a vs an vs and

a an and


  • 1) Was I a relative or perhaps a close friend of Mr Tedeschi's, she asked me.
  • 2) Christian was walking very slowly and I had my hand under his armpit, as if he too were a patient.
  • 3) He said he thought this new campaign for his reprieve was a total waste of time.
  • 4) He was gazing at the bench opposite us, which was next to a fountain that didn't work.
  • 5) It seemed a pretty long way for Christian to commute every day.
  • 6) With his lank, greasy hair, dirty jeans and John Lennon spectacles he looks like a seventies student.
  • 7) a flat, nightmarish air of mid-afternoon seediness hung about the pub.
  • 8) a problem had arisen at work, an awkward matter which was the reason I'd phoned his wife yesterday.
  • 9) a woman with an open white coat appeared in the waiting room.
  • 10) a conveyancing solicitor isn't going to be much good for you.
  • 11) a couple of mobile phones lay ostentatiously on the table; beside them was a shiny brochure.
  • 12) a hotel porter showed me to a top-floor suite with sweeping views over Hyde Park.
  • 13) a childhood memory returned to me of a summer in the country.
  • 14) a moment later a woman appeared at a corner of the room in which they sat.
  • 15) a bewildered Uncle Sal scurried next to him, almost identically dressed, supported by Herman's tanned arm.
  • 16) a woman who liked to go, married to a man who wanted only to stay.
  • 17) VCU lost to Northeastern, Northeastern lost to Drexel, Drexel lost to UNC-Wilmington, UNC-Wilmington lost to NC a&T , NC a& T lost to Maryland Eastern Shore, and Maryland Eastern Shore lost to Columbia.

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