loath vs loathe

loath loathe


  • 1) Evil; harm; injury.
  • 2) unwilling, reluctant; averse, disinclined
  • 3) obsolete hostile, angry, loathsome, unpleasant
  • 4) Unwilling or reluctant; disinclined.
  • 5) Filled with disgust or aversion; averse; unwilling; reluctant.
  • 6) obsolete Hateful; odious; disliked.


  • 1) To hate, detest, revile.
  • 2) find repugnant
  • 3) obsolete To feel disgust or nausea.
  • 4) To dislike (someone or something) greatly; abhor.
  • 5) To dislike greatly; to abhor; to hate; to detest.
  • 6) To feel extreme disgust at, or aversion for.


  • 1) England will be loath to lose him.
  • 2) China will be loath to lose the stability of the current system.
  • 3) There are many reasons parents are loath to talk about cash.
  • 4) He is loath to give an answer.
  • 5) Yet coalition ministers were loath to resort to heavy-handed interference.
  • 6) She was unhappy there, but loath to leave the security of a job and new friends.
  • 7) He will be loath to leave via the back door, quietly.
  • 8) He is loath to talk about the experience, but he does make two points.
  • 9) Few people are loath to talk about themselves, their interests and activities.
  • 10) Many business leaders are loath to give up hope of a west of London solution.
  • 11) Despite the soaring cost of owning a car, we are loath to give them up.
  • 12) Consumers may not be splashing out on a new car or kitchen but they are loath to give up their main summer holiday.
  • 13) Such feelings are quite common, though people are loath to admit to them.
  • 14) Britons may be loath to admit it, but they like to help.
  • 15) He showed reluctance at first, but once he got the fur on seemed strangely loath to lose it.
  • 16) I'm loath to give you any more money than necessary.
  • 17) The Times understands that both are loath to lose their man, yet are sympathetic to his situation.
  • 18) We're unwilling to accept the foibles and flaws of others, and loath to admit our own.
  • 19) I was loath to leave.
  • 20) Moreover, although dealers were loath to admit it, the customary ten per cent discount may have doubled.
  • 21) Milan officials are loath to admit it, but it seems that over the past five years the club's focus has changed.
  • 22) What I loath is the hypocrisy and intolerance of an organized group forcing their brand of “morality” on the rest of us while they are blind to their own failings or worse, see a “Spiritual path” as a means to control and manipulate others for personal gain.
  • 23) If you read Gary Taubes’ book “Good Calories Bad Calories,” you will learn that fat cells filled up by insulin loath to release their contents to the body for fuel.
  • 24) The province is "loath" to change its royalty structure, he added.
  • 25) At what point did I state that I 'loath' the dude?
  • 26) Part of the thing is that some of the jobs that are increasing, for instance, men are kind of loath to get into it.
  • 27) Graphic images on the page included a woman with the word "loath" carved into her flesh.
  • 28) Personally, I'm kind of loath to judge work by the author, more the other way around.
  • 29) I’m sure you know loath rhymes with both, loathe rhymes with hoathe or clothe or mothe, loath is an adjective, loathe is a verb.
  • 30) Tech entrepreneurs often pursue their corporate visions with missionary zeal and are loath to sell company shares, even if it is financially prudent.
  • 31) ‘It made victims reluctant to prosecute, and juries loath to convict.’
  • 32) ‘And among other things the poor pigeons, I perceive, were loth to leave their houses, but hovered about the balconies till they were some of them burned and fell down.’
  • 33) ‘The ship now needs to be sold, but I would be loth to see it go through the courts as in that case other parties would benefit - and not the men.’
  • 34) ‘He was loth to resolve the questions that overflowed his soul and heart. ‘What, then, am I to blame for it all?’’
  • 35) ‘Central banks are keen to take decisive action, but they are loth to sacrifice independence, or act in a way that would fuel any growing sense of financial panic.’
  • 36) ‘Now her parents are retired, she has one brother who is a graphic designer, another who is a punk rocker and she is loth to reveal any more details.’
  • 37) ‘Most problems arise because we are loth to end our summer displays.’
  • 38) ‘Too often courts and child welfare professionals are loath to make a judgment as to whether a parent can truly care for a child.’
  • 39) ‘Farmers are loath to invest in improving productivity when they have no title to the land they till.’
  • 40) ‘Naturally, having gone to such pains to acquire new clients, enterprising energy companies are loath to part with them.’
  • 41) ‘Just because we are loath to see such ruthless selection in everyday life does not mean we should fear it when it comes to choosing those who are to govern us.’
  • 42) ‘I have read a lot of really good posts recently about current affairs and such, so I'm a bit loath to broach similar subjects.’
  • 43) ‘The American players also seem loath to get into the whole thing, although all are aware of what went between Monty and that bunker.’
  • 44) ‘He was loath to be tough on debtors and my mother had to work hard in the shop to compensate for his kind-heartedness.’
  • 45) ‘It's not easy to find regular help where I live and I am loath to let my garden go, but can you suggest what I might do to cut down on the mowing?’
  • 46) ‘But the Indian government is loath to divide an already divided state any further.’
  • 47) ‘We are loath to admit it, but we don't know how to deal with things that both attract and repulse us.’
  • 48) ‘Personally, I'm hugely pessimistic about this, but I'm loath to spoil the mood.’
  • 49) ‘But the Northern lad admits it was a job he was initially loath to take.’
  • 50) ‘He is more likely to be on the north-west frontier of Pakistan, a heavily populated area that the west will be loath to attack.’


  • 1) It is perfect whether you love or loathe the festive season.
  • 2) She loathed the idea of being seen as a victim.
  • 3) Love it or loathe it, this is the future.
  • 4) There is clearly much that he loathes about modern life.
  • 5) You either love him or loathe him.
  • 6) Do you want to revamp your home but loathe the idea of spending your weekends painting walls?
  • 7) Magpies have been feared and loathed for centuries.
  • 8) And why do they loathe him so much?
  • 9) Will we love them or loathe them?
  • 10) He is both feared and loathed in equal measure.
  • 11) The film is broadly sympathetic to a leader who is either loved or loathed.
  • 12) It is about the rich assortment of characters who love or loathe them.
  • 13) It is hard to square the idealistic hardman with the fear and loathing he commanded at the time.
  • 14) But he fears and loathes failure.
  • 15) He loathed the idea of sending more troops to Afghanistan.
  • 16) Where there is fear are loathing, there are investment opportunities.
  • 17) He is loved and loathed for the same reasons, honesty and integrity.
  • 18) I loathe the idea that this may be so.
  • 19) I just loathed the whole idea of being a soldier.
  • 20) I approve of the former idea and loathe the latter.
  • 21) For a tribe who are loathed so much, Etonians do rather well.
  • 22) It's all about what they are wearing, what their hair looks like and how much they loathe each other.
  • 23) We pretty much loathed them for most of the year because it really wasn't cool turning up at school wearing grandma's woolly socks.
  • 24) Yeah you probably right, but the hypocrisy and deceit of the Republicans which Americans loathe is simply unmatched!
  • 25) Jesus do I loathe it, I am all up for discussions on plots character development, the reasons behind the motives of the character, things that influenced the film or if the film is some sort of fable or allegory, but I friggin loathe how people can analyze great pieces of art, to smithereens.
  • 26) The only POV I loathe is the first person that switches narrators.
  • 27) What English people of nearly all classes loathe from the bottom of their hearts is the swaggering officer type, the jingle of spurs and the crash of boots.
  • 28) But for now, it's an unpopular law that took a divisive year to enact, that liberals and conservatives loathe, that is full of bureaucratic and fiscal IEDs, and that drained attention from dealing with the economy.
  • 29) Governor Ritter (who few can call loathe to make his own decisions after this stunner) will accompany the superintendent cum senator on the tour.
  • 30) Moore wants his viewers angry, not educated, and he represents what he claims to loathe, which is the triumph of imagery over substance.
  • 31) And now that I know you 'loathe' cake decorating, I really appreciate how you still took the time to comment on my posts about it: D
  • 32) It's a solid way to hone writing skills though, and I say "loathe" facetiously.
  • 33) ‘An intensely private man, he loathes the press and hates media criticism.’
  • 34) ‘They learn to harness their powers and fight for the very world which hates and loathes them.’
  • 35) ‘Naturally, and by tradition, this means it's always been loathed and despised by the rest of Scotland.’
  • 36) ‘Truly, they are now loathed and despised in newspapers across the world.’
  • 37) ‘We spent too much money on people that hate us and loathe us and want us out of their country.’
  • 38) ‘It wasn't too long ago that it was more of a case of loathe him or hate him and I certainly was no different.’
  • 39) ‘I don't think she actually dislikes the new neighbors so much as she loathes the realtor who sold them their homes.’
  • 40) ‘First of all, he loathed the sight of the woman who didn't show a trace of sensitivity on the situation.’
  • 41) ‘I drove all the way because I loathe the tube with ever more intense venom.’
  • 42) ‘We got along when she was sober, but otherwise we despised and loathed one another.’
  • 43) ‘Because it's small, no one loathes it the way they hate the big-box stores that sit like pharonic mausoleums in a blacktop desert.’
  • 44) ‘The anti-globalization left, which abhors property rights of any kind, loathes patents, and quickly found a weak spot in the case of health.’
  • 45) ‘He loathes war and militarism, and despises chauvinism in every form.’
  • 46) ‘She loathes Hollywood, finds it distasteful and banal, hates the idea of her art being tainted by commerce.’
  • 47) ‘Queen Mary, who loathes sentiment, is obsessed with pruning and especially hates ivy.’
  • 48) ‘She despises the old order, but equally fears and loathes the new lack of order.’
  • 49) ‘She loathes negative space, filling every millimeter of every panel with shading or detail.’
  • 50) ‘It surprised her how last Autumn, she had loathed the very sight of him.’
  • 51) ‘If her daughter ends up loathing her she has nobody but herself to blame.’
  • 52) ‘The audience finds themselves sympathising with and loathing the character at the same time.’

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