overtime vs over time

overtime over time


  • 1) sports, countable An extra period of play when a contest has a tie score at the end of regulation.
  • 2) uncountable The working time outside of one's regular hours
  • 3) uncountable The rate of pay, usually higher, for work done outside of or in addition to regular hours.
  • 4) Payment for additional work done outside of regular working hours.
  • 5) Sports A period of playing time added after the expiration of the set time limit.
  • 6) Working hours in addition to those of a regular schedule.
  • 7) Time beyond an established limit, as.
  • 8) (Sports) An extra period of time provided to play a game, beyond the end of the normal period allowed for the game, for the purpose of resolving a tie score.
  • 9) Time beyond, or in excess of, a limit; esp., extra working time.
  • 10) an overtime{2} in which the first team to score wins the game; -- contrasted with normal overtime{2}, which is a fixed period of time during which either team may score as often as they can.
  • 11) playing time beyond regulation, to break a tie
  • 12) work done in addition to regular working hours
  • 13) Time during which one works beyond the regular hours.
  • 14) Exceeding regular working hours.
  • 15) Beyond the established time limit, especially that of the normal working day.
  • 16) beyond the regular time
  • 17) To exceed the desired timing for.


  • 1) The union has also imposed a ban on overtime.
  • 2) One trusts that there will be no unpaid overtime.
  • 3) The overtime requirement may not be waived by agreement between an employer and employee.
  • 4) We then have to pay overtime for them to come in during the night.
  • 5) Your mind is working overtime as things change round you.
  • 6) Pets also face neglect as owners take second jobs or work overtime to meet costs.
  • 7) You should not be expected to work unpaid overtime though.
  • 8) But there is a compensation with overtime.
  • 9) Others were limiting production or introducing an overtime ban.
  • 10) You will need to look at what your normal procedures are for booking in and working overtime.
  • 11) Could you fit in three hours a week at a second job or do overtime?
  • 12) But if you work unpaid overtime regularly you have probably already given substantially more than this sum to your employer.
  • 13) Millions of workers stand to reap the benefits after a legal ruling that holiday wages should take account of regular overtime.
  • 14) The claimants sought to recover overtime pay in respect of the time they spent dealing with informants outside their normal hours.
  • 15) A study has shown the more wage rises people get the better they feel but not if it includes overtime.
  • 16) This includes basic pay, holiday pay, overtime and bonuses.
  • 17) The new plan called for straight salary without overtime but a 15 percent year-end bonus.
  • 18) Therefore overtime, bonus payments and the spouse's earnings were not taken into account.
  • 19) ‘And how his heart flamed when his loathsome boss slapped on the additional insult of overtime hours or weekend work.’
  • 20) ‘Since 16 February they have worked strictly to their agreed hours and banned unpaid overtime, which the museums depend on to keep functioning.’
  • 21) ‘Employers added 340,000 jobs, while the length of the average workweek rose and manufacturing workers spent more overtime hours on the job.’
  • 22) ‘So, if you use the Internet that long per day and are used to getting 70 hours of overtime charges, than the cable connection is certainly worth getting.’
  • 23) ‘Even more remarkably, many office goers and industrial workers had worked extra hours and donated their overtime earnings to raise a fund for the victims.’
  • 24) ‘In one Wal-Mart supply factory, workers were reportedly ordered not to clock in on Sunday to avoid detection of overtime hours.’
  • 25) ‘The international company insisted that she work in excess of 60 hours per week without overtime compensation.’
  • 26) ‘Not content with exploiting the thousands of unpaid overtime hours staff have worked, they reward us by sacking us.’
  • 27) ‘Existing employees who work overtime hours do not incur any additional benefit costs.’
  • 28) ‘There will also be a tiebreaker, to guess my overtime hours, in case there is a draw.’
  • 29) ‘Of those who work overtime, the average overtime worked is seven hours per week.’
  • 30) ‘Often wages are very low, hours long and forced overtime common.’
  • 31) ‘The spokesman said the increased workload would have led to additional hours and overtime pay.’
  • 32) ‘Instead, the decision enshrines the present work regime, while creating the illusion that workers now have the right to refuse long overtime hours.’
  • 33) ‘Yes, it was a brief analysis of the award provisions, finding that there was explicit in the award ordinary hours for casuals and overtime hours.’
  • 34) ‘According to student feedback, this workload becomes difficult to manage when combined with overtime hours at work.’
  • 35) ‘Among other changes, the measure would change the way in which overtime hours are calculated, from a daily to a weekly basis.’
  • 36) ‘The company's answer is to offer bonuses for working seven hour long overtime shifts.’
  • 37) ‘In peak seasons, she works seven days a week for months at a time - four hours of overtime a day Monday through Friday and two hours of overtime on Saturday.’
  • 38) ‘For employees who continue to work long hours, overtime compensation will remain fertile ground for lawsuits.’
  • 39) ‘Management has not paid wages, overtime or welfare payments for May and June.’
  • 40) ‘Everything else is tied to performance related pay, a major increase in pay differences between workers in different areas doing the same job, and loss of overtime and bonus payments.’
  • 41) ‘The obvious answer is to put more money in by increasing your monthly contributions (or skimming off an annual bonus, overtime or other payment).’
  • 42) ‘The workers are seeking the payment of overtime and risk allowances that have not been paid for seven months.’
  • 43) ‘He believes the extra money is being paid as overtime, allowances and bonuses.’
  • 44) ‘They say sick pay, overtime and machine operating rates would all be worse if the offer was accepted.’
  • 45) ‘Some of the payments were used to pay staff overtime.’
  • 46) ‘Trade unions, however, are generally not recognised, and most of them spend a good deal of their time and energy trying to get their meagre wages and overtime paid on time.’
  • 47) ‘The Board will be looking to make savings in areas like overtime, premium payments, travel costs and reductions in replacement of absent staff.’
  • 48) ‘These would involve savings areas like overtime, premium payments, travel costs, reductions in replacement of absent staff.’
  • 49) ‘One irate police sergeant attached to the Port-of-Spain Division said he received only part payment of his overtime about two weeks ago.’
  • 50) ‘The dispute involves the payment of overtime, which York workers believe they are entitled to whenever agency workers are called in.’
  • 51) ‘The most obvious sign of our victory is that management has agreed to pay strikers their full wages, including scheduled overtime and full bonuses, for the days they were on strike.’
  • 52) ‘Because salaries are not sufficient to cover living expenses, the workers are desperate to obtain their outstanding overtime and holiday payments.’
  • 53) ‘They also called for the use of legal tender in the dormitory instead of tokens, payment of all overtime worked and the dismissal of some Taiwanese managers.’
  • 54) ‘The Sri Lankan government has imposed drastic funding cuts to public hospitals and health services for the payment of overtime or extra duty allowances.’
  • 55) ‘Workers on the lower end can struggle on less than minimum wage with no overtime or benefits.’
  • 56) ‘Nor will overtime be paid under the new wage contract at VW.’
  • 57) ‘In addition to the basic pay, and overtime, there is also a wide variety of allowances designed to meet individual personal needs.’
  • 58) ‘In the building industry up to thirty percent of the wages, such as overtime, is paid as cash wages with no tax deducted.’
  • 59) ‘Not playing overtime and having games end in ties would be more fair than the rules as they stand today, and nobody wants to see ties, so the league needs to make a change.’
  • 60) ‘Do you remember nailing a 37-yard field goal with five seconds remaining in regulation to send that game into overtime?’
  • 61) ‘The Texans turned three turnovers into 17 points and blocked a field goal in overtime to keep the game tied.’
  • 62) ‘I don't think we can rest or be happy with the fact that we took them to overtime of the seventh game.’
  • 63) ‘I scored 24 points in the fourth, but the game went to overtime.’
  • 64) ‘On two occasions, Kansas City valiantly rallied from a two-touchdown deficit to the game into overtime.’
  • 65) ‘Four of those five field goals won games for the team, and the fifth sent a game into overtime.’
  • 66) ‘The game went to overtime, for two reasons: 21 offensive rebounds, 50 overall.’
  • 67) ‘The Lightning won the game in the second overtime and tied the series, 3-3.’
  • 68) ‘The veteran has accounted for four of the team's six victories with field goals in the final seconds of regulation or overtime.’
  • 69) ‘For some reason, they forgot to list the odds against the game going into overtime - which almost happened.’
  • 70) ‘His two TD returns of deflected passes that won games in overtime are a reflection of his ability to be in the right place.’
  • 71) ‘Clearly rattled, Miller bricked the second, the game went to overtime and the Clippers lost.’
  • 72) ‘In part because of his judgment, Tennessee won that game in double overtime.’
  • 73) ‘That came after the Devils finished off the Lightning in the third overtime of Game 5.’
  • 74) ‘Meanwhile, the Clippers have rallied to a tie, and the game is going to overtime.’
  • 75) ‘He is a veteran who knows what it takes to win and is not overwhelmed by overtime or elimination games.’
  • 76) ‘To say the least, we were stunned that we were headed for overtime in a game we had dominated.’
  • 77) ‘You figure the worst thing that could happen if you miss it is that the game goes into overtime.’
  • 78) ‘The loss to the Chiefs marked the seventh time this season that the defense has allowed the winning points in the final three minutes of regulation or overtime.’
  • 79) ‘He had worked two hours overtime and still he had not got anywhere near the end of what his boss wanted.’
  • 80) ‘Alvin says he now works overtime to keep his grades up.’
  • 81) ‘The 15 Minutes Of Fame Department has been working overtime the last few months, and it gets a bit exhausting at times, but it's all for a good cause.’
  • 82) ‘‘They force us to work overtime and now they're forcing a contract on us…’ the ad began.’
  • 83) ‘They could be working overtime any evening of the week, going on holidays, enjoying the summer, instead of slogging it out three or four evenings a week.’
  • 84) ‘Unfortunately for me, church went overtime this week - outside.’
  • 85) ‘The virtual townscape becomes choked with black smoke, dumper-trucks work overtime carrying waste to the landfill site, fires rage.’
  • 86) ‘Being alone, working overtime everyday in Germany totally rocks!’
  • 87) ‘I assure you more than half of the department's own social workers work overtime every week.’
  • 88) ‘However, it is the wider implications of the Pearson and CLT-Ufa deal which had senior executives working overtime this weekend.’
  • 89) ‘Yorkshire Water's propaganda machine is working overtime it seems.’
  • 90) ‘Though working overtime the Parkville midfield were strained to contain the dangerous runs of Ross.’
  • 91) ‘And it's not just adults who will be working overtime this Christmas.’
  • 92) ‘One-third of the nurses worked overtime every day they worked during the four weeks.’
  • 93) ‘They should not be forced to work overtime every day to finish their job.’
  • 94) ‘I was forced to work overtime last night so missed his new programme, any good?’
  • 95) ‘I was just very thankful, think her guardian angel was working overtime that day.’
  • 96) ‘The busiest times are usually during the week but the system was working overtime last weekend.’
  • 97) ‘Although he only has an income of 800 yuan per month, he works overtime every day.’
  • 98) ‘Workers reported that they were regularly forced to work five hours overtime and do 24-hour shifts for no extra money.’

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