them vs they

them they


  • 1) Those.
  • 2) Seethey.
  • 3) Third personal plural used after a preposition or as the object of a verb.
  • 4) Third person singular of indeterminate or irrelevant gender
  • 5) Nonstandard They.
  • 6) The objective case of they. See they.
  • 7) nonstandard those


  • 1) Obj.(acc.),them.
  • 2) Obj.(dat.),them.
  • 3) Usedforthose.
  • 4) The plural of he, she, or it. They is never used adjectively, but always as a pronoun proper, and sometimes refers to persons without an antecedent expressed.
  • 5) the third person plural A group of people or objects previously mentioned.
  • 6) People; some people; someone, excluding the speaker.
  • 7) Used to refer to people in general.
  • 8) Usage Problem Used to refer to the one previously mentioned or implied, especially as a substitute for generic he.
  • 9) Used to refer to the ones previously mentioned or implied.
  • 10) Used to refer to people in general as seen in a position of authority.
  • 11) archaic or dialectal those (used for people)


  • 1) We must clear them out of the party & let them disappear.
  • 2) Be prepared to let them enter a room first.
  • 3) They avoided jail but know that another conviction could land them behind bars.
  • 4) Then they suddenly found a third party to assist them instead.
  • 5) The guest became extremely abusive towards the staff member and so the duty manager agreed to escort them to the room.
  • 6) It doesn't seem many of them are opening restaurants.
  • 7) Trying to avoid them, she landed on her side.
  • 8) They're on the phone or email asking me to get them a hotel and meet them at the airport.
  • 9) They are already using them at hotels in the south of France to see off drones being flown in to take pictures of celebrities.
  • 10) Please can you apologise to the restaurant and tell them that I will no longer be able to work there.
  • 11) The sun disappeared early behind the great shoulders of land above them.
  • 12) This can be overcome by lifting and dividing the clumps and giving them more room.
  • 13) There are loads of foreign students who like restaurants that remind them of home.
  • 14) He said that the gang tricked him into letting them into the hotel to see a room.
  • 15) Peaches thought they belonged to a friend and slid them towards her party.
  • 16) But what is far from fantasy is them landing further blows before the rematch.
  • 17) These could mean that devices would be charged as the user carries them into a room.
  • 18) That is probably why many restaurants call them chicken.
  • 19) But the firm insists the hotel told them it had no gas appliances.
  • 20) And leaving mobility scooters out will land them in court.
  • 21) Place them in room corners or behind furniture.
  • 22) He would wave them round the restaurant.
  • 23) But after fooling around in his hotel room one of them had an almighty meltdown.
  • 24) Far better to find a good restaurant and ask them for their house special.
  • 25) This depends on whether you consider them to be passive funds on steroids or active funds on a diet.
  • 26) Labour has called in cops to probe claims the union signed up dozens of members to the party without telling them.
  • 27) Not all of them are as passive in their approach as Flora.
  • 28) We're just going to walk into their hotel and surprise them.
  • 29) Where it is legal to land them, tuna fetch big sums.
  • 30) There's an amazing array of themed hotels allowing easy access to the magic.
  • 31) It's designed to land them quickly and at very high speed in the sea.
  • 32) He looked about him, uncertain whether or not a third party was with them in the hut.
  • 33) I wore them to my party so they give me great memories.
  • 34) I don't want them to be passive.
  • 35) He is killing all of them, and offer the interpretation that ˜he™ is Alfonso Arblaster of 35 The Crescent, Beetleford, and that ˜them™ are the pigeons in his loft.
  • 36) They may be demanding it, but I doubt most of them have more than abandoned clues as to what that change needs to be, let alone what will be required of ~them~ to make it happen.
  • 37) I've often suspected that this dislike -- it isn't merely skepticism, but active malice -- is basically an unconscious realization dawning on them that here is a platform that doesn't require *them* as gurus and gate-keepers to use.
  • 38) Catholics think they're obviously right, so harsh criticism of them is nothing more than ignorance and bigotry; other people are wrong, so harsh criticism of *them* is simply for their own good.
  • 39) The entire system is set up so that scientific conclusions can be spoon-fed to them by scientists mainly from the government or via quasi-governmental institutions such as the NAS or AGU but, *especially when the policy-makers do not like the implications of what the usual experts are telling them*, from other scientists.
  • 40) I suspect that the "what turns you on" decision needs to be made earlier, in the yearn/zing part of story development, so that when you get down to details the characters tell *you* what turns them on, instead of you telling *them*.
  • 41) I have Christmas presents for everyone who needs them and Chanukah presents for everyone who needs *them*.
  • 42) Not that any of them kids notices me anyway, because every one of them is a prima donna or a prima don, which they just want everybody to look at _them.
  • 43) Rinse your hands (no need to scrub the heck outta them unless you pissed on them… if you pissed on them, you weren't following the first rule, fool!), dry them off, and get the heck outta there.
  • 44) ‘Many of them feel excluded from a number of opportunities that the rest of us take for granted.’
  • 45) ‘She was wise enough to realize that most of them were interested only in what they could get out of her.’
  • 46) ‘How many of you, as kids, read these insane stories and believed them to be true?’
  • 47) ‘She sews a piece of coloured cotton on the tops of her socks so she can match them easily.’
  • 48) ‘About half of them cannot read, so all teaching is verbal or from diagrams scratched in the sand.’
  • 49) ‘Many of us, if we are honest, will skip these lists, or at least read them very quickly!’
  • 50) ‘The smart way is to identify easier questions, and attempt as many of them as you can.’
  • 51) ‘Some of them are difficult to read though as the sun has bleached them over the years.’
  • 52) ‘She had met many film stars of the era and regaled us with stories of her time with them.’
  • 53) ‘One ought to indulge them, because all in all I reckon they do a pretty good job.’
  • 54) ‘She left a note telling her parents and friends how much she loved them.’
  • 55) ‘So put those dates in your diary or pass them on to friends or relatives who visit at that time.’
  • 56) ‘She admitted using the cards on 19 occasions saying she had been given them by a friend.’
  • 57) ‘At the same time teenagers do want boundaries of some sort and they do want us to love them.’
  • 58) ‘After the class she left with a girl friend and was on her way to a games lesson when the boy and one of his friends joined them.’
  • 59) ‘They have all grown up into nice people and I'm confident they love me as much as I love them.’
  • 60) ‘She has insisted she is never soft on her friends when interviewing them on television.’
  • 61) ‘Reading aloud to children at a young age can give them a lifelong love of literature.’
  • 62) ‘I made a trip to Edinburgh to visit a couple of friends to talk to them about my ideas.’
  • 63) ‘The problem is that Lee actually likes some of these boys, and wants to remain friends with them.’
  • 64) ‘I knew it was them!’
  • 65) ‘We're better than them.’
  • 66) ‘Should women be offended when men dress up as them for Halloween?’
  • 67) ‘Managing someone while getting paid the same as them and staying at the same rank as them is already trying enough as it is.’
  • 68) ‘And if I made as much money as them I would buy a huge house too.’
  • 69) ‘When you have a child, you have this unconditional love for them.’
  • 70) ‘Telling someone you love them is not enough; you have to act in such a way to back that up else it simply isn't true.’
  • 71) ‘When a child has gone out into the world without quite the right tools to deal with it, you love them even more.’
  • 72) ‘It is not uncommon for the sibling of a child with autism to simply feel their parents do not love them as much.’
  • 73) ‘Can you ever believe someone who stole from you and cheated you after you gave them your love?’
  • 74) ‘We feel strongly that a child does not have to be genetically ours for us to be able to love them.’
  • 75) ‘I feel sorry for them dogs and I hope it never happens to mine!’
  • 76) ‘He is a man; you can't just blame her, because if he really wanted to he would see them kids no matter how far away they live.’


  • 1) they used to feed on the fish being cleaned by local fishermen.
  • 2) they are used to scare off rather than kill the unwanted birds.
  • 3) These people keep forgetting they are servants of the people.
  • 4) they also could use the knowledge they have about firms and their competitors.
  • 5) Lots of people have said they will join us.
  • 6) Settled partners talk like they used to and realise how much they mean to each other.
  • 7) He was following the letter of the law and did not have the big screens to refer to because they were not working.
  • 8) In some South American cultures they refer to the past being in front of them and the future being behind.
  • 9) He claimed that they were being used to raise more money for the charity.
  • 10) When they were referred to it they appeared bad parents.
  • 11) The sort of people who fancied they might have checked in to the hotel.
  • 12) To whom does the pronoun they refer?
  • 13) Some people think they are also considerable art.
  • 14) they can refer you to a specialist for tests.
  • 15) Its purveyors are only giving the people what they naturally want.
  • 16) Some people decide that they will manoeuvre the situation to make sure that other departments are the ones that suffer the cuts.
  • 17) Those that survive the freezing process are destroyed if they are not used within 10 years.
  • 18) they used to win trophies at Arsenal.
  • 19) Such notices are common, though they usually refer to film or sports stars.
  • 20) One British interpreter working with the police said they still used their position to harass tribal rivals.
  • 21) If not, they may refer you to a clinic for further tests.
  • 22) When they are loyal, people say they are there too long.
  • 23) they are kind people who help the Roma.
  • 24) Let people know what they're getting.
  • 25) I have a fine instinct for reading the thoughts of others when they refer to me.
  • 26) One of these they referred to as the infrastructure or base, sometimes also called the mode of production.
  • 27) It is right that they have referred the matter to the IPCC.
  • 28) She seemed to say it partly for the sake of others, so they could get used to the idea and steel themselves when the time came.
  • 29) I hope they were referring to the brutal portrayal of war rather than the soldier's piece rising up from the lake.
  • 30) I am so glad they gave him a cameo in the new one..the new one blows compared to the orginal..but I waS REALLY wondering if they were going to put him in there…poor little guy..they decided to leave him behind for the adventure…he deserves better!
  • 31) And if you use the word “spiritual” around a dualist then they will assume you mean what *they* mean by it.
  • 32)   If they do not start making serious moves towards cutting their deficit,  they are next for a test.
  • 33) The Republicans, being the PERFECT GROUP that they are, find it reasonable, acceptable and perfectly fine, that they say NO to the President every day; that they find fault with every step he takes, every move he makes.., however, a person says what a zillion people probably think, apologizes profusely, and is sincere about it..they want to hang TODAY!
  • 34) they love the series and some whitehats tell em they gotta do it in three movies and some bullshit tv series..which most likely wouldnt be hbo or the like they cancelled deadwood in three seasons because it was too expensive to produce. network tv adaptation would be a catastrophe and blasphamy..they deny it probably out of respect.
  • 35) No one here is really saying they do — problem is that *they* are expecting/demanding non Mexican Americans to give up *theirs* for a day.
  • 36)  When they come back,  they pay the hotel sitter, then ask you to sit down and tell you in their nice voices that Jesus has come and Grandma is gone.
  • 37) I could go on and on...they rally around nothing noteworthy yet if rush or beck say bah,bah,bah..they follow them blindly
  • 38) Rollie watched Shannon walk away, thought about going with him, but instead made his way over to the swings, and Bobby gave me a high-five and said, “Nice wipeout, man,” and they all laughed about it, and Cody said, “Shannon's weird,” and Rollie agreed and they  laughed again.
  • 39) ‘Both events might be thought of as forms of eclipse, which is why they merit mention.’
  • 40) ‘Your joints will then be examined to see if they are swollen and to find out how easily they move.’
  • 41) ‘The festival will be the first and only time they will have played together since they split up.’
  • 42) ‘He would love it if they could get back together as a couple over the festive season.’
  • 43) ‘When an artist and a scientist got together they came up with a unique take on fashion.’
  • 44) ‘The hairs on the back of your neck prick up at the mere mention of the word, don't they?’
  • 45) ‘None of the staff had previously met me in person so I knew they would not recognise me.’
  • 46) ‘they want to stay together and it seems such a shame that they may have to split up.’
  • 47) ‘One reason why the new rules are so radical is that they sweep away all the previous ones.’
  • 48) ‘I mentioned one time that my washer was broken and they sent me the money to get a new one.’
  • 49) ‘If they stay together for the next few years they are going to be worth gold dust.’
  • 50) ‘The pieces are tied together less by logic or plot than they are by emotional links.’
  • 51) ‘It was the second time they had seen a man convicted of killing one of their relatives.’
  • 52) ‘After their return they groomed their horses and were due to turn them out into a paddock.’
  • 53) ‘Two teams battle for laughs and points as they make up scenes, games and songs on the spot.’
  • 54) ‘It's made them so much more confident and they are much more sociable than they were.’
  • 55) ‘The officers were said to be embarrassed when they realised a mistake had been made.’
  • 56) ‘Once they have been emptied, the sacks are not sent to landfill sites or thrown away.’
  • 57) ‘At one point they spent three hours crammed into a train of one carriage without water.’
  • 58) ‘Shoppers can now get help if they have a problem with goods or services bought on holiday.’
  • 59) ‘Fans say they are still waiting to hear from the club, which is in talks with promoters.’
  • 60) ‘Was Cleopatra as beautiful as they say?’
  • 61) ‘Going Green isn't as easy as they say it is.’
  • 62) ‘Why do they say that you can't drink the water there?’
  • 63) ‘I only hope that they catch up with him, and put him behind bars where he truly belongs.’
  • 64) ‘they should lock him up and throw away the key.’
  • 65) ‘they should fine him.’
  • 66) ‘they ought to make an example of the lady.’
  • 67) ‘I've never had a friend get so mad with me that they turn off their phone and don't turn it back on for two days.’
  • 68) ‘I mentioned this to someone at work today and they looked at me as if I were a space alien.’

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