rocks vs minerals

rocks minerals


  • 1) vulgar (slang) Testicles.
  • 2) Plural form of rock.
  • 3) Third-person singular simple present of to rock.


  • 1) Plural form of mineral.


  • 1) All eruptive rocks penetrate, as ramifying veins either into the sedimentary strata, or into other equally endogenous masses; but there is a special importance to be attached to the difference manifested between 'Plutonic' rocks* (granite, porphyry, and serpentine) and those termed 'volcanic' in the strict sense of the word (as trachyte, basalt, and lava).
  • 2) [Footnote 1: The King, Walagambahu, who in his exile had been living amongst the rocks in the wilderness, ascended the throne after defeating the Malabars (B.C. 104), and "caused _the of stone or caves of the rocks_ in which he had taken refuge to be made more commodious."
  • 3) We may obtain rocks from the finest grained kind up to coarse conglomerates.
  • 4) The sound of water lapping against the rocks is a quiet ending to a long story - the longest of its kind.
  • 5) The shiny substance on the rocks is the fire paste or fire gel you put on the rocks before the kids or your buddies showed up.


  • 1) `This will revolutionize our extraction of coal and other minerals ," Holden said.
  • 2) From the creased limestone walls, scoured and pocked into strange, jagged forms, winked small flecks of minerals and crystals.
  • 3) European countries and others should enact legislation that requires companies to disclose whether their products contain minerals from the Congo, she proposed.
  • 4) Commercial bottled water here varies quite a bit depending on how frequently the company changes its filters, but it's generally flat tasting and very low in minerals (RO essentially takes out everything, including the modicum of minerals needed for good flavor).
  • 5) These protests are a continuation of the demands from indigenous communities, who are concerned that the government will take away their lands that are believed to be rich in minerals and oil.
  • 6) If tap water is added to a battery's electrolyte liquid, it can allow minerals from the water to build up on the battery's internal lead plates, which will reduce the battery's power and shorten its life.
  • 7) Why purchase these minerals from the Congo in the first place?
  • 8) They mined the needed water and minerals from the comet as well as the even rarer metals.
  • 9) We followed in his wake a space, then dropped down a zigzag trail that he disdained into a group of noble redwoods that stood about a pool of water murky with minerals from the mountain side.
  • 10) These countries are rich in minerals, fresh water, rubber, and a variety of foodstuffs but suffer varying degrees of political instability.
  • 11) But it's not just the scenario of one kind of crop not doing well, but that each crop uses different minerals from the soil.

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