site seeing vs sightseeing

site seeing sightseeing


  • 1) The practice of going out looking at things; tourism.
  • 2) The act or pastime of visiting sights of interest.
  • 3) Used or engaged in sightseeing.
  • 4) Present participle of sightsee.


  • 1) The local folk lived further out, in streets not marked on the sightseeing guides and everywhere else was cars and caravans and coaches.
  • 2) For the next two days he joined the others for the scheduled sightseeing tours.
  • 3) He poured himself a cup of the coffee he'd ordered and set about making his sightseeing plans for the afternoon.
  • 4) At that time of day there were hordes of people returning to their hotels after a morning of sightseeing.
  • 5) Does it mean that sightseeing is a straight activity?
  • 6) The sightseeing is impressive, including rock formations, plants, and birds.
  • 7) The next day was spent in sightseeing around Taipei, visiting many prominent landmarks like the Chiang Kai-shek Memorial, the Lungshan Temple, The Grand Hotel, the National War Memorial and a drive by of the former Taihoku Camp 6 site where Harry and George spent their first months as POWs in Taiwan.
  • 8) – Tax breaks for luxury transportation: Exemption from taxes on transportation provided by seaplanes and certain sightseeing flights exempt from taxes on air transportation
  • 9) Someone wants to interview these soon-to-be expatriates, then more New York City sightseeing is on my agenda.
  • 10) The week was filled with sightseeing from a rented Volkswagen convertible.
  • 11) ‘The top activities were sightseeing, pool lounging and shopping.’
  • 12) ‘After several hours on a bumpy road, you will be rewarded with some of the most spectacular and memorable sightseeing of your trip.’
  • 13) ‘The package gave us the holiday feeling right to the very end, with another sightseeing tour around the city.’
  • 14) ‘The lack of tourists made for great sightseeing and some quiet dinners.’
  • 15) ‘The city's core industry is oil, so the downtown area has very little to offer to tourists in terms of sightseeing.’
  • 16) ‘You can easily combine your sport with a winter-sun holiday full of sightseeing and safaris.’
  • 17) ‘Take a city bus tour, go sightseeing by tram or head for the water on one of the many boat cruises.’
  • 18) ‘Not everyone wants to spend their entire holiday diving, and we know many of you like to combine underwater sightseeing with a family holiday or a break with friends.’
  • 19) ‘To really stretch travel food dollars, construct a picnic lunch to take with you on your daytime sightseeing trips.’
  • 20) ‘All of these hotels leave you well placed for both shopping and sightseeing - two of the activities for which Singapore is rightly well known.’
  • 21) ‘Some cruises offer aerial sightseeing, white water rafting, and hikes amongst other things.’
  • 22) ‘Besides sightseeing, hiking is probably the most popular activity in the canyon.’
  • 23) ‘If you are interested in Paris, leave two extra days for sightseeing and shopping.’
  • 24) ‘The trip will include a full day's sightseeing in Waterford City, including a guided tour of the Waterford Crystal Factory.’
  • 25) ‘And one of the ideas we have to promote tourism in Lucknow is to offer city sightseeing in old classic cars!’
  • 26) ‘Both are fans of the opera and ballet and would like to combine a long weekend of sightseeing with some form of entertainment each night.’
  • 27) ‘The next morning people got early starts on tours, shopping and personal sightseeing.’
  • 28) ‘They can foresee the day when swim-with-dolphin tours are stopped and only sightseeing is allowed.’
  • 29) ‘The tour takes in the shrines of both places and some sightseeing as well.’
  • 30) ‘On the final day of the trip Mr Higgins enjoyed some sightseeing around the capital of Beijing.’

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