stayed vs staid

stayed staid


  • 1) Old spellings of staid, staidly, staidness.
  • 2) Staid; fixed; settled; sober; -- now written staid. See staid.
  • 3) Simple past tense and past participle of stay.


  • 1) A mode of spelling the preterit and past participle of stay.
  • 2) Always fixed in the same location; stationary
  • 3) Serious, organized, and professional; sober
  • 4) Fixed; permanent.
  • 5) Characterized by sedateness and often a strait-laced sense of propriety; serious and conventional.
  • 6) Sober; grave; steady; sedate; composed; regular; not wild, volatile, flighty, or fanciful.
  • 7) characterized by dignity and propriety
  • 8) imp.&p.p.ofstay.


  • 1) Those proceedings were stayed pending r judicial review.
  • 2) We would like to stay somewhere within walking distance of the main sights and restaurants.
  • 3) You stay one step ahead at work and one move ahead when buying or selling.
  • 4) Innsbruck has way too much to offer to stay indoors.
  • 5) Then they come back to stay healthy.
  • 6) Police visit the troublemakers in their homes to tell them to stay away.
  • 7) You can also stay in the hotel here.
  • 8) During this time many of these came to stay for long periods.
  • 9) You are not expected to stay long.
  • 10) You have to continue to stay focused.
  • 11) She ended up staying at my place for the night.
  • 12) They also stayed thin relative to the other mice.
  • 13) They do not usually stay out long before slipping back into the reeds.
  • 14) You guys stayed out of the euro.
  • 15) He has to be young and stay young to hold the slot.
  • 16) The average stay in secure care is four months.
  • 17) You find answers to tricky questions and stay ahead of the game at work.
  • 18) Take life a day at a time and try to stay healthy and fit.
  • 19) The other acts are staying in hotels.
  • 20) And stay away from the doctor.
  • 21) Accordingly, the stay of proceedings in each case had been unjustified.
  • 22) Suffice it to say, he stayed -- he _stayed_ -- he stayed!
  • 23) The suspension is for one year, with the last six months of the term stayed, meaning Plough's will regain his license to practice law in January.
  • 24) This specific use of the word stayed underground for a while, living in its own context...
  • 25) The title stayed in Europe only a little while longer until it moved to America as industrialists challenged each other in the 20th century with the Chrysler Building, the Empire State Building and then the Willis (Sears) Tower.
  • 26) His ‘joking’ comments at the beginning of the term stayed with me.
  • 27) Her expression stayed blank and still, and I hesitated, wondering whether or not to yell for help.
  • 28) Of course her expression stayed fixed, her eyes closed.


  • 1) So what is going on in the seemingly staid world of historians?
  • 2) Some might consider the town to be a bit staid.
  • 3) Its other inhabitants are old and staid and utterly law abiding with a conscience over helping with the housework.
  • 4) Students value the close-knit atmosphere and find the city livelier than its staid image might suggest.
  • 5) Readings are normally rather staid, but these people are lively and interesting.
  • 6) It was, if anything, rather staid.
  • 7) Engineering is seen as rather staid,' he says.
  • 8) He was senior pastor of a staid old church full of money, manners, and momentum.
  • 9) But you aren't put in a 1 million draw with a staid old deposit account.
  • 10) They have also established an entirely new paradigm in the staid world of cruising: that modernity and youth are not necessarily incompatible with opulence and class.
  • 11) They have added a refreshing touch to the rather staid and mature democratic republic that West Germany has thankfully become.
  • 12) The image of a staid Cabinet Secretary could not be further removed from the sleazy activities of his former political adviser.
  • 13) But these days all cars are pretty safe, so you need something to liven up that staid, boring image it had for a while.
  • 14) Although a strict dress code still applies in many clubs, golf's rather staid reputation is gradually changing and the sport is suddenly back in fashion.
  • 15) Her bright red shirt and quiet authority make her stand out from her hired managers and the men in staid blue button-downs that came from CiCi's corporate office to help with the launch.
  • 16) OGUNNAIKE: No one has seen anything like this especially in D.C. This town is usually known as staid, reserved.
  • 17) Young merchants in staid-looking business suits leaned against the railings of the bridge, their eyes lingering first on one group of girls and then on another.
  • 18) "Perhaps Captain staid up at Mrs. Vawse's," she said, "and didn't follow us down."
  • 19) Poussin's A Dance to the Music of Time, countless paintings by Fragonard, Rubens, Reynolds, not to mention acres of armor-is sometimes described as a staid museum.
  • 20) Last night's Lee vs. Kryzan debate was pretty staid, which is to say boring.
  • 21) ‘In mathematics he strove to preserve something of what seemed a more staid and sober tradition.’
  • 22) ‘New England in the 19th century was the apex of conformity: staid, stuffy and abstemious.’
  • 23) ‘Yorkshire food is traditionally seen as staid and stodgy, but can be modern and exciting.’
  • 24) ‘British cinema is often seen as a staid and starchy affair, as lacking in feeling as it was in aesthetic passion.’
  • 25) ‘I envisioned a staid, quiet event in which people would come and go in silence.’
  • 26) ‘I was expecting a slightly staid, old-fashioned choir, with little of real interest.’
  • 27) ‘Remember, the stag do is still a deeply symbolic chance for the groom to let his hair down, so don't make it too staid.’
  • 28) ‘Pre-Kronos, any chamber music recital was a staid affair where great music was all-important.’
  • 29) ‘This site will no doubt be jarring to the casual observer more familiar with staid academic websites.’
  • 30) ‘In the end, one has to say that the age-old and staid principles of banking are more relevant in the era of retail financing.’
  • 31) ‘The normally staid company has become a lot more adventurous of late.’
  • 32) ‘Some TV shows are a little bit staid and need livening up a bit.’
  • 33) ‘No longer limited to staid colours and boxy designs, the new Beemers are as exciting to look at as they promise to be to ride.’
  • 34) ‘Recent consultation showed that residents in the capital perceived York to be a staid and an unexciting destination.’
  • 35) ‘In those days the staid, solitary Christmas tree on The Mound with its handful of lights was the highlight of my year.’
  • 36) ‘Now, they're just staid old men and women in freshly pressed casual suits and middle management voices.’
  • 37) ‘It was his loud argyle socks that revealed the boyish sense of humour behind the staid visage.’
  • 38) ‘It is a slick piece of work, more like a product of Madison Avenue than staid Capitol Hill.’
  • 39) ‘The acting can be overemphatic and the blocking a bit staid, but the pacing is just right.’
  • 40) ‘Every comic had a point of view and everyone avoided staid old routines based on set-piece jokes.’

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