supper vs dinner

supper dinner


  • 1) A drinker, especially one who drinks slowly (i.e., one who sups).
  • 2) Any meal eaten in the evening; dinner eaten in the evening, rather than at noon.
  • 3) Food consumed before going to bed.
  • 4) A dance or social affair where supper is served.
  • 5) A light meal eaten before going to bed.
  • 6) A light evening meal when dinner is taken at midday.
  • 7) A meal taken at the close of the day; the evening meal.
  • 8) a light evening meal; served in early evening if dinner is at midday or served late in the evening at bedtime
  • 9) a social gathering where a light evening meal is served
  • 10) The evening meal; the last repast of the day; specifically, a meal taken after dinner, whether dinner is served comparatively early or in the evening; in the Bible, the principal meal of the day—a late dinner (the later Roman cena, Greek δεῖπνον).
  • 11) To consume a snack before retiring.
  • 12) To eat dinner (see above).
  • 13) Totakesupper;sup.
  • 14) Togivesupperto.
  • 15) rare To take supper; to sup.
  • 16) rare To supply with supper.


  • 1) The main meal of the day, often eaten in the evening.
  • 2) A meal given to an animal.
  • 3) uncountable The food provided or consumed at any such meal.
  • 4) A formal meal for many people eaten for a special occasion.
  • 5) A midday meal (in a context in which the evening meal is called supper or tea).
  • 6) An evening meal.
  • 7) A banquet or formal meal in honor of a person or event.
  • 8) A full-course meal served at a fixed price; table d'hôte.
  • 9) The food prepared for either of these meals.
  • 10) The chief meal of the day, eaten in the evening or at midday.
  • 11) The principal meal of the day, eaten in some countries about midday, but in others (especially in the U. S. and in large cities) at a later hour.
  • 12) An entertainment; a feast.
  • 13) a party of people assembled to have dinner together
  • 14) the main meal of the day served in the evening or at midday
  • 15) An entertainment; a feast; a dinner-party.
  • 16) The principal meal of the day, taken at midday or later, even in the evening.
  • 17) To take dinner; dine.
  • 18) Totakedinner;dine.


  • 1) What would you have for your last supper?
  • 2) Sometimes there was just lard for supper.
  • 3) You can serve up a bowl of soup for supper and most people will be happy.
  • 4) Many supper clubs are no longer a cheap alternative to eating out.
  • 5) Then they all have a chance to make their own supper using the veg boxes.
  • 6) You can do your own cooking or saunter up to the hotel for supper.
  • 7) We will eat supper together and my boyfriend will probably come over when he has finished work.
  • 8) This light dish is perfect for lunch or supper.
  • 9) These fantastic soups are perfect for afternoon lunches with friends or a simple supper.
  • 10) What meal would be your last supper?
  • 11) Add a touch of luxury to a simple supper and just inhale.
  • 12) Is he making money from supper clubs yet?
  • 13) An easy solution is to make some extra supper and take it to work the next day.
  • 14) The top lawn is dotted with decorative pavilions where they can eat supper and admire the view.
  • 15) The fresh fruit for snacking and vegetables for lunch and supper are your choice.
  • 16) Then get back into your little boat and home to your supper.
  • 17) We guess it's gone beyond sending him to bed without any supper?
  • 18) That beetroot we had for supper last night doesn't half make your s*** red.
  • 19) We're not feeling we have to buy special ingredients when we have people round for supper.
  • 20) Sent him straight to bed without any supper, no doubt.
  • 21) Dancing carried on through the night; supper was served at two in the morning.
  • 22) Afternoon tea shouldn't be confused with high tea, which commonly refers to an early supper.
  • 23) After supper in the hotel 's dining room, we retired to bed.
  • 24) I don't know where the term supper club was coined, or if it is a Wisconsin thang, but I have asked friends out east and none of them have heard of the term.
  • 25) Now the term supper club to me conjures up images of 80yo's and membership cards.
  • 26) Kids say the supper is a huge upgrade over the skimpy snacks.
  • 27) We change our dinner into what you call supper, and we will have the dining table moved out under the trees there.
  • 28) Then they found a small restaurant and got what they called supper, although it was not a very good meal.
  • 29) With this in mind, and perhaps 18 local ears cocked in close attendance, when I reached the head of the Golden Fry queue I heard myself round off the word 'supper' in a ridiculous thrumming roll.
  • 30) ‘It was obviously meant for family meals or private informal suppers with friends.’
  • 31) ‘Originating in London, the spa towns and developing seaside resorts to provide entertainment for their seasonal influx of visitors, Assemblies consisted of a concert followed by dancing, card games and a light supper.’
  • 32) ‘They will be greeted with a light supper before heading to the local pub for a drink.’
  • 33) ‘Traditional Spanish tapas bars serve meat, cheese, tortillas and salads as the light evening supper, and Spanish wine flows freely, as does olive oil.’
  • 34) ‘The tour will be from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m., followed by a light supper and social hour.’
  • 35) ‘Card tables were set up, a good supper was enjoyed and plenty of gossip ensued.’
  • 36) ‘She'll be having her supper on a tray, watching the sundown birds.’
  • 37) ‘The three carried their supper into the living room and after a few mouthfuls of tea, picked up their instruments.’
  • 38) ‘Two of her four children were in their locked bedroom, waiting for their supper.’
  • 39) ‘You might just end up without any supper for the evening.’
  • 40) ‘He chooses times of day when the lights are just coming on, twilight or early evening, when people are still awake, maybe congregating in a single room for supper or to watch TV.’
  • 41) ‘Then he'd play catch with his son for 15 or 20 or 30 minutes before supper.’
  • 42) ‘He sits there for a while, but a nurse comes along and makes him get some supper.’
  • 43) ‘After they eat supper, they argue over the remnants of the basket of mushrooms.’
  • 44) ‘But then his mom told him to clean his room and get washed up for supper.’
  • 45) ‘They had all eaten poisonous mushrooms for supper, except the boy, who was denied supper as a punishment, because he had misbehaved.’
  • 46) ‘But his hymn to a vanishing craft is somewhat undercut by his ruthlessly unsentimental portrait of the human cost it exacted and of the appalling risks men endured so that others could enjoy a fish supper.’
  • 47) ‘For the price of a fish supper, you can be in a public space with them, sometimes so close you can actually smell the fear!’


  • 1) Banish all talk of guilt from the dinner table.
  • 2) As festive as a school dinner.
  • 3) Then it's back to the hotels for dinner and an early bed.
  • 4) We've had lunch and dinner a lot of times together.
  • 5) Of course, he was probably just getting us to eat all our dinner and tidy up without us realising it, but he made it fun.
  • 6) My school is by the sea and their school dinners are for me.
  • 7) On a par with hospital meals and school dinners?
  • 8) You soon realise why dinner is so early.
  • 9) For many people cheap fried chicken is a staple food for lunch and dinner.
  • 10) They were waiting on the dinner table.
  • 11) We set about organising golf days and dinners.
  • 12) Chancellor finds formal dinner parties too tense.
  • 13) Mum worked as a school dinner lady.
  • 14) Lunch was a microwave meal and dinner would be a curry.
  • 15) We decided on an early dinner in the brasserie.
  • 16) Politics was a topic around the dinner table.
  • 17) We chat in the kitchen and during dinner about our day.
  • 18) His controversial campaign ten years ago did improve school dinners.
  • 19) We were eating dinner à deux in the apartment we had moved into after she married my stepfather.
  • 20) It was not unusual for him to disappear from formal banking dinners to be found at a local joint with journalists.
  • 21) Meet up with friends for lunch, dinner or clubbing.
  • 22) The slim waist shows that he is not a four-course dinner man.
  • 23) He always goes out to lunch and often dinner, too.
  • 24) In the delectable but lightly plotted play, most of the action happens at the annual club dinner.
  • 25) No dinner in his honour.
  • 26) We give each other gifts, eat dinner at a nice restaurant, and return to my apartment for dessert.
  • 27) My husband and daughter are now eating home-cooked dinners and a lot of vegetables, which makes me feel good.
  • 28) This is just one question thrown up by the seating plan at the lord mayor's annual dinner for the bankers and merchants of the City last week.
  • 29) ‘This includes luxury coach, motel accommodation, three breakfasts and dinners plus one lunch.’
  • 30) ‘They receive subsidised breakfast, lunch and dinners if they have to work late.’
  • 31) ‘You celebrate cozy dinners and candlelight evenings with family and loved ones.’
  • 32) ‘The zucchini is starting to produce and summer salads are a staple of evening dinners.’
  • 33) ‘She made certain she had the room key and headed for the main building where she could have a late dinner.’
  • 34) ‘The research also puts beyond doubt the notion that the sit-down family Sunday dinner is dying out.’
  • 35) ‘Your mum would have a nice dinner cooked for you.’
  • 36) ‘The holidays bring with them thoughts of carving and serving delicious turkey dinners to your family and friends.’
  • 37) ‘A candlelit dinner at the beachfront restaurant is sure to provide the perfect end to the day.’
  • 38) ‘A delicious dinner was served along the poolside and games were played after that.’
  • 39) ‘When Mason goes out, he treats his friends to a steak dinner at an attractive restaurant.’
  • 40) ‘We've just finished dinner at an Indian restaurant on Pico, not far from my apartment.’
  • 41) ‘Or the bathtub wasn't cleaned, dinner not ready by the time he got home.’
  • 42) ‘"You need to come over for dinner sometime, " she assured him.’
  • 43) ‘"Dad, I think we should invite him over for dinner sometime soon.’
  • 44) ‘I have plans to go into central London tomorrow evening for dinner with friends.’
  • 45) ‘Going out to dinner with friends is fine; everyone needs a study break.’
  • 46) ‘One day after receiving her pay, Chen went for dinner with her friends.’
  • 47) ‘I was going to meet Jimmy for dinner on his last night in town.’
  • 48) ‘I was a bit stuck for what to get for dinner on Monday night.’
  • 49) ‘The dining hall is usually reserved for the weekly formal dinners and breakfast buffets.’
  • 50) ‘Our team provides the best quality food to all sizes of events, from corporate dinners to weddings.’
  • 51) ‘Bacon had to carry on with the reception and dinners in his honour.’
  • 52) ‘They have many wine-lectures, gala dinners, special events and occasional offers.’
  • 53) ‘The new branch will be holding a range of social events including a special dinner.’
  • 54) ‘After a formal dinner including haggis the mayor talked about his hopes for the town.’
  • 55) ‘Some conferences have scheduled social events or dinners one of the nights of the conference.’
  • 56) ‘Fashion people love to celebrate though, so we often have to go to these dinners or events.’
  • 57) ‘The idea of holding a series of dinners, similar to the first event, was agreed upon.’
  • 58) ‘In other words, he was responsible for formal receptions - known as levees - and dinners.’
  • 59) ‘They do fund-raising dinners, put their names to all sorts of events and this month have done a couple of books.’
  • 60) ‘She met country women who could cope with high society dinners and also help on the farm and feed shearers.’
  • 61) ‘At dinners given by Napoleon III the most honoured guests had aluminium cutlery; the others got gold or silver.’
  • 62) ‘The function is the annual fundraising gala dinner and dance that took off with great success last year.’
  • 63) ‘Kaylee's mother has organised a fund-raising gala dinner at the end of the month for the organ donor campaign.’
  • 64) ‘Over 100 people attended its celebratory dinner held on Thursday.’
  • 65) ‘He was speaking at a fundraising dinner dance for the Dominican Convent school for girls at Savoy Hotel in Ndola.’
  • 66) ‘On Monday April 2, Amor Restaurant held its 7th anniversary charity dinner, which was a roaring success.’
  • 67) ‘The magnificent surroundings of Ripon Cathedral will form the backdrop to a black-tie gourmet dinner in September for 220 guests.’
  • 68) ‘But Grace looked like a goddess for Judy's engagement dinner on Friday night.’

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