benefited vs benefitted

benefited benefitted


  • 1) Simple past tense and past participle of benefit.


  • 1) The cost and environmental benefits this brings to us are really important.
  • 2) The company is already seeing the benefits of its investment.
  • 3) This is not said with the benefit of hindsight.
  • 4) Asylum may be a moral duty, but there is also a strong economic benefit and cultural advantage to immigration.
  • 5) I expect to see it win prizes and want lots of people to read it and feel the benefits in their hearts and minds.
  • 6) The city centres are clearly worthwhile for ISPs, while at the other end of the spectrum remote rural areas may benefit from government funding.
  • 7) The unions want benefits, insurance and compensation for loss of income in the rainy season, when the mine becomes too dangerous and is shut down.
  • 8) We look at how you can make sure your family benefits from lower inflation.
  • 9) You can only feel the benefits from that.
  • 10) Yet much of the money conveys little benefit to the intended recipient.
  • 11) We hope that we will all somehow see a benefit from the result.
  • 12) You hardly need the benefit of hindsight to discern the colossal inadequacy of this kind of reasoning.
  • 13) They told me that my education benefited them.
  • 14) Other benefits include medical insurance and an employee discount.
  • 15) Most households would probably prefer to take the benefit in the form of lower bills.
  • 16) The move comes amid a general government crackdown on benefit fraud.
  • 17) Other businesses are hoping they might actually be able to benefit from a downturn.
  • 18) Peace played in a band that did benefit gigs.
  • 19) Foxes would also benefit from the removal of a fiercer and stronger competitor with the same diet.
  • 20) You also get a good benefit package and a company car.
  • 21) Each tweak is aimed at giving the attacking team the advantage and benefit of the doubt.
  • 22) You can get similar benefits from yogurt with live cultures.
  • 23) This has been of particular benefit to women with families.
  • 24) You need two glasses a day to reap this benefit.
  • 25) Motorists in rural areas may have to wait ten days to benefit.
  • 26) Your adoption comes with many great benefits that last throughout the year.
  • 27) The heavyweights of Hollywood are filming public service announcements and organizing benefit concerts.
  • 28) Immigration can bring enormous benefits to Britain.
  • 29) This goes to pay off the loan taken out by the member, so he receives no benefit.
  • 30) The Jets again benefited from the unexpected when Kaeding misfired from 40 yards out in the fourth quarter, sending this boot past the right upright.
  • 31) Both George W. Bush and John McCain benefited from the privileged status of their parents and grandparents.
  • 32) The Islanders again benefited from a fortunate bounce with 8: 26 left in the first.
  • 33) The bankers have benefited from a stacked deck, or what's known as "moral hazard."
  • 34) Last year, under the Recovery Act, 56 million people benefited from the first Economic Recovery Payment -- including about 50 million Social Security beneficiaries.
  • 35) For the largest American companies, which have benefited from the weak dollar in recent years, the pain could be more acute.
  • 36) Could have definitely benefited from a nice sweet and sour sauce, or maybe some kind of honey dill concoction.
  • 37) The swine flu has affected us a little, and we have actually benefited from the economic downturn.
  • 38) CBS '"The Late Show With David Letterman," which benefited from the turmoil of the Leno-Conan O'Brien troubles at NBC, came in second.


  • 1) Trading companies were better placed on hope that they have benefitted from increased business.
  • 2) Most of the income gain benefitted the top 5 per cent of earners.
  • 3) Amber, who is currently single and about to start counselling sessions, has certainly benefitted.
  • 4) Airlines, which have benefitted from cheaper fuel, flew lower.
  • 5) He believes he benefitted from his time below the top four tiers.
  • 6) The errors, averaging 2,340 each, benefitted 436 staff and freelancers.
  • 7) All these people were rescued from exploitation and the public benefitted.
  • 8) My parents benefitted from not having to pay tuition fees at all.
  • 9) Four in ten high-blood pressure sufferers benefitted from the double treatment, doctors said.
  • 10) Those earning around 23,000 have benefitted most.
  • 11) Anecdotally: At least one of the non-profits I volunteer with has directly benefitted from the stimulus.
  • 12) Dobbs is another one of those idiots who think that their ungaurded ulterancies about immigration will make a change of policy when their ancestors benefitted from the same immigration that their children today criticize.
  • 13) She clearly benefitted from the surgery, but a hip replacement would have done her in — the rehab from that procedure is really tough.
  • 14) The right-wing government of 1996-2207 benefitted from a more ‘left-wing’ central bank that paid less attention to the inflation hawks in the media.
  • 15) The firm structured a synthetic CDO through which Paulson benefitted from a decline in the value of the underlying securities.
  • 16) Money was both a lure and a problem, though, for the publishers -- and just as whole industries saw the rise of mergers, takeovers and "multi-nationals" that came to dominate what had once been multi-owned, geographically dispersed, independent firms, so mainstream publishing gradually devolved onto a few international parent companies, who amassed subsidiary imprints and benefitted from the supposed economies of scale.
  • 17) Fourteen zip codes in Virginia that do not exist or are actually in other states nevertheless benefitted from the infusion of 9.5 million taxpayer dollars in federal stimulus money, according to the Old Dominion Watchdog website.
  • 18) The film was set three years after the series finale, and like “American Pie 2,” it benefitted from a huge opening weekend ($57 million), due mostly to a built-in audience from the popular show.
  • 19) As a campaigner Bennet may have benefitted from a tough primary that bloodied him up.

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