puffin vs penguin

puffin penguin


  • 1) Any of several seabirds of the genus Fratercula of northern regions, characteristically having black-and-white plumage and a vertically flattened, triangular bill that is brightly colored during breeding season.
  • 2) (Bot.) The puffball.
  • 3) (Zoöl.) An arctic sea bird Fratercula arctica) allied to the auks, and having a short, thick, swollen beak, whence the name; -- called also bottle nose, cockandy, coulterneb, marrot, mormon, pope, and sea parrot.
  • 4) obsolete A sort of apple.
  • 5) the Manx shearwater. See under Manx.
  • 6) any of two genera of northern seabirds having short necks and brightly colored compressed bills
  • 7) of the
  • 8) A kind of fungus; a fuzzball; a puffball.
  • 9) A sea-parrot, colter-neb, or bottle-nosed auk; a bird of the family Alcidæ and genus Fratercula or Lunda. See these words.
  • 10) A name wrongly applied to the Manx shearwater, Puffinus anglorum.


  • 1) botany A spiny bromeliad with egg-shaped fleshy fruit.
  • 2) slang A nun (because of the black and white habit).
  • 3) juggling A type of catch where the palm of the hand is facing towards the leg with the arm stretched downward, resembling the flipper of a penguin.
  • 4) Obsolete The great auk.
  • 5) Any of various stout, flightless aquatic birds of the family Spheniscidae, of the Southern Hemisphere, having flipperlike wings and webbed feet adapted for swimming and diving, short scalelike feathers, and white underparts with a dark back.
  • 6) (Zoöl.) the great auk. See Auk.
  • 7) (Zoöl.) Any bird of the order Impennes, or Ptilopteri. They are covered with short, thick feathers, almost scalelike on the wings, which are without true quills. They are unable to fly, but use their wings to aid in diving, in which they are very expert. See King penguin, under jackass.
  • 8) (Bot.) The egg-shaped fleshy fruit of a West Indian plant (Bromelia Pinguin) of the Pineapple family; also, the plant itself, which has rigid, pointed, and spiny-toothed leaves, and is used for hedges.
  • 9) short-legged flightless birds of cold southern especially Antarctic regions having webbed feet and wings modified as flippers
  • 10) The wild pineapple, Bromelia Pinguin.
  • 11) Any species of the family Spheniscidæ or Aptenodytidæ. (See Spheniscidæ for technical characters.)
  • 12) The great auk, Alca impennis; the original sense.


  • 1) This is a good time to see puffins.
  • 2) There were expeditions to see puffins in their clifftop homes.
  • 3) I have seen puffins often enough, mostly on trips to the Scottish coast.
  • 4) (Plush animals, among which the puffin is the cutest, come with a $50 donation and up.)
  • 5) That's why the cost of adopting a cute little puffin is the same as adopting larger, perhaps less cute, animals.
  • 6) At its most bad ass, “puffin” brings cheesepuffs to mind yes, I know a puffin is a bird.
  • 7) Given the frequent Arctic references it the article should be referred to as a puffin piece.
  • 8) Once I smelled new-mown hay when we were quite a long way from land, and once when I was watching the sea-parrots as the sailors call the puffin I noticed they had different ways of tucking their heads under their wings, or I fancied it, and said to the captain, ‘They have different characters’.
  • 9) ‘One would imagine this place to be a paradise of alcids of all types, guillemots, dovekies, puffins, razorbills, murres, and murrelets all splashing around in their black and white finery.’
  • 10) ‘Do not let it run free on coastal islands because terns, eider ducks, puffins, and storm petrels are ground nesters.’
  • 11) ‘Along thousands of miles of coastline, you will see colonies of seabirds clustered in cliffs - gannets, puffins, guillemots, razorbills, and kittiwakes.’
  • 12) ‘It's been estimated that a million birds nest here, including puffins, razorbills, common and Brünnich's guillemots, fulmars and kittiwakes.’
  • 13) ‘In spring and summer these become home to thousands of sea birds like guillemots, razorbills, puffins, fulmars and kittiwakes.’
  • 14) ‘They can also see puffins, ospreys, ptarmigans, gannets, and a springtime explosion of breeding birds on the coastal cliffs.’
  • 15) ‘In coastal areas, for example, puffins, rock doves, fulmars and guillemots are most favoured items of diet.’
  • 16) ‘We had seen guillemots, gannets, razorbills, puffins and cormorants by the time we reached the first of the four shipwrecks we would dive over this weekend.’
  • 17) ‘Our provincial bird, the puffin, nests here in staggering numbers.’
  • 18) ‘A network of tracks lead to places where waders and wildfowl can be seen in their thousands, where buzzards ‘sky dance’ and where puffins, razorbills, guillemots and kittiwakes jostle for space.’
  • 19) ‘Some flightless birds, such as living penguins, puffins, and rails, and the extinct auks and phororhacoids, are classified in the Neognathae along with most flying birds.’
  • 20) ‘Scotland has seen significant rises in populations of gannets, common gulls and puffins, but other species, such as the arctic tern, are in steep decline.’
  • 21) ‘It reared some 175m above the water, its crevices packed with noisy gannets, puffins, guillemots and gulls.’
  • 22) ‘Various kittiwakes, puffins, cormorants and gulls are common birds found here.’
  • 23) ‘The abundance of gulls, terns, skuas, guillemots and puffins has long been a prime tourist attraction, as well as of global wildlife significance.’
  • 24) ‘And rather than go hungry, the birds are preying on other seabirds like puffins and kittiwakes.’
  • 25) ‘Like other puffins, this species has a large, laterally compressed bill.’
  • 26) ‘I was expecting to hear waves, wind, drops of water, a few puffins chirping away, perhaps even some crashing sounds as ice falls into the sea.’
  • 27) ‘The large offshore rock behind the eastern headland is The Mouls, which is a breeding site for puffins, gannets and kittiwakes.’
  • 28) ‘Other island nesting birds, such as puffins and petrels, also were hit hard, but none as badly as the Aleutian Canada goose.’


  • 1) Will kill birds as large as king penguins and fight over seal carcasses.
  • 2) We plant lavender around the enclosure and the penguins use that to build their nests.
  • 3) He is very excited at the prospect of seeing emperor penguins.
  • 4) Fur seals and penguins are most at risk due to dwindling food supplies.
  • 5) Beautifully photographed film about a colony of emperor penguins.
  • 6) penguins use the same technique to catch prey.
  • 7) Antarctic penguins and seals are rebuilding their populations.
  • 8) The behaviour is highly unlikely to be due to an inability to tell the difference between a penguin and a seal.
  • 9) Beautifully photographed film about emperor penguins.
  • 10) He uses robot penguins with cameras for eyes that are so convincing you can barely tell them apart from the real thing.
  • 11) One hundred and one years ago, three men set out to see some penguins.
  • 12) If it had, the emperor penguin would surely have been worshipped.
  • 13) I understand that it is possible to see penguins there.
  • 14) I love seeing penguins carrying their eggs.
  • 15) Who says penguins can't fly?
  • 16) Yet people do ask, penguins technically being birds, and now they have an answer.
  • 17) King penguins are expected to be driven into extinction in a matter of decades because of the impacts of global warming, a study has found.
  • 18) Second to the penguin is the kelp gull Larus dominicanus with 6,000 active nests.
  • 19) Mario Bros., including Mario in penguin suit, amigurumi by Mindy, who has various items on sale at Etsy.
  • 20) The outer shape apparently evolved before some microscopic changes that may play a role in penguin's underwater prowess.
  • 21) The royal penguin is the largest known species of penguin.
  • 22) Berkeley Breathed explains how a certain penguin was able to deflect criticism and controversy.
  • 23) Monday, June 22 2009 club penguin is sooooooooooooo much better than Free Reals!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • 24) Maggie's new penguin is made in the USA by workers at Opportunity Threads, a 100% worker-owned cooperative in
  • 25) The party penguin is starting the party up a little late due to a hectic day of work and then a sushi party for the Chicago Abortion Fund.
  • 26) ‘The island is only a quarter of a square mile in size, but it is teeming with penguins and other sea birds.’
  • 27) ‘The emperor penguin is the largest penguin species and also one of the few found in Antarctica.’
  • 28) ‘Green sea turtles rest on the shore and penguins are waddling off for a swim.’
  • 29) ‘In more recent decades, the penguins have been harmed by increased oil pollution.’
  • 30) ‘Some penguins waddle along shorelines and ice, whereas others hop from rock to rock.’
  • 31) ‘It's obvious that global warming has an impact on the reproduction of the penguins.’
  • 32) ‘The biggest fight we observed was between a male fur seal and a male penguin.’
  • 33) ‘The waters belong to the fish and whales, the squirrels and fox, the llama and elephant, the penguin and robin.’
  • 34) ‘Urban foxes were unwelcome visitors during the year and were responsible for killing a penguin and some geese.’
  • 35) ‘The lure of eight species of penguins and more than 50 other seabird species is enormous.’
  • 36) ‘They swam right up to the glass of the tank and flapped their little penguin wings.’
  • 37) ‘It apparently shows him swimming with whales and sliding with penguins.’
  • 38) ‘I don't think that cold water necessarily is always associated with penguins.’
  • 39) ‘Just as we surfaced, two penguins torpedoed by, leaping out of the water and bouncing, like so many skipping stones.’
  • 40) ‘A viewing camera allows me to see the penguins not just marching, but swimming under water.’
  • 41) ‘I hear the great whites like seals, or anything that resembles a penguin or walrus.’
  • 42) ‘The mating game we were witnessing in the penguin colony was gentle and benign by comparison.’
  • 43) ‘Harnessed up and ready to dive, the fat penguin looks as though it has its own mini scuba tank.’
  • 44) ‘This zoo was the first in the world to exhibit penguins and it now has Europe's largest penguin pool.’
  • 45) ‘You can drive in five minutes from the centre of town to the viewing place for the blue penguins, or allow more time and walk there.’

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