skills vs competencies

skills competencies


  • 1) Plural form of competency.


  • 1) Johnny possessed many more skills than his Internet competencies.
  • 2) As is true of all InterACT courses, these six new courses contain competencies (the stuff students need to master in order to pass the class), assignments with grading rubrics, exam questions, recommended texts and readings, and technologies required to teach the course.
  • 3) Sad you gotta cut back, but sometimes retreating for a bit to your core competencies is the only way to survive.
  • 4) This statement of general and subject specific competencies is more to the point:
  • 5) The model even though a tactical advantage, but may not be strategic to the client to build long term competencies, and capabilities.
  • 6) The thing is that Pelosi is smart enough to stick to her core competencies, which is managing the House caucus.
  • 7) Mastering the competencies is an inside-out process.
  • 8) They recognize that their competencies are an ill match for the requirements of those niches.
  • 9) Market strategy number two is a logical outgrowth of the concept of core competencies, which is the idea that, in a world where specialists increasingly outperform generalists, a business should focus on what it does best and what is essential to its success.

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