stupid vs ignorant

stupid ignorant


  • 1) A stupid person; a fool.
  • 2) a person who is not very bright
  • 3) A stupid or humdrum person; a blockhead; a dunce.
  • 4) Lacking in intelligence or exhibiting the quality of having been done by someone lacking in intelligence.
  • 5) To the point of stupor.
  • 6) archaic Lacking sensation; inanimate; destitute of consciousness; insensate.
  • 7) archaic Characterized by or in a state of stupor; paralysed.
  • 8) profane damn, annoying, darn
  • 9) slang Amazing.
  • 10) Marked by a lack of intelligence or care; foolish or careless.
  • 11) Dazed, stunned, or stupefied.
  • 12) Tending to make poor decisions or careless mistakes.
  • 13) Slow to learn or understand; obtuse.
  • 14) Used to express disparagement or exasperation.
  • 15) Resulting from, or evincing, stupidity; formed without skill or genius; dull; heavy; -- said of things.
  • 16) Very dull; insensible; senseless; wanting in understanding; heavy; sluggish; in a state of stupor; -- said of persons.
  • 17) lacking or marked by lack of intellectual acuity
  • 18) in a state of mental numbness especially as resulting from shock
  • 19) slang, dated Extremely.


  • 1) A person untaught or uninformed; one unlettered or unskilled; an ignoramous.
  • 2) A person who is untaught or uninformed; one who is unlettered or unskilled; an ignoramus.
  • 3) Unknowledgeable or uneducated; characterized by ignorance.
  • 4) slang Ill-mannered, crude.
  • 5) Showing or arising from a lack of education or knowledge.
  • 6) Unaware or uninformed.
  • 7) Lacking education or knowledge.
  • 8) Unacquainted with; unconscious or unaware; -- used with of.
  • 9) obsolete Unknown; undiscovered.
  • 10) Resulting from ignorance; foolish; silly.
  • 11) Destitute of knowledge; uninstructed or uninformed; untaught; unenlightened.
  • 12) Showing want of knowledge; arising from or caused by ignorance: as, an ignorant proceeding; ignorant remarks.
  • 13) Destitute of knowledge in general, or concerning some particular matter; uninstructed or uninformed; untaught; unenlightened.
  • 14) Unconscious;unaware.
  • 15) Done unconsciously or innocently; unknown to one's self as being of the kind mentioned.
  • 16) Keeping one in ignorance.
  • 17) Synonyms Ignorant, Illiterate, Unlettered, Unlearned, uneducated. Ignorant is the most general of these words (as, he is an ignorant fellow), except where it is limited to some subject or point (as, ignorant of the ways of the world). Illiterate means not having read or studied, or, specifically, not able to read. The illiterate are presumably ignorant outside of their own work, but not necessarily so; the ignorant are necessarily illiterate. In modern times it is as reprehensible to be illiterate as to be ignorant. Unlettered is used sometimes for illiterate and sometimes for unlearned, with corresponding measures of blame. Unlearned —that is, not learned—is, like ignorant, either general or special: as, to be unlearned in theology; as learning is the privilege of few, it is not especially blameworthy to be even generally unlearned.
  • 18) Unconscious; unaware.


  • 1) Oh, Harvey, stupid, _stupid_ -- the video monitors on the deck -- Ben must have given her a gun, _knowing_ she would someday use it --
  • 2) I personally * hate hate hate* when I feel like doing stuff that I know is * stupid stupid stupid*.
  • 3) And you don’t see that much difference between men’s and women’s uniforms in fencing where it would be stupid, *stupid* to leave the body unprotected or the rest of martial arts that don’t hinge on gripping the opponent’s clothes like karate or taekwondo.
  • 4) Heh…rachel’s comments were so stupid, they infected me and made me misspell ’stupid’.
  • 5) Being stupid doesn’t mean you deserve to have bad things happen to you, yet often people have no compassion for someone if they can just call that person ’stupid’.
  • 6) NONE of these fascist dictators have ever put on a uniform. for them to sit and say it was a blow to the military shows how stupid they really are. why would anyone expect ’stupid’ to understand what hekerry was saying. if anyone owes an apology it is this criminal, hypocritical nazi admin. for invading, occupying and murdering thousands of innocent people for their own self interests. and all in the name of OIL.
  • 7) He has suspensions … I use the term stupid because a lot of suspensions are … every now and then you have to do something stupid to create some space for yourself for other players to be a little hesitant when they come around you.
  • 8) The term stupid simply meant "think" in the context of you actual remarks, and was aimed at the reader not you.
  • 9) Nevertheless, since God decided to give humans “free will,” He has been nothing but surprised by the unseemly and His Word stupid way people have used this license to veer from divine sensibilities.
  • 10) ‘Of course, he wasn't stupid or irresponsible enough to abscond completely.’
  • 11) ‘Most accidents are caused by blowouts or other mechanical failures and stupid drivers with no common sense.’
  • 12) ‘I'm not stupid enough to think that we all feel the same way about everything.’
  • 13) ‘The music was too loud and I'd been stupid enough to choose to sit right under the one of the wall-mounted speakers.’
  • 14) ‘If you're stupid enough to be honest then you get what you deserve.’
  • 15) ‘Sit for hours on end next to some poxy lake on the half chance that some fish will be stupid enough to bite the hook you've left lying around for them.’
  • 16) ‘If you are going to disrupt a good party and if you are stupid enough to fall out of a tree I want to see you writhing pain.’
  • 17) ‘Lots of things scare me, including train surfing, which I'm not stupid enough to have done.’
  • 18) ‘It is said that if you line up all the cars in the world end to end, someone will be stupid enough to try and overtake them.’
  • 19) ‘According to the authorities no one has been stupid enough to repeat the offence.’
  • 20) ‘Any one who is stupid enough to think we live in the lap of luxury is out of their mind.’
  • 21) ‘No one believes that Indian leaders would be stupid enough to let a nuclear war occur.’
  • 22) ‘She was actually real good at vacuuming, but nobody was stupid enough to say that to her.’
  • 23) ‘She would never be stupid enough to drink when she knew what the outcome could be.’
  • 24) ‘She had balked, not stupid enough to go to his turf, alone, so he could do her bodily harm.’
  • 25) ‘Deryck wasn't stupid enough to drink then drive his drunken friends home if he himself was drunk.’
  • 26) ‘The cat with its grey coat seemed to have been stupid enough to smuggle into my inner wears.’
  • 27) ‘Ice inhaled sharply craning her neck to see if any more were stupid enough to come out.’
  • 28) ‘It soon became apparent that he was suffering from the stupids when he repeatedly asked for directions to where we were already taking him.’
  • 29) ‘They're still stupids who should not be allowed out in public.’
  • 30) ‘I appreciate it a lot, but don't bother with the stupids, for it is wiser to just laugh at them.’
  • 31) ‘We had people of a certain genius who would go on to great things; and we had our fair share of stupids.’
  • 32) ‘You mean you said something like ‘hey stupids, stop writing me hate mail, I'm not the company’?’
  • 33) ‘None of this is simply false: ideology is not a set of delusions foisted upon the stupid.’


  • 1) He recognised them as victims of a system -- mainly ignorant, under-educated men, many of them veterans of the services.
  • 2) I would not see you grow up as ignorant of your magics as I did.
  • 3) Hitherto she had been too ignorant of her mother's state to realize what danger she had been in.
  • 4) The ignorant are full of errors about death magic, well, even the name is wrong.
  • 5) ‘The policy culture sees the community culture as uneducated, ignorant, backward and occasionally comic in its primitive beliefs.’
  • 6) ‘In that way, our people can remain ignorant, uneducated and dumb.’
  • 7) ‘The people are too blind or too uninformed or too uneducated or too ignorant or too whatever to see the threat that faces them because they refuse to take a look at it.’
  • 8) ‘I will continue to not know such-and-such if I'm treated like an ignorant, unsophisticated fool.’
  • 9) ‘I attended university as a mature student and was shocked at how ignorant and uneducated our student population actually is.’
  • 10) ‘Women were seen as ignorant, illiterate and stupid beings who wanted only to produce children - curbing their fertility was obviously needed.’
  • 11) ‘In my opinion, the US Congress has now revealed itself to be the most dangerous, ignorant and uneducated bunch of morons in the world.’
  • 12) ‘I am not ignorant and uneducated however, and I stood by my opinions.’
  • 13) ‘It pains us to see you so ignorant and uneducated, and so eager to place yourselves in bondage.’
  • 14) ‘It shows how ignorant, stupid, and irrational you are.’
  • 15) ‘New Zealanders, it seems, are simply too stupid and ignorant to be able to interpret our own laws properly; instead, we must go offshore.’
  • 16) ‘Born into that family, it was quite likely that he would turn out to be an arrogant, ignorant, stupid young man, and had already given some indication that indeed he is just that.’
  • 17) ‘In fact you look very stupid and ignorant, especially those who attend tertiary-level institutions and are supposed to know better.’
  • 18) ‘How arrogant, how impossibly stupid and just how ignorant are we?’
  • 19) ‘Looking down from up here I can't decide if I'm looking at ignorant behaviour or stupid behaviour.’
  • 20) ‘One of the media's targets is the stupid and ignorant masses.’
  • 21) ‘Conservatives are ignorant, stupid, and evil, or some combination of the three.’
  • 22) ‘This is unbelievably patronising, ignorant and plain stupid.’
  • 23) ‘Richard lets us know how ignorant and stupid we all are, and why we really need this internet thing.’
  • 24) ‘Now she's always been known to be intellectually smart, but that question was really stupid and ignorant!’
  • 25) ‘We need to reach out to our infosec brethren because no security executive can afford to be ignorant of information risk management.’
  • 26) ‘This article provided a great deal of information to those ignorant of what Bob Jones stands for, but not enough.’
  • 27) ‘Even the well informed are ignorant of the extent to which they are subsidised.’
  • 28) ‘Anyone who claims pubs will go out of business is ill informed or ignorant of the facts.’
  • 29) ‘And so I was very naive and ignorant about publishing and royalties and residuals, which is kind of sweet.’
  • 30) ‘I can say as a parent that I was often innocent and occasionally deliberately ignorant about the areas of sin in my own life.’
  • 31) ‘Most folks are very ignorant of how scientific knowledge is determined.’
  • 32) ‘And to my knowledge, she is ignorant of my work and background except in the very broadest of terms.’
  • 33) ‘The bottomline was that I was too naïve and also ignorant of the law.’
  • 34) ‘In the 1970s I will still a relatively young man, and still very naive and ignorant about the UK book trade.’
  • 35) ‘Many of the comments were naive, muddled and ignorant of the realities of international diplomacy.’
  • 36) ‘If not exactly a tabula rasa, I am comparatively ignorant of current scientific knowledge and epistemology.’
  • 37) ‘In my view as a health researcher, the medical profession today stands woefully ignorant of dietary knowledge.’
  • 38) ‘The chapter reads as if Dembski were completely unaware or ignorant of Popper's statements in this regard.’
  • 39) ‘This was the reason why he had blinded himself originally, due to the shame that he was so blind and ignorant of these mistakes.’
  • 40) ‘He regarded most of the new people as noisy, assertive, and ignorant of maritime knowledge, traditions and courtesy.’
  • 41) ‘Finally, the existence of civilization allows man to remain innocent or ignorant about his true nature.’
  • 42) ‘This does not mean being ignorant of History or blind to our legacies.’
  • 43) ‘He invited me to approach his actual conduct at the relevant times on the footing that he was then altogether much more naive and ignorant about these matters.’
  • 44) ‘This Australia was impudent, naive and ignorant of the ways of the world; it was yet to put away childish things.’
  • 45) ‘Not some rude, ignorant, person who appears to have no respect for either his office or the people of Tasmania, and flouts our laws as if he is someone who is immune to them.’
  • 46) ‘I'm rude, ignorant, extremely lazy, and like to be told what to think.’
  • 47) ‘I did complain to my GP once that they were rude and ignorant and he said… ahh they have a very hard job dealing with the druggies and lower classes round here.’
  • 48) ‘So often in that wild weekend the questions were rude and ignorant, focusing as they did on the Fab Four's coiffure.’
  • 49) ‘People are stereotyped as rude, ignorant and unhelpful.’
  • 50) ‘They were either being rude or ignorant - I'm not sure which one is worse.’
  • 51) ‘He was a complete pain, rude, ignorant, arrogant and judgemental.’
  • 52) ‘I hate some of the people at work much more; a few can be really ignorant and rude.’
  • 53) ‘I think its nothing short of rude and ignorant to attack a site set up to promote young feminism on the basis of ageism, I notice the same people are not attacking it for sexism.’
  • 54) ‘They were, as a rule, badly dressed, rude and ignorant.’
  • 55) ‘In fact, to some I will appear quite rude, ignorant even.’
  • 56) ‘I am irritated by Sylvester's cheap remark about the ‘voice inside his own head’, which is ignorant and rude.’
  • 57) ‘If you really wanted a friend you wouldn't be so rude and ignorant!’
  • 58) ‘She'd never been anything but rude and ignorant to Josie, knowing Josie was but an orphan.’
  • 59) ‘It's ignorant and unmannerly to engage in this practice.’
  • 60) ‘The Dudley are crude, ignorant, violent and much-loved by wrestling fans across the world.’
  • 61) ‘‘Decency’ is to be in a room where people do not offend through crude and ignorant language.’
  • 62) ‘Really, the only downside was the variety of loud, rude, ignorant and stupid people encountered in duration.’
  • 63) ‘Shocked to hear that such an ignorant and crude boy could be her relation, she started to cry.’
  • 64) ‘Brighton has the shops and the crowds, but not the hassle of impolite, inconsiderate and downright ignorant London shoppers.’
  • 65) ‘I is an ignorant crack-a-lacking moron.’

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