awhile vs a while

awhile a while


  • 1) For some time; for a short time.
  • 2) For a short time.
  • 3) For a while; for some time; for a short time.
  • 4) [Awhile is properly two words, as it has to be written when an adjective is used, as a little while, and as it is commonly and should be always written when preceded by for.]
  • 5) For a space of time; for some time; for a short time.


  • 1) He put the tea down himself and said we could wait awhile as well as not.
  • 2) Our first human parents were given a home and invited to sit and stay awhile.
  • 3) It just takes awhile because of anonymity issues.
  • 4) We will wait awhile and see.
  • 5) Come on in and sit awhile.
  • 6) Wait awhile before you swim.
  • 7) I hope this artist gets to continue with the title awhile longer.
  • 8) Cats have a habit of missing the box every once in awhile, which is why a litter box needs to go on a tile floor.
  • 9) And I'm more relaxed about permitting myself to get something nice once in awhile, which is lovely, too.
  • 10) Plus I think I will actually get to HANG OUT with Pansy every once in awhile, which is something that only happens on an occasional weekend or for the brief time in between picking up and dropping off children.
  • 11) One of the coolest opportunities that’s come across my desk in awhile is a sponsorship of HATS!,
  • 12) Best PPV in awhile but they could do so much better.
  • 13) A wise man once said that its better to the let that dog go loose once in awhile rather than bottle him up.
  • 14) I can't wait til Zip-Car comes to Ajijic, as an alternate to renting a car once in awhile for special errands.
  • 15) This is the weakest card I have seen UFC put in awhile with no championships on the line and only one biog fight supposedly feeding in to TUF's next season.
  • 16) ‘For many of us, New Year Day gives us time to pause awhile and think about our loved ones in a special way.’
  • 17) ‘If you really, really, like them, you might wait it out awhile to see if they outgrow this annoying phase.’
  • 18) ‘If the fight lasts awhile, which it figures to do, Ruiz will land some shots.’
  • 19) ‘There we got a great welcome, rested awhile while we ate a grand meal prepared by the cook.’
  • 20) ‘Stay awhile amid these paintings to appreciate their graphic realism and intense detail.’
  • 21) ‘So I'm going to savour it awhile and plot some hedonistic scheme to keep me amused.’
  • 22) ‘Local golfers paused awhile to point it out to one another, then continued on their rounds.’
  • 23) ‘We intended to sit awhile in the reception area but found it in virtual darkness.’
  • 24) ‘Soon he is off to a small town on the west coast where he decides to stick around awhile.’
  • 25) ‘She waited awhile but no sound was heard, not even the twittering of birds outside.’
  • 26) ‘I sat there the rest of the evening some of my friends came to sit with me awhile but they left to dance around ten minutes later.’
  • 27) ‘So I'll sit here a while and write a song.’
  • 28) ‘But you stand here awhile, that I may. announce to you the word of God.’

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