truly vs truely

truly truely


  • 1) Very.
  • 2) Honestly, genuinely, in fact, really.
  • 3) In accordance with the facts; truthfully, accurately.
  • 4) Sincerely; genuinely.
  • 5) Truthfully; accurately.
  • 6) Properly.
  • 7) Indeed.
  • 8) In a true manner; according to truth; in agreement with fact.
  • 9) Exactly; justly; precisely; accurately.
  • 10) Conformably to law; legally; legitimately.
  • 11) Sincerely; honestly; really; faithfully; ; the citizens are truly loyal to their prince or their country.
  • 12) In fact; in deed; in reality; in truth.
  • 13) in fact (used as intensifiers or sentence modifiers)
  • 14) in accordance with truth or fact or reality
  • 15) by right
  • 16) Certainly;surely.
  • 17) Verily.


  • 1) That would have added something truly different.
  • 2) She thought others on the beach would have heard screaming if something truly awful had happened.
  • 3) If this truly was just a oneoff, then your love will survive.
  • 4) That's why choosing something that feels truly special is so important to me.
  • 5) It's the sense of being duped into buying something you neither truly want nor need.
  • 6) If what you long for is a man who truly loves you and puts you first, this guy is not the one.
  • 7) By the time he looked back, Costa had turned the moment into something truly menacing.
  • 8) I've seen it argued that for something to be truly art it must have been the work of a single artistic intelligence.
  • 9) If he didn't get it after reading about a truly great man, then there would be no hope for him.
  • 10) Yet few could have imagined just what a truly awesome athlete he would become.
  • 11) What a truly appalling example for any senior player to set.
  • 12) We can then truly say goodbye to fair trade.
  • 13) We are on the brink of something truly special in our country.
  • 14) Can the most earnest man on earth truly find peace?
  • 15) The first step is to decide whether you are truly depressed or just feeling a bit down.
  • 16) The descriptions of the disaster by survivors and rescuers are truly appalling.
  • 17) For once you will speak out and say what you truly feel.
  • 18) She told some truly astounding lies just to take paid leave.
  • 19) The crimes were simultaneously incomprehensible and truly appalling.
  • 20) Maybe one day he will truly realise just how many people he has hurt.
  • 21) To truly know something, you have to make yourself vulnerable to it.
  • 22) truly evil men are a small minority; it is appeasement that unleashes them on to mankind.
  • 23) There's something special and truly welcoming about those shows.
  • 24) It is global and as free as breathing, and the only truly democratic thing we all own.
  • 25) But there is a way to go before the little nation of 100,000 can call itself truly democratic.
  • 26) They say you have truly found freedom when you can dance as if there's no one watching.
  • 27) truly the sick man of Europe.
  • 28) "Among those who are truly wise," she said, her voice giving emphasis to the word _truly_.
  • 29) Not that her expression truly mattered, for she changed it as she changed hats, selecting them to augment whatever aura she wished to project.
  • 30) I am so sorry to learn that the old John McCain truly is gone forever.
  • 31) (Too Soon), a follow up to his I Bought Andy Warhol, because I find the title truly heart-breaking and a real Warhol puzzler.
  • 32) The Mandy of the title truly is the star of the film, as almost all of the adults underplay their scenes with her to help her shine brighter.
  • 33) Perhaps Harper has some insight that says Martin truly is innocent in this mess, so he has to head Gomery off at the pass.
  • 34) Moreover, in this conceptual cognition, the referent object of the label truly established existence exists (namely, truly established existence).
  • 35) The Faith Women were notorious for keeping news of the outside world away from the retreat, and word of Tacit and the revolt in Pell—which was the first time his name truly began to be spoken—could not possibly have reached her.
  • 36) ‘Ignorant children can speak truly about Jesus because God has given them this insight and opened their mouths.’
  • 37) ‘I truly and openly declare that I believe that the nation will become a republic over time.’
  • 38) ‘There was an almost awkward silence, in which a thousand words were exchanged, but none were truly spoken.’
  • 39) ‘I really have nothing bad to say about this show, truly and sincerely.’
  • 40) ‘Then if someone uttered this sentence 100 years ago, they spoke truly.’
  • 41) ‘One can truly speak of nomenclatural chaos, even though Linnaeus's binomial system was widely employed.’
  • 42) ‘It was simple and honest, the way only a child can truly speak.’
  • 43) ‘The old knight is of course referring to himself, and in the case of this production is speaking all too truly.’
  • 44) ‘‘Of the woe that is in marriage it is impossible to speak truly,’ he says of Godard and Karina.’
  • 45) ‘Nevertheless, these poems speak to me more truly than Bertrand Russell's glib quote.’
  • 46) ‘There is a difference between pretending to speak for the majority and making sure its views are truly represented in the debate and public inquiry.’
  • 47) ‘And the motive on the part of the slave-owners was the love of gold; or, to speak more truly, of vulgar and puerile ostentation.’
  • 48) ‘Paul says that he can only truly speak of that which is physical not spiritual.’
  • 49) ‘This was a slip of the brain on our part for which we are truly, madly deeply sorry.’
  • 50) ‘Really, seriously, truly… how would you handle the situation with the recruiter?’
  • 51) ‘It truly was an emotional moment, and I swear I saw more than one tear filled eye among the delighted fans.’
  • 52) ‘And I really, truly, sincerely hope you feel exactly the same way about your work.’
  • 53) ‘Hayden felt truly sincere and almost started to cry with his words.’
  • 54) ‘I really, sincerely, truly hope things are looking better for you, I really do.’
  • 55) ‘There was only one thing she could say, and so she said it, hoping that she could sound as sincere as she truly was.’
  • 56) ‘How could any father not choose to do what he truly and sincerely thought was best under those circumstances?’
  • 57) ‘I can imagine how frustrating it must be for those who truly do take it seriously.’
  • 58) ‘An absolutely auspicious week for some serious concentrating on what it is you most truly madly deeply want this year.’
  • 59) ‘But if he were truly sorry, he would have admitted his crime and spared Caroline's family the anguish of a drawn-out trial.’
  • 60) ‘Tara catches her, and both are killed as Giles shoots Willow in the back, deciding that she's just too dangerous to live, saying he's truly sorry.’
  • 61) ‘We were truly, truly sorry that there was the shortfall in our initial funding of the foundation.’
  • 62) ‘Not everyone appreciates her properly so I was truly grateful.’
  • 63) ‘If anything that is written here offends you, I am afraid that I am not truly sorry and I cannot sincerely apologise for it.’
  • 64) ‘It was obvious listening to Jim speak that he truly loves this industry and what he does.’
  • 65) ‘I'm sure he is sincere and was truly shocked to find real, live homophobia out in the provinces.’
  • 66) ‘In order to truly understand what went wrong with this war, you have to look at what was being said and what was being heard before we went into it.’
  • 67) ‘Have you ever truly analysed your real feelings?’
  • 68) ‘That decade truly represented the age of parity, relatively speaking.’
  • 69) ‘The best way to truly understand it is to give it a whirl.’
  • 70) ‘When journalists fear for their lives, one cannot say the press is truly free.’
  • 71) ‘It's a salutary reminder that only the genuinely elderly truly know what it is to be old.’
  • 72) ‘If you box off your style into a certain category it's hard to be truly musical and free, which puts a limit on your creativity.’
  • 73) ‘In order for them to have a truly free choice, they would have to be properly informed of and educated about all their options.’
  • 74) ‘I guess I will never be able to truly understand consumer fundamentalists.’
  • 75) ‘If they're truly interested in speaking with one voice then it's inevitable that the accents will start to fade over time.’
  • 76) ‘To truly understand my mother, you'd have to go back in time and explore one of the most vivid memories I have of her.’
  • 77) ‘Even with all the controversy over stem cells, how many of our elected leaders truly understand their uses?’
  • 78) ‘When I moved to Canada and got a wheelchair, I truly understood how different I was from other kids.’
  • 79) ‘Now, Will finds that frustrating, and we can truly understand that.’
  • 80) ‘And right at the time when I needed help, he was there and truly understood me.’
  • 81) ‘People talk about climate change and the need to enforce the Kyoto protocol but I don't think they truly understand how important it is.’
  • 82) ‘What I am saying is that occasional errors are inevitable with a truly free press.’
  • 83) ‘And yet, there are certain tools to understanding mankind that are truly universal.’
  • 84) ‘Still, hardly anyone truly understands what to do with addicts.’
  • 85) ‘This woman turns out to be the only person who truly understands him and his work, and signals the beginning of a desperate, passionate obsession for both of them.’
  • 86) ‘Part of what fuels popular interest in the black tulip saga is the fact that no truly black tulip actually exists to this day - nor is one ever likely to!’
  • 87) ‘Aren't you at least going to feel a bit sorry for the truly fabulous and real you that never gets to see the world again?’
  • 88) ‘I only ever got one truly awful grade on a paper, and man, did I deserve it.’
  • 89) ‘The horse-riding sequences are truly excellent and an absolute blast.’
  • 90) ‘It was truly dreadful and it was not mercifully short.’
  • 91) ‘So, where would you go for a truly wild, absolute monster?’
  • 92) ‘The story is truly frightening, the dead come to life and devour the city.’
  • 93) ‘He was a truly appalling candidate to begin with, and his campaign was a disaster.’
  • 94) ‘She's got this truly terrible habit of emphasising random syllables in news reports.’
  • 95) ‘And if you're stuck in a truly uncomfortable situation, speak with a flight attendant.’
  • 96) ‘Let us be frank: nobody except the truly feebleminded has ever, once, drawn a second's pleasure from going into a pub and hearing live music.’
  • 97) ‘This is an intimate, real, unshowy, deeply emotional, truly special performance.’
  • 98) ‘Donald was truly honest when he said that he came for a few pints.’
  • 99) ‘It may not seem like much out of context, but the effect within this song is truly wondrous.’
  • 100) ‘Having said all that the songs were truly magnificent.’
  • 101) ‘I'm sure he is a very, very, very nice chap in real life, but onstage, he is truly dreadful.’
  • 102) ‘These are truly inspired and absolutely in keeping with the weird and wonderful world of Dr Seuss.’
  • 103) ‘This is a truly dreadful movie, a hotchpotch of historical inaccuracies and romantic fiction.’
  • 104) ‘I learnt that I had the strength to get myself out of a truly dreadful situation - barely, but I did it.’
  • 105) ‘However, if you're truly serious about your fresh seafood, then you should make straight for the Loch Fyne Oyster Bar on King Street.’
  • 106) ‘None of which changes the fact that it's a truly grotesquely dreadful programme.’
  • 107) ‘Still, these guys are serious musicians and haven't lost the touch of writing some truly wonderful songs.’
  • 108) ‘This is truly, beyond any doubt, the best crab fritter you will ever have in your life.’
  • 109) ‘Though if by some other miracle I was able to catch him, I truly doubt he would show as much strength’
  • 110) ‘None of us have any doubt that this one truly will deliver.’
  • 111) ‘Take pride in the fact that you are truly unique, you're one of a kind; that's not weird.’
  • 112) ‘If imitation truly is the sincerest form of flattery, his dad James should feel chuffed.’
  • 113) ‘Unlike the Tories who are a regional party of the English shires, we can truly say we speak for the wider community in Britain.’
  • 114) ‘She was a bit shocked to see how sincere he truly was.’
  • 115) ‘Raise your hand if you resolved to really, seriously, truly get in shape this year.’
  • 116) ‘Besides, there aren't many white rappers who can truly be taken seriously.’
  • 117) ‘It has a long way to go before it can merit serious consideration as a truly effective marketing tool.’
  • 118) ‘These are public servants who truly serve rather than act as our masters, and inspire us rather than destroy our confidence.’
  • 119) ‘Only the government has the reach and power to design and oversee a pension system that truly serves all.’
  • 120) ‘A city that truly serves its people must try to please the largest majority of ordinary citizens.’
  • 121) ‘We need to learn our strengths and recognise our weaknesses to truly serve our armed services.’
  • 122) she was now truly American

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