flaunt vs flout

flaunt flout


  • 1) obsolete Anything displayed for show.
  • 2) the act of displaying something ostentatiously
  • 3) Anything displayed for show; finery.
  • 4) A boast; a vaunt; a brag.
  • 5) The act of flaunting.
  • 6) intransitive, obsolete To wave or flutter smartly in the wind.
  • 7) transitive To parade, display with ostentation.
  • 8) intransitive (archaic or literary) To show off with flashy clothing.
  • 9) To wave or flutter smartly in the wind.
  • 10) To make a smart show in apparel or equipment of any kind; make an ostentatious or brazen display; move or act ostentatiously or brazenly; be glaring or gaudy: sometimes with an indefinite it: as, a flaunting show.
  • 11) To display ostentatiously, impudently, or offensively: as, to flaunt rich apparel.
  • 12) Usage Problem To ignore or disregard (a rule, for example) openly or scornfully.
  • 13) To wave grandly.
  • 14) To exhibit ostentatiously or shamelessly: synonym: show.
  • 15) To show oneself off or move in an ostentatious way.
  • 16) To throw or spread out; to flutter; to move ostentatiously.
  • 17) To display ostentatiously; to make an impudent show of.


  • 1) A mock; an insult.
  • 2) A flute.
  • 3) A truss or bundle.
  • 4) A mock; a scoff; a gibe.
  • 5) A boys' whistle.
  • 6) To express contempt for the rules by word or action.
  • 7) To scorn.
  • 8) Toplayontheflute.
  • 9) To play on the flute.
  • 10) To mock or scoff at; treat with disdain or contempt.
  • 11) Synonyms See taunt.
  • 12) To mock; jeer; scoff; behave with disdain or contumely: with at before an object.
  • 13) SynonymsSeetaunt.
  • 14) To practice mocking; to behave with contempt; to sneer; to fleer; -- often with at.
  • 15) Archaic To express contempt for; mock or jeer at.
  • 16) To ignore or disregard (a rule or convention, for example) in an open or defiant way.
  • 17) To mock or insult; to treat with contempt.


  • 1) The use of gladiators became a way for the rich to flaunt their wealth and power?
  • 2) But they will not be bought by those looking to flaunt their wealth.
  • 3) But it is not to flaunt wealth that we are driving these cars.
  • 4) The positioning so close to their offices made it seem that it was being flaunted in front of them.
  • 5) You don't flaunt your wealth in a courtroom.
  • 6) Who can forget the sight of him flaunting his wealth by setting fire to $100 bills?
  • 7) It's considered gauche to flaunt your wealth.
  • 8) If she wears expensive clothes, she is criticised for flaunting her wealth.
  • 9) But he doesn't flaunt his wealth.
  • 10) The actors, dubbed in English, flaunt bold, black leather spacesuits as they bravely march through stage fog on a set aglow in strange popsicle colors.
  • 11) It is a deeply incisive explanation of how we all begin, how we plod on, and how we approach the end -- we are always looking for a theory or an idea to bring cohesion to the chaos that is life, whether it be the career we choose (or reject) or the spouse we adore (or don't) or the label we flaunt ("free-spirit," "dependable," "respectable").
  • 12) To flaunt is to make an ostentatious or defiant display: She flaunted her beauty.
  • 13) I don't know what many people are referring to when they describe them as wanting to "flaunt" it.
  • 14) With faux compassion, they say – well, this is what happens if you "flaunt" your sexuality by behaving like everybody else.
  • 15) Perhaps another was that -- was not knowing the difference between "flaunt" and "flout."
  • 16) HEDREN: It's very important to be very, very special, and have that -- that, you know -- I think people who kind of flaunt all of it are -- I don't find that very interesting.
  • 17) ‘We are eager to flaunt every new gadget we buy but are yet to learn the basic rules to be followed while using it.’
  • 18) ‘It is not just about owning the painting and flaunting it but more about displaying it with style and the right interiors.’
  • 19) ‘Smart lads, they hadn't flaunted the loot, bragged about the heist, or written a rap song memorializing the event.’
  • 20) ‘Sure, she had been born with a silver spoon in her mouth, but she didn't brag about it or flaunt her money.’
  • 21) ‘To round off the festivities, there were models flaunting designer wears during the fashion parade.’
  • 22) ‘They are big brash symbols of conspicuous consumption, a way for flash men and women with a lot of cash to flaunt their wealth.’
  • 23) ‘She not only openly flaunts her unearned wealth, but also uses her assets to seize eyeballs from her less fortunate sisters.’
  • 24) ‘Ruppert claims to represent neither right nor left and flaunts his background as a police detective to refute accusations that he gets a bit carried away in his conclusions.’
  • 25) ‘In its sentiments Pouncey's novel flaunts psychotherapy as a fashionable accessory, the sharing of confidences (already grasped before they are spelt out) over the tinkle of fine teacups.’
  • 26) ‘Photographer Colin Jones flaunts a life story that is a picture in itself.’
  • 27) ‘Yet what is clear from the very first page is that here is a writer of high intelligence (always much brighter than even her sharpest characters though she never flaunts it), who is exercising restraint.’
  • 28) ‘What most people seem to be missing, however, is that he's still not much more than a glorified landlord who crassly flaunts his wealth in front of the unwashed American underclasses.’
  • 29) ‘It flaunts its power to bar people from flights.’
  • 30) ‘He flaunts his riches like everyone in the business.’
  • 31) ‘Government after government flaunts its green credentials while the countryside is becoming so poisoned that whole species of wildlife are vanishing.’
  • 32) ‘Even though every magazine and ad flaunts naked bodies, the film industry is oddly intimidated by bodies - in motion, or still.’
  • 33) ‘It flaunts its disdain for democracy and gets away with it.’
  • 34) ‘In all the shoots, she flaunts designer wear, including jewellery and fabulous clothes.’
  • 35) ‘It's open late, it flaunts its exclusivity and it gets regular plugs in the gay press (so it's a club).’
  • 36) ‘Thus today one flaunts a G-string as if it were a Victoria Cross.’
  • 37) ‘You don't dress provocatively, and you don't go around flaunting yourself.’
  • 38) ‘British youths themselves force as much booze as possible down their throats, while flaunting themselves shamelessly in a bid to grab the most attention from the opposite sex.’
  • 39) ‘And if they are flaunting themselves, it also speaks of their new-found confidence.’
  • 40) ‘They also had concerns that modelling their own fashions in the shop window may be frowned upon as them flaunting themselves.’
  • 41) ‘From the opening scene through the end of the episode, she flaunts herself.’
  • 42) ‘It wasn't right of me to say you were flaunting yourself.’
  • 43) ‘It was funny, most girls he knew were out, flaunting themselves, baring every bit of flesh that they could get away with, without getting arrested.’
  • 44) ‘Girls are always flaunting themselves at me and flirting.’
  • 45) ‘I couldn't help but wonder why the other day all those females were flaunting themselves at him despite his attitude towards them.’
  • 46) ‘Hookers stood on most corners, flaunting themselves to any who passed by.’


  • 1) Those who have publicly flouted the ban have faced jail.
  • 2) Its report emerged as one beggar was fined for flouting a ban 30 times.
  • 3) They called for companies to face fines for such discrimination and for employment tribunals to make awards against employers who flout the law.
  • 4) The Government needs to bring in more stringent punishments for drivers who flout the law.
  • 5) The law is extensively flouted.
  • 6) There should be a crackdown on rogue companies who continue to flout the ban.
  • 7) Too often drivers who flout the law go on to cause serious crashes.
  • 8) Since then he has been caught flouting the ban twice.
  • 9) The upshot is that the data security laws are widely flouted and despised.
  • 10) Sailors flouting the ban face being fined.
  • 11) It is unclear if health and environment officials will fine those who flout the laws on burning wood.
  • 12) Earlier this week it emerged that drivers continued to flout laws banning the use of a mobile telephone while driving.
  • 13) But the writ of the College was now routinely flouted.
  • 14) He denied that the England team would have tried to flout the ban.
  • 15) From next year, agencies that flout the ban will face unlimited fines and closure.
  • 16) Anybody caught flouting the ban may face a fine of up to 1,000.
  • 17) If an employer decides to flout the law, it may be guilty of criminal offences and subject to serious financial liability.
  • 18) Shoppers hit by problems are too often fobbed off by companies that flout laws designed to protect consumers, the advice service warned.
  • 19) Protecting dictators for geopolitical gains, flouting international laws to protect themselves and lying to their people to justify wars do not help to promote liberal democracy.
  • 20) Far better, though, they tipped off the police that the law was being flouted and the whole operation was busted.
  • 21) The OED’s first attestation of flaunt to mean flout is in 1923, so apparently once the error appeared, it took off like gangbusters.
  • 22) That’s weird, because the similarity between flaunt and flout is phonetic.
  • 23) To flout is to show contempt for: He flouts the law.
  • 24) When asked how best to deal with mining companies that "flout" regulations, Mary Lu Jordan, chairman of the Federal Mine Safety and Health Review Commission, had a different take.
  • 25) GOP candidates "flout" family values? heh wrote on October 19, 2007 12: 47 PM:
  • 26) ¬ † I sincerely doubt that a little cabal of NASA HQ folks had this all planned - just as you hypothesize - such that they could deliberately "flout" Congress - and do so when Congress was home for the holidays - oh yes, with no one noticing.
  • 27) ¬â€I sincerely doubt that a little cabal of NASA HQ folks had this all planned - just as you hypothesize - such that they could deliberately "flout" Congress - and do so when Congress was home for the holidays - oh yes, with no one noticing.
  • 28) ‘In the future, how can we make demands like that with a straight face - or will others pay any heed when we ignore the conventions and flout the rules ourselves?’
  • 29) ‘Under EU rules they flout the law if they carry out the same practice as American dentists and could face six months in jail or a £5,000 fine.’
  • 30) ‘In fact, the aggressor in this war has not only ignored the relevant UN resolution, it has defied the United Nations and openly flouted international law.’
  • 31) ‘In Cork, the Southern Health Board promised to ‘vigorously pursue any employers that are openly flouting the law.’’
  • 32) ‘Friends say that the no hard drugs rule is openly flouted, which is sad but not great a surprise.’
  • 33) ‘In dismissing this official requirement of a sister state, it would deliberately and openly flout international law and comity.’
  • 34) ‘I can go on and on about our numerous sins, the way we flout laws or conventions or acceptable behaviour without even thinking about it.’
  • 35) ‘Indeed gothic novels, while depicting evil aristocrats flouting law and convention, also betrayed a nostalgia for the feudal order and aristocratic values.’
  • 36) ‘He said motorists ‘are openly flouting this law which shows a total lack of respect for the rules of the road’.’
  • 37) ‘We are flouting this law of basic economics, waving our 620 billion dollars of foreign debt like so much dirty laundry.’
  • 38) ‘Many large biological molecules like DNA seem to flout a basic law of nature: Although their charges have the same sign, they can attract one another and clump together in water.’
  • 39) ‘The contractors in turn flout all labour laws and do not even pay minimum wages.’
  • 40) ‘MPs on the committee lambasted self-regulation as ‘totally inadequate’ in curtailing sharp practices among operators who flouted the rules.’
  • 41) ‘But every possible chance he has to help police, to tell the truth, to not flout convention, to ignore his marriage vows, he clearly thinks the rules do not apply to him.’
  • 42) ‘In the past there have been a number of cases in which employers openly flouted the labour regulations and failed to observe even this minimal protocol when sacking workers.’
  • 43) ‘Rules are flouted and violated with immunity exposing the common man to potential peril.’
  • 44) ‘They're bending the rules; they're trying it on; they're flouting the law.’
  • 45) ‘Civil disobedience didn't mean flouting all law.’
  • 46) ‘If people know of businesses which are flouting the law for profit, they should alert the authorities.’
  • 47) ‘However, it appears that some people think they can flout the law and jeopardise public safety.’
  • 48) ‘‘Okay, you get off this time but just make sure you know, flattery only gets you so far,’ she flouted.’

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