mall vs maul

mall maul


  • 1) An old game played with malls or mallets and balls. See pall mall
  • 2) US, Australia A pedestrianised street, especially a shopping precinct.
  • 3) An enclosed shopping centre.
  • 4) A public walk; a level shaded walk.
  • 5) A large heavy wooden beetle; a mallet for driving anything with force; a maul.
  • 6) A place where the game of mall was played.
  • 7) A large, often enclosed shopping complex containing various stores, businesses, and restaurants usually accessible by common passageways.
  • 8) A street lined with shops and closed to vehicles.
  • 9) A shady public walk or promenade.
  • 10) A shopping area with multiple shops and a concourse for predominantly or exclusively pedestrian use; in cities the concourse is usually a city street which may be temporarily or permamently closed to motor vehicles; in suburban areas, a mall is often located on a convenient highway, may be large, contained in one building or in multiple buildings connected by (usually covered) walkways. Also called shopping mall
  • 11) A court of justice.
  • 12) A place where the game of mall was played. Hence: A public walk; a level shaded walk.
  • 13) A public access area containing a promenade for pedestrians.
  • 14) A place where justice is administered.
  • 15) An old game played with malls or mallets and balls. See Pall-mall.
  • 16) The paved or grassy strip between two roadways.
  • 17) obsolete A heavy blow.
  • 18) A place where public meetings are held.
  • 19) The blunt or square projection of such a hammer, as distinguished from the beak on the opposite side of the handle: this blunt end was often divided into four, six, or more blunt points or protuberances.
  • 20) A court: same as mallum, mallus.
  • 21) A war-hammer or martel-de-fer.
  • 22) [⟨ mall, verb] A blow.
  • 23) An old game played with a wooden ball in a kind of smooth alley boarded in at each side, in which the ball was struck with a mallet in order to send it through an iron arch called the pass, placed at the end of the alley.
  • 24) The head or striking part of a war-hammer or martel-de-fer.
  • 25) A heavy hammer or club of any sort; especially, a heavy wooden hammer used by carpenters. Compare mallet and beetle, 1.
  • 26) The mallet with which this game was played; also, the alley in which it was played.
  • 27) To beat with a mall; to beat with something heavy; to bruise; to maul.


  • 1) rugby A situation where the player carrying the ball, who must be on his feet, is held by one or more opponents, and one or more of the ball carrier's team mates bind onto the ball carrier.
  • 2) A heavy long-handled hammer, used for splitting logs by driving a wedge into it, or in combat.
  • 3) A play in Rugby in which a mass of players gathers around a ball carrier being tackled and attempts to gain possession of the ball when it is released.
  • 4) A heavy, long-handled hammer used especially to drive stakes, piles, or wedges.
  • 5) A heavy hammer having a wedge-shaped head and used for splitting logs.
  • 6) A heavy wooden hammer or beetle.
  • 7) Clayey, sticky soil.
  • 8) Specifically In well-boring, a heavy block of wood used like the ram of a pile-driver to drive pipe into the ground for water or preliminary to boring in the rock below.
  • 9) A moth.
  • 10) The common mallow of Great Britain, Malva sylvestris.
  • 11) Same as mold, n.
  • 12) A heavy wooden hammer or mallet; a kind of beetle; a mall.
  • 13) To handle someone or something in a rough way.
  • 14) To savage; to cause serious physical wounds (usually by an animal).
  • 15) figuratively To criticise harshly.
  • 16) split (wood) with a maul and wedges
  • 17) injure badly by beating
  • 18) To defeat handily.
  • 19) To injure or mutilate, as by scratching or beating: synonym: mangle.
  • 20) To split (wood) with a maul and wedge.
  • 21) To handle or treat roughly, causing damage.
  • 22) To injure greatly; to do much harm to.
  • 23) To beat and bruise with a heavy stick or cudgel; to wound in a coarse manner.


  • 1) Our first additional site was in a strip mall which we converted into a campus.
  • 2) They can open stores in glistening new malls.
  • 3) People complain that malls are new and foreign.
  • 4) The shopping mall opens and the nearby high street is turned instantly into a wasteland of building societies and vomit.
  • 5) Terrified survivors were trapped in malls, university buildings and retirement homes.
  • 6) The Internet turns the world into one giant shopping mall.
  • 7) The mall's owner and head of security are also being quizzed.
  • 8) Perhaps noting the disappointment on my face, she added that there was a shopping mall nearby.
  • 9) And alongside one of the malls is a scene that could only be India.
  • 10) Doubtless such data could prove very useful to owners of shopping malls, sports stadiums and the like.
  • 11) I like to check out the strip malls and the almost completely historically blank neighbourhoods.
  • 12) It has just announced that it intends to beat its own record for the world's largest shopping mall.
  • 13) And she now spends her days caring for her cute daughter, including regular visits to the local playground and mall.
  • 14) A young man has just ridden into the pedestrianised mall in the centre of the French quarter and jumped off his bike.
  • 15) Some of those are rather flattered by the term "mall" – in the same way that shops in India claiming to be "fancy goods stores" sell neither Fabergé eggs nor Brabantia dustbins, but canisters of talcum powder.
  • 16) There's something very European about this beautiful urban mall, in the old sense of the word 'mall.'
  • 17) On the floor of the mall is a casual replica of Big Ben.
  • 18) This beautiful urban mall—in the old sense of the word "mall"—feels very European.
  • 19) The office in the mall is a good place to ask questions, since the main office (where you take your test) is always packed with people.
  • 20) Right smackdab in the middle of the mall is the mail forwarding business.
  • 21) ‘Once your store is in every mall, how do you get more growth - especially if the chain is narrowly focused to begin with?’
  • 22) ‘When you travel around the country you find the same stores in each mall.’
  • 23) ‘The Regency area is undergoing a retail rush as developers move to build stores and restaurants north of the mall.’
  • 24) ‘Yes, and when I say Hyundai mall, it's not a car mart, it's really another retail mall.’
  • 25) ‘It looks like they're converting the building into a mall or something.’
  • 26) ‘The far end of the mall was in building works today, the stairs included.’
  • 27) ‘We went to a little restaurant in the mall, and I tried sushi which was gross.’
  • 28) ‘I figured we would be heading to a restaurant or the mall, but we were making our way to the quiet side of town.’
  • 29) ‘You have the basic needs here: You have grocery stores and the mall and movie theaters and restaurants.’
  • 30) ‘Over the years, of course, as the machine has evolved from department store to mall, techniques have been even more refined.’
  • 31) ‘This photo shows the mall that is connected to the hotel.’
  • 32) ‘I've seen logo look-alikes in some stores in my mall that are hard pressed to distinguish from the real thing.’
  • 33) ‘It just so happened that FYE was one of my favorite stores in the mall.’
  • 34) ‘I've wasted more time than I like to think about cruising the women's wear stores at the mall and on line with no luck.’
  • 35) ‘Apparently, as Marco would explain later, a new video store in the mall was doing a promotion for its grand opening.’
  • 36) ‘There's a new store in the mall and it has the most beautiful things.’
  • 37) ‘Well it turned out, the machine takes tokens, not coins, and those tokens are only given by stores in the mall.’
  • 38) ‘I don't have to worry about someone from school finding out I worked at the mall in the CD store.’
  • 39) ‘She felt a sense of accomplishment at the fact that she could pay her own bills while maintaining her own store in the mall.’
  • 40) ‘After you and your friends had checked all the stores in the mall, you took a lunch break before going out to look again.’


  • 1) "It's no secret our maul was a good weapon for us last year but going through a Premiership season just kicking and mauling is not necessarily possible," Hayes said.
  • 2) The defense can stop the player with the ball either by tackling him to the ground or by holding the ball-carrier on his feet (called a maul).
  • 3) He was instrumental in stopping their maul, which is one of their main weapons.
  • 4) Newly reappointed forwards coach Steve Hansen brushed off suggestions that the maul was another area where the South Africans were setting the agenda but did agree it was something his men had to get up to speed on.
  • 5) "I do share the concern that the maul is a forgotten art in New Zealand rugby," said Henry.
  • 6) Authorities say the elder Lane was killed in his rural Bethalto home after being hit on the head with the maul, which is a heavy wedge attached to a long handle.
  • 7) ‘At Babylon there is a famous basalt statue of a man being mauled by a lion.’
  • 8) ‘A mother whose two dogs mauled a young girl today pleaded for them not to be destroyed and claimed: ‘My dogs are not dangerous.’’
  • 9) ‘The patient was mauled by a pet Labrador in June, leaving her with severe facial injuries that her doctors said made it difficult for her to speak and eat.’
  • 10) ‘You see from time to time children being mauled by dogs.’
  • 11) ‘How could I not feel so bad when I had just found out my brother was mauled by two dogs?’
  • 12) ‘We would tell them that an animal has mauled a person at the zoo and they would have to find out from the footprints and animal imprints what kind of animal did it.’
  • 13) ‘Bears shall maul the wicked, and the wolves shall consume them.’
  • 14) ‘The beast just overwhelmed him, just mauled him as he slept.’
  • 15) ‘As the world knows, he was mauled on stage last month by one of his pets.’
  • 16) ‘Trembling slightly, Ian continued to crouch down, doubled-up in an almost foetal position, and waited to be mauled.’
  • 17) ‘A woman has told today how her pet dog's life is hanging in the balance after it was badly mauled by another canine in an unprovoked attack.’
  • 18) ‘Dogs and foxes always go for the neck, but this time whatever attacked the sheep pounced on it from behind, pinning it down and mauling both sides of the back.’
  • 19) ‘Why should he risk being mauled to death if he doesn't need to?’
  • 20) ‘He won't maul intruders, but he won't leave surprises on the carpet either.’
  • 21) ‘Calls have been made for a change in the law on dangerous dogs after a 12-year-old boy was savagely mauled.’
  • 22) ‘They would gang up on a lone rhino and maul it to death.’
  • 23) ‘We had to get rid of her though after she almost mauled the mailman.’
  • 24) ‘Her hands and feet were also badly mauled by stray dogs.’
  • 25) ‘As for personal experience, I was once nearly mauled by a bear while camping.’
  • 26) ‘A fourth person was mauled to death by a crocodile, the paper reported.’
  • 27) ‘This was not the first time Darwin had been severely damaged by a cyclone: it was badly mauled in both January 1897 and March 1937.’
  • 28) ‘‘We all had it,’ she says, sitting on a rug in front of her mud hut while her granddaughter mauls a stalk of sugarcane.’
  • 29) ‘More riots are expected as a 30% transport and bread price increase mauls family budgets.’
  • 30) ‘This was a response to another government institution mauling community activities and local concerns.’
  • 31) ‘In best campfire tradition, we tell stories - not ghost stories, but mauling stories.’
  • 32) ‘This comes after the Opposition was mauled yesterday in Question Time when Labor backbenchers were really looking to make budgetary inroads on the equity angle.’
  • 33) ‘So when a little boy mauled his science notebook, scrawled a message on one of the pages, and rushed into the shot, he was severely reprimanded.’
  • 34) ‘Some more chaste readers may blanch at this next revelation, but I maul books: I scribble in margins, bend pages, use inside covers as note-pads.’
  • 35) ‘But the guilt has been creeping up on me, grasping at my skin, gnawing away at my bones, chewing on my heart, mauling my conscience, and spitting out my toenails one by one.’
  • 36) ‘Only days before Custer's loss, Crook's cavalry was mauled near the Rosebud River.’
  • 37) ‘Sometimes I feel like a cat that is being mauled by a small child.’
  • 38) ‘Right when I walked into the gymnasium, I was practically mauled by Rory and Sara.’
  • 39) ‘After the third time we hung out, we were lying on her bed at like three in the morning and all of a sudden, she just mauls me.’
  • 40) ‘Just because someone is willing to see what you're like to kiss does not mean you have an open invitation to maul him or her.’
  • 41) ‘She herself enjoys a few moments of heightened sexual pleasure, and she enthusiastically mauls a couple of obnoxious idiots.’
  • 42) ‘I want to make you know about sex, to feel thrilling climaxes - not let you learn about it by being mauled by some brutal man.’
  • 43) ‘The way she mauls the sympathetic doctor suggests she is a victim of the solitude that afflicts all these characters.’
  • 44) ‘Wales have shown signs of recovering from the terrible mauling they received at the hands of an Irish side that was, in turn, given something of a good hiding by England at Twickenham.’
  • 45) ‘They approached this game with some trepidation following a 6-1 mauling at the hands of the same opposition only three weeks earlier.’
  • 46) ‘His fury came as his side went down to their biggest home defeat since the 53-25 mauling by Exeter in 1977.’
  • 47) ‘A 60 points mauling at Hull on Sunday doesn't suggest some of his team have the stomach for a fight.’
  • 48) ‘The last thing Manchester need is a mauling from a side that has stacked up more than 500 points this season.’
  • 49) ‘Despite it all, he wrote a fictionalised account of his disastrous passion and was promptly mauled by critics and friends alike.’
  • 50) ‘It is attracting much controversy, as well as being mauled by the movie critics.’
  • 51) ‘If a book has been mauled by our critics, one can hardly expect the massacre to be put on display in a shop aiming to shift copies of the offending item.’
  • 52) ‘Despite being mauled by critics, it managed to exceed box office expectations in its opening weekend.’
  • 53) ‘She understood his work, read his proofs and even took over his correspondence when he became ill after publishing the Origin of Species which he feared would receive a critical mauling.’
  • 54) ‘Missing some key men among six absent first-team regulars, they suffered in the set scrummage but rucked and mauled well.’
  • 55) ‘The home team had plenty of early possession, and adopted the obvious tactics of hitting the ball up close to ruck and maul via their big men.’
  • 56) ‘With an all new control system that is intuitive and user friendly, players will be rucking, mauling, and kicking like champions in no time.’
  • 57) ‘The pack were excellent throughout, controlling the scrum and lineouts and aggressively rucking and mauling.’
  • 58) ‘The forwards rucked and mauled to near perfection although they did not dominate the lineout like they can do.’
  • 59) ‘The grounding of the ball in a driven maul satisfied the touch judge, but not the referee, and another chance disappeared.’
  • 60) ‘Little headway was made in the maul but the ball was switched across the field.’
  • 61) ‘They then executed a well-controlled maul before the ball was flashed out to the opposite flank.’
  • 62) ‘I have proposed that the offside line at a maul should be the ball.’
  • 63) ‘Furthermore, the driving maul and the scrum began to gain ground and the backs started running on to the ball.’

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