presents vs presence

presents presence


  • 1) Plural form of present.
  • 2) Third-person singular simple present indicative form of present.


  • 1) The fact or condition of being present, or of being within sight or call, or at hand.
  • 2) The state of being closely focused on the here and now, not distracted by irrelevant thoughts
  • 3) A company's business activity in a particular market.
  • 4) The part of space within one's immediate vicinity.
  • 5) Something (as a spirit) felt or believed to be present.
  • 6) A quality of poise and effectiveness that enables a performer to achieve a close relationship with his audience.
  • 7) A supernatural influence felt to be nearby.
  • 8) The quality of self-assurance and effectiveness that permits a performer to achieve a rapport with the audience.
  • 9) The people, especially diplomats or troops, stationed by a government in a foreign country.
  • 10) The area immediately surrounding a great personage, especially a sovereign.
  • 11) A person's bearing, especially when it commands respectful attention.
  • 12) The state or fact of being present; current existence or occurrence.
  • 13) A person who is present, especially in an impressive way.
  • 14) that state of the mind in which all its faculties are alert, prompt, and acting harmoniously in obedience to the will, enabling one to reach, as it were spontaneously or by intuition, just conclusions in sudden emergencies.
  • 15) Specifically, neighborhood to the person of one of superior of exalted rank; also, presence chamber.
  • 16) The state of being present, or of being within sight or call, or at hand; -- opposed to absence.
  • 17) The place in which one is present; the part of space within one's ken, call, influence, etc.; neighborhood without the intervention of anything that forbids intercourse.
  • 18) the room in which a great personage receives company.
  • 19) Port, mien; air; personal appearence.
  • 20) The whole of the personal qualities of an individual; person; personality; especially, the person of a superior, as a sovereign.
  • 21) An assembly, especially of person of rank or nobility; noble company.
  • 22) dignified manner or conduct
  • 23) the impression that something is present
  • 24) the act of being present
  • 25) the state of being present; current existence
  • 26) the immediate proximity of someone or something
  • 27) an invisible spiritual being felt to be nearby
  • 28) The state of being face to face with a great personage or with a superior.
  • 29) An apparition; a vision; a specter.
  • 30) Personality; the sum of the qualities of an individual; personage.
  • 31) Immediate neighborhood or vicinity; close proximity.
  • 32) The state of being present; the state of being in a certain place, and not in some other place; being, continuance, or stay in a certain place: as, the presence of a planet in a particular part of its orbit; specifically, the state of being near the speaker or writer or in some place upon which his thought is directed.
  • 33) An assembly, particularly of persons of rank; a noble company.
  • 34) A presence-chamber.
  • 35) Companionship; attendance; company; society.
  • 36) Aspect; appearance; demeanor; mien; air.
  • 37) To make or become present.


  • 1) He presents with a disturbing level of overconfidence in his own abilities.
  • 2) Besides that enormous service of flatware I've just spotted among the presents, the Ambassador has given her a table inlaid with lapis.
  • 3) If the label presents them with a contract that the band don't want to sign, all the label has to do is wait.
  • 4) Our culture is deifying celebrities, but in the bible, it is the meek who are blessed, so the title presents a question for the viewer to ponder.
  • 5) Green Bay Packers could find NFL lockout gave them leg up in defending their Super Bowl title NFL season opener at Lambeau Field on Thursday night, the champion Green Bay Packers are about to discover what their predecessors, the New Orleans Saints, learned last season: Defending a title presents its own set of challenges more daunting, in so many ways, than securing a single Super Bowl triumph.
  • 6) As usual the label presents strong graphic t-shirts and once again some familiar faces present them in their new lookbook.
  • 7) The copy on the label presents an emotional feeling, a literal hand-washing story that leaves you with a true sense of "aaahhh."
  • 8) One of the presents is the following example, a short video made with popular internet images:
  • 9) The town is always full of people, who come to exact what they call presents, but what might with more justice be styled forced contributions.
  • 10) This title presents an exploration of the Christian concept of martyrdom and its relation to the understanding of the 'self'.
  • 11) This title presents an innovative and direct approach to 3D content creation.


  • 1) Such is his stage presence and energy that he could overwhelm many a supporting cast.
  • 2) And six out of ten said pets' presence seemed to speed physical recovery.
  • 3) She's a diminutive performer with a big stage presence.
  • 4) I feel his presence in the house.
  • 5) I still feel the presence of my dad, Rob.
  • 6) The second is that my records reflect other things than the presence of birds.
  • 7) There is usually a strong presence at company outings from the senior management team.
  • 8) To fulfil visa requirements each visitor must have a sponsor responsible for their presence in this country.
  • 9) We can understand this by thinking about speaking in the presence of another person.
  • 10) The interior light suggests an unseen presence.
  • 11) He filled a room with his personality and presence.
  • 12) His mere presence seems to wind people up.
  • 13) What she lacks yet is stage presence.
  • 14) He was there if he felt his presence would change things.
  • 15) Barely any other country has a presence in this stadium.
  • 16) People close to the negotiations said that the company was considering how much of a presence could be maintained.
  • 17) In their presence you feel enlarged.
  • 18) In person, he has both an imposing and approachable presence.
  • 19) He remains a ghostly presence in the movie, made manifest only as the final credits roll.
  • 20) The presence of the company puts the Government in an awkward position.
  • 21) Federal law prohibits a person 's presence on the boards of two companies that are direct rivals.
  • 22) It didn't take much insight to realise that his was a profoundly troubled presence in our house.
  • 23) Does it make you feel good to plead for his affection, his attention or his presence in the house?
  • 24) Let me feel your presence.
  • 25) A quiet and courteous presence, his manner was invariably encouraging.
  • 26) It was his size which took one's breath away - his size and his imposing presence.
  • 27) He then took it to various governments and agencies, passing it off as a machine that could be used to sense the presence of nearby explosives.
  • 28) Took a close view of my familiar friend Death, accompanied with the presence of my Saviour, _his sensible presence_.
  • 29) The Count, recovering his presence of mind, and _presence_ of
  • 30) Personal online presence is shorthand for doing something to keep my website up to date and generally be visible online.
  • 31) This large audience in presence is a token of that loyalty.
  • 32) The role of stories changes several times over the course of the narrative, but their presence is always understood to be a calming, enlightening one that puts human beings in their best selves.
  • 33) He really had no reason to be in this film, both as an actor and as a character, but his presence is always a welcome one, especially when he's a resurrected-by-Satan jerkhole that gets set ablaze with hellfire after a brief moment of redemption.
  • 34) I agree that teacher presence is a fascinating area, I think it is partly a question of learning how to be oneself in the right way.
  • 35) “Bodrogi brings great world-class time trial experience to Team Type 1 and his presence is a remarkable addition to the squad,” said Team Type 1 director Vassili Davidenko.
  • 36) Indentured Khoisan servants and slaves, on the other hand, must have been at work on Groote Valleij at the time of the auction, but the only record of their presence is the sale of Lubbe's slaves.
  • 37) They would have called it poudre bleu, and their presence is also still remembered in the names French Farm and French Drove.
  • 38) ‘It was moments like that when I savoured his presence, enjoyed the fact that we were together and we were happy.’
  • 39) ‘The fact he could utter the word in the presence of his most deadly enemies says much about the Christian upbringing of the man.’
  • 40) ‘Then, oddly comforted by his presence, she starts to seek out his company.’
  • 41) ‘Though she would draw immense comfort from his presence, she did not want him to see her suffer.’
  • 42) ‘She drew comfort from his presence there and his voice, the warmth in it reserved only for her.’
  • 43) ‘From one of these old men, whose name is not mentioned here, I received the sense of having been in the presence of evil.’
  • 44) ‘We would feel uneasy in the presence of someone who knew our inmost thoughts.’
  • 45) ‘Eventually they accepted the document in the presence of two witnesses and Albert was given painkillers.’
  • 46) ‘You must then date it and sign it in the presence of two witnesses.’
  • 47) ‘To be in the presence of someone who obviously loves his job and cares about his audience is truly unique.’
  • 48) ‘We had been in the presence of a man of God, a gentle giant, a man of strong conviction astride a gentle soul.’
  • 49) ‘Burial took place in the adjoining cemetery in the presence of a large number of sympathisers.’
  • 50) ‘Princess Margaret presented the certificate in the presence of Lady Astor.’
  • 51) ‘Testing for HIV infection is usually done by detecting the presence of an antibody to the virus.’
  • 52) ‘I approached Robbie and he didn't seem to sense my presence in the room.’
  • 53) ‘I will watch for God's presence in my life today.’
  • 54) ‘Christ's presence on earth simply exposed the activity of these sinister forces.’
  • 55) ‘Arriving in Tripoli on 12 February 1941, he made his presence felt immediately.’
  • 56) ‘The vertebrates are characterized by the presence of a bony skeleton and a brain.’
  • 57) ‘Many students seem to be aware of the station's presence on campus.’
  • 58) ‘She was feeling quite lost now, all these people talking about strange presences.’
  • 59) ‘In my time this had become two bedrooms and a bathroom with an oddly shaped passage, and anybody who slept there remarked on strange presences.’
  • 60) ‘She interviews her for a book that she hopes will make Alison famous, but their voices on tape are often drowned out by the spirit presences that jostle around them.’
  • 61) ‘Not all presences or hauntings are necessarily evil, he says - they may simply be lost or desperate.’
  • 62) ‘Heads scarcely touch pillows before significant dreams and spectral presences are in attendance.’
  • 63) ‘It was strange the way she began to feel presences.’
  • 64) ‘I was overwhelmed by the reality of these presences.’
  • 65) ‘And yes, sometimes I even hear voices or sense presences that aren't there.’
  • 66) ‘‘So of course, these presences are just hallucinations,’ I said cheerfully.’
  • 67) ‘She is preoccupied with the supernatural, in this particular instance ghostly presences.’
  • 68) ‘I had just shrugged into a light coat when I felt a looming presence at my back.’
  • 69) ‘Sensing a dark presence in the room is a common symptom of sleep paralysis.’
  • 70) ‘He said that provided a police presence was maintained in the centre, the project could be beneficial.’
  • 71) ‘I wouldn't object to the cameras so much if there was a police presence to crack down on other motoring offences.’
  • 72) ‘Yet it remains just as true that most people feel more secure when the police have a visible presence on the streets.’
  • 73) ‘The Metropolitan Police had a presence of 600 officers in the area to maintain public order.’
  • 74) ‘Internally, a strong secret police had a shadowy presence in the universities and institutions.’
  • 75) ‘The police presence was a deterrent to those wishing to commit petty crimes.’
  • 76) ‘It has also increased the police presence on the streets of communities throughout the city.’
  • 77) ‘We have security guards now and there is a continual presence of the Metro Police.’
  • 78) ‘You can actually see passers-by slide their eyes around the police and military presence.’
  • 79) ‘The rest of the group was told to leave, returning along the same route without a police presence.’
  • 80) ‘Most notable of all was the continued absence of any significant military or police presence.’
  • 81) ‘They headed towards the police station where they knew the British army had a presence.’
  • 82) ‘Their main role, however, will be to reassure the public and provide a visible police presence on the streets.’
  • 83) ‘This will ensure that a high visibility policing presence will be maintained in such areas as Shipley East.’
  • 84) ‘He wonders what maintaining a constant police presence in the area is costing taxpayers.’
  • 85) ‘Mr Youssef said that a regular and visible police presence was the best deterrent to criminals.’
  • 86) ‘Indeed, it has been argued that a visible American troop presence weakens the royal family rather than strengthening it.’
  • 87) ‘We've been putting pressure on the Government to increase the Garda presence on our roads.’
  • 88) ‘And, campus security has responded by intensifying their security presence in these areas with some success.’
  • 89) ‘Uganda could then justify its army presence in the region as peacekeepers.’
  • 90) ‘The local public opinion about the American military presence appears to be mixed.’
  • 91) ‘Sol is not a big talker on the field, but his physical presence and calm manner reassure others.’
  • 92) ‘He's got a real physical presence - his chest is puffed up and it feels like he's taking up too much space.’
  • 93) ‘They have a great physical presence and they made that tell on this occasion.’
  • 94) ‘For all that, the staging will be simple, a bare set putting the focus on the performers' physical presence.’
  • 95) ‘With his physical presence you very rarely see him beaten in the air.’
  • 96) ‘His lack of physical presence is a drawback at this level but a goal would do wonders for his confidence.’
  • 97) ‘Short but well built, with a beard and cropped hair, the young leader has a powerful physical presence.’
  • 98) ‘But we're only human, and we feel the need to make up for our lack of physical presence in other ways.’
  • 99) ‘The reassuring physical presence of a property is enough to catch many people off guard.’
  • 100) ‘More importantly, unlike the other two, he made his physical presence known at both ends of the pitch.’
  • 101) ‘We need a big fellow up front and he gives us a strong physical presence.’
  • 102) ‘A good trainer and a big physical presence, he is a brave and dependable goalkeeper.’
  • 103) ‘He has genuine physical presence to augment his smooth changes of pace and direction.’
  • 104) ‘He is still young, still a boy really, but his physical presence is already very good.’
  • 105) ‘He had a huge physical and vocal presence, dominating his area and the players around him.’
  • 106) ‘Alexander has a real earthy solid presence which balances Carlos's classical technique.’
  • 107) ‘The crowd responded with applause suitably thunderous for a woman with such commanding stage presence.’
  • 108) ‘Roberts kept them wanting more with his commanding stage presence.’
  • 109) ‘The constable said that he found Mr Bibby to be " quite threatening just by his mere physical presence".’
  • 110) ‘She was reassured by his solid presence by her side.’

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