stairs vs stares

stairs stares


  • 1) plurale tantum a contiguous set of steps connecting two floors
  • 2) Plural form of stair.


  • 1) She followed him up the protesting stairs, revulsion seething in her chest.
  • 2) She looked back from the bottom of the stairs, her mother was still in the same position, the kettle whistling madly in her ear.
  • 3) I know I asked you before, but as we're actually on the stairs now...' Bowler shook his head.
  • 4) Then she catches on and before I know it, she's running to the stairs in my apartment and screaming, "Woo, woo up stairs… aunt Partygirl - catch me!" and I'm game so I reply, "I'm commmmmmmmminnngggggg - you better run, sista!"
  • 5) (_Enter_ ANNE _from stairs up R. and comes to foot of staircase, followed by_ PIM, _who comes half-way down the stairs_.)
  • 6) My falling down the stairs is a problem and they want to fix it somehow.
  • 7) At the top of the stairs is our dining room and here's one wall of it.
  • 8) Playing 21 shots and then getting brain damage from a tumble down the stairs is a terribly, terribly shitty way to celebrate a birthday. spookyu
  • 9) You have to climb the stairs and at the top of the stairs is a little nook where the host sits.
  • 10) At the top of the stairs is a desk marked "Contrataciones de Incorporaciones Voluntarias."

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