had taken an oath, had come before the court and deliberately misled the court.’
  • 37) ‘But it is regrettable that awareness is very low, especially among women and at the grassroots level.’
  • 38) ‘The harsh reality is that the two big banks see the customer as an inconvenience and workers as a regrettable cost that has to be tolerated.’
  • 39) ‘An ageing spinster behind a bar would far rather discuss the finer points of her son's regrettable taste in women than serve you a beer in under half an hour.’
  • 40) ‘Business, with a regrettable few exceptions, is booming in a town known the world over because of its famous Rock.’
  • 41) ‘I find this to be a regrettable stance, in the main because of the breadth of messages contained in it.’
  • 42) ‘It was regrettable the association had chosen to adopt this approach.’
  • 43) ‘He said that the violence ‘was regrettable,’ but that security staff must use force to do their jobs.’
  • 44) ‘The judge said it was regrettable the family had to take legal action and live under the cloud of litigation for the last few years.’
  • 45) ‘It is regrettable that some biotech companies have already left Europe.’
  • 46) ‘He said the damaging of the trees was regrettable, but also exceptional.’
  • 47) ‘It was regrettable that the workers felt that they had been put into a corner where they had to ballot for industrial action.’

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