semiannual vs biannual

semiannual biannual


  • 1) Occurring twice a year; half-yearly; biannual.
  • 2) Occurring or issued twice a year.
  • 3) Half-yearly.
  • 4) occurring or payable twice each year


  • 1) Something occurring twice each year.
  • 2) proscribed Occurring every two years; biennial.
  • 3) Occurring twice a year; half-yearly; semiannual, twice-yearly.
  • 4) Occurring twice each year; semiannual.
  • 5) Occurring every two years; biennial.
  • 6) Occurring twice a year; half-yearly; semiannual.
  • 7) Occurring twice a year: arbitrarily distinguished from biennial (which see).


  • 1) I went with Marcel and a party of Chenka on their semiannual shopping trip to Ust-Sugoy.
  • 2) ‘The sentiment seems to be widespread among the bishops who participated in the semi-annual meeting, held this past June in Englewood, a few miles from Denver, Colorado.’
  • 3) ‘Holmes will present research on his underwater listening device in Vancouver on May 20 at the semi-annual meeting of the Acoustical Society of America.’
  • 4) ‘Keeneland's board of directors resolved to support a national medication policy at its semi-annual meeting on Wednesday.’
  • 5) ‘Prior to the semi-annual meetings, board members are provided advanced copies of a Technical Munitions Safety Study.’
  • 6) ‘Jack is the president of our community association, a pretty laissez-faire group that holds semi-annual picnics and an annual meeting.’
  • 7) ‘He introduced a proposal for a semi-annual sales tax holiday, and supported extending North York's sidewalk snow removal program to the entire megacity (a program that's now in question because its done so much damage to lawns).’
  • 8) ‘The Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development said in its semi-annual Economic Outlook that the Bank of England should raise its key rate to 5.5% next year to head off inflation.’
  • 9) ‘However, the rate of solved crimes has also increased, according to data from the semi-annual report of the Sofia Directorate of the Interior Ministry.’
  • 10) ‘The Photographer has emailed to ask if I'd like to have our semi-annual get-together, wherein he informs me of the many things I have in common with Satan, over drinks.’
  • 11) ‘And while New York designers scramble to stitch their lines for the semi-annual previews, the autumn clothes unveiled yesterday are for ladies who can afford to take it slowly.’
  • 12) ‘Now I'm off to our semi-annual local Earth Day cleanup and How To Save the Earth brainstorming and eating and drinking and playing in the woods gathering.’
  • 13) ‘I myself am thinking that my semi-annual haircut can probably wait another couple of weeks, so I'll be hitting her tip jar as soon as I get paid again on Friday.’
  • 14) ‘And I'm having my semi-annual despair-over-my-lack-of-a-love-life freakout, too.’
  • 15) ‘The semi-annual distribution of Taddle Creek occurs every June and December and can be found at various book and magazine stores across Canada.’
  • 16) ‘Today was a day of meetings, which seems to be the usual round at the moment, although this afternoon was unusual in that it was the semi-annual programme review.’
  • 17) ‘She has recently taken on what she regards as a potentially bigger project in Ten by Ten magazine, a semi-annual glossy that first reached the shelves in 1999.’
  • 18) ‘And why has no one questioned the truthfulness of the semi-annual income reports required of all cadres?’
  • 19) ‘Membership upgrades are available on an annual, semi-annual, or quarterly basis.’
  • 20) ‘But 91% of the elderly got eye exams and 58% the semi-annual foot inspections.’
  • 21) ‘Through semi-annual interviews, researchers collected data on drug use history, sociodemographics, and drug use and sexual behavior within the last 6 months.’
  • 22) ‘Last fall's Garden Guide was just honored at the Western Publications Association's annual Maggie Awards ceremony in Los Angeles as the best Western publication in the annuals and semiannuals category.’
  • 23) ‘In your next entry, please let us know if now is the proper time of the year for planting annuals or semiannuals.’
  • 24) ‘Remember, if your basic garden structure doesn't give you enough colour to enjoy, there are plenty of annuals or semiannuals that will!’


  • 1) One critic sardonically called the biannual architecture show now up in Venice "the biggest, most glamorous architecture show on earth."
  • 2) The children came two years apart, as regular as some kind of biannual publication; Looloo, seventeen, being the youngest, and also the best-looking and the most popular in the family.
  • 3) I recently attended the biannual Slow Food Congress in Turin, where the entire aim of the gathering was to celebrate regional heritage.
  • 4) Although Brazil is expected to produce less coffee this year as part of its biannual low-output season, when trees naturally produce fewer beans, the government's forecasting agency still expects a record off-crop of 43.5 million 60-kilogram bags in the 2011-12 crop year.
  • 5) Montgomery County uses WOW's formula in gathering information for its biannual report on how much income is needed to be "self-sufficient" and live in the county without government assistance.
  • 6) Those findings were released Wednesday in a biannual report card on minority educational attainment by the American Council on Education, with financial backing from the GE Foundation.
  • 7) The high-priced Koch confabs have become a biannual ritual among Obama's super-rich foes.
  • 8) Mr. Leterme said that Belgium already has mechanisms in its laws to prevent wages from rising faster than those in Germany, France and the Netherlands — part of biannual negotiations between unions and business groups that are ongoing.
  • 9) ‘At the 45th biannual meeting, such exclusivity agreements were discussed.’
  • 10) ‘He began as a chairman of the round table in 1998, going to biannual meetings in Paris.’
  • 11) ‘The fire forum itself has had a chequered history and does not attract many members of the public to its biannual meetings.’
  • 12) ‘Now based in London, he was organizing a biannual meeting of his senior team.’
  • 13) ‘Currently, the only publicly funded showcase for local talent at the festival is the British Council's biannual event, to which it invites 250 international talent scouts.’
  • 14) ‘The biannual Information Security survey last year showed that 82% of UK companies with internet links still had no protection.’
  • 15) ‘Last year a national search for new songwriting talent began in preparation for Scotland's first festival of song, a biannual project to promote, encourage and nurture songwriting in Scotland.’
  • 16) ‘It's a controversial message in light of everything we've heard for the last several years, but women appear to now have a choice between physical exams and annual or biannual mammograms.’
  • 17) ‘We've been working on the play for four or five years now with the script having emerged from our biannual new work festival.’
  • 18) ‘The biannual tour has grown from a six-city grassroots event to an award-winning 20-city, three-month tour.’
  • 19) ‘Internationally the sport has a biannual European as well as World Championships at senior men's and women's and at U - 21 level for juniors.’
  • 20) ‘Rising stock prices and low interest rates have reduced financing costs for consumers and businesses, the chairman said in his biannual monetary report to Congress.’
  • 21) ‘More of those products will be unveiled at this week's show in Berlin, a biannual event that is one of Europe's biggest consumer-electronics trade fairs.’
  • 22) ‘A subscription to this handsome biannual magazine is just $15.’
  • 23) ‘I need to get my biannual haircut, which is several months overdue…’
  • 24) ‘Now she helps to organise the biannual International Debutante Ball, which donates money to several causes, including servicemen's charities.’
  • 25) ‘The club holds various regional events, and members are happy to share knowledge - especially through a superb biannual journal and programme of study days.’
  • 26) ‘Their biannual art competition and exhibition was lauded.’
  • 27) ‘And of course, the biannual IT fair had some of the latest gadgets on stands.’
  • 28) ‘But during the course of the biannual check-up, a discovery was made that would change Anne's life.’

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