which vs witch

which witch


  • 1) An occurrence of the word which.
  • 2) Specifically, a movable wagon-box.
  • 3) A chest.
  • 4) Redundantforwhich.
  • 5) relative Who; whom; what (of those mentioned or implied)
  • 6) A interrogative , used both substantively and adjectively, and in direct and indirect questions, to ask for, or refer to, an individual person or thing among several of a class; See the Note under What, pron., 1.
  • 7) A compound relative or indefinite , standing for any one which, whichever, that which, those which, the … which, and the like.
  • 8) A relative , used esp. in referring to an antecedent noun or clause, but sometimes with reference to what is specified or implied in a sentence, or to a following noun or clause (generally involving a reference, however, to something which has preceded). It is used in all numbers and genders, and was formerly used of persons.
  • 9) obsolete Of what sort or kind; what; what a; who.
  • 10) What, of those mentioned or implied (used interrogatively).
  • 11) interrogative What one or ones (of those mentioned or implied).
  • 12) now dialectal Used of people (now generally who, whom or that).
  • 13) relative The one or ones that.
  • 14) relative the one mentioned


  • 1) which in many cases was exactly what happened.
  • 2) He makes a player feel good about himself which is very important.
  • 3) There were messages on his phone from two footballing figures which stood out.
  • 4) But which one offers the best value?
  • 5) He then sends them to a lab for tests which tell him which fertiliser to use to produce a good harvest.
  • 6) But there is other news, which you may be missing.
  • 7) which way the car steers depends on how it is programmed to trade off people's lives.
  • 8) It is left to cure for a set number of days, after which they pull the shutters off and seal it.
  • 9) which is the case with energy supply.
  • 10) Most pastors enter situations in which people remember the past and problems exist.
  • 11) Offers are subject to availability which may be strictly limited.
  • 12) We arrive at the point beyond which no cars may go.
  • 13) In basketball the aim is to score and you have various methods which you use.
  • 14) To survive panic we need good relationships which reassure us.
  • 15) What fun not to know which direction any sentence will take.
  • 16) You have withheld the advantages which you must know to have been designed for him.
  • 17) Either way people remember the team which won.
  • 18) It is not permitted to say things about others which are not true and which might cause harm.
  • 19) You are leaving a big club which is used to winning trophies and coming to one without the history or size.
  • 20) This new architecture means a new approach to garden design and one in which planting will play a secondary and supporting role.
  • 21) The next major advance was the introduction of checks, which lowered transactions costs still further.
  • 22) This only takes a couple of minutes, after which you can take your time alone.
  • 23) Place your bets on which of the two Derby resemble more.
  • 24) Sure, you can construct textbook cases in which protectionism benefits an economy.
  • 25) Not that they referred to it as anything else, which may partially be the point.
  • 26) After which they scowl, or punch the air.
  • 27) The three writers produced a skeleton script with the outline of a narrative, which allowed room to improvise on set.
  • 28) which is not saying much.
  • 29) Regulatory changes over the past two years have forced investment providers and advisers to be more transparent about costs, which has boosted competition.
  • 30) He also launched an initiative in which used cooking oil was converted into biodiesel fuel to power the company's vans in Britain.
  • 31) Last year, Mr. Pinault revealed a major strategic overhaul under which PPR will gradually exit its retail business,  which includes everything from electronics to children's clothing and which has been too dependent on the French market.
  • 32) *Replaces top of cranium…lessee..which iz occiput adn which iz frontal?
  • 33) HILLARY IS PART OF THE PLAN…..which is why she is receiving more campaign contributions from defense contractors (bomb, guns, tank manufacturers, etc.) than any other candidate….even republicans….(remember Hillary was the head of her college Republican Chapter) which is why she voted to invade Iraq…..then voted to invade Iran.
  • 34) _Vanguard, Explorer, Discoverer; Pioneer III, _ which discovered the Van Allen layer in 1958, and _Pioneer IV, _ which went zooming past the Moon the following year and took up a solar orbit, and _Mariner II, _which got within twenty-one thousand miles of Venus in 1962, and _Ranger_ and _Surveyor_ and all the rest.
  • 35) The only way to do this seems to be to get published by a publisher that does not have an "SF" line if you can, which is what I am doing with the forthcoming _The Druid King -- _which, ironically enough, by its content could have easily enough been published within the genre.
  • 36) They invented the glagolitic alphabet—from which the Cyrillic derives (See 865) —which came to be used in various Slavonic languages and was later restricted to liturgical books; hence Cyril and Methodius are regarded as founders of Slavonic literature.
  • 37) The ground for this popular interpretation is a constitutional device which to an Englishman, if it be not offensive to say so, can only recall the well-known definition of a metaphysician as "a blind man, in a dark room, looking for a black cat, _which is not there_."
  • 38) In the course of the afternoon we visited several houses, at one of which quite a quantity of contraband stuff was found, _which was placed in our canteens_.
  • 39) -- _Study the lists above_, _and point out all the connectives in Lessons_ 80 and 81, _telling which are relative pronouns_, _which are conjunctions proper_, _and which are conjunctive adverbs_.
  • 40) ‘What do you feel about this friend and which of his or her qualities do you see in yourself?’
  • 41) ‘The game can also end if the stock runs out of cards, in which case the result is a draw.’
  • 42) ‘So we do not need to step out of the house for days, which I am so looking forward to.’
  • 43) ‘Cars go out in the first session in the order in which they finished the previous race.’
  • 44) ‘There he had a nest over the window of a house in which dwelt the writer of fairy tales.’
  • 45) ‘They return to spawn in the same stream in which they were born, and die a few days later.’
  • 46) ‘This is not to mention the trauma of fear and terror of the bombing which has no end.’
  • 47) ‘It is often used to refer to a sort of social meeting in which it is pleasant to be together.’
  • 48) ‘As we took the top out of it I found a huge nest which is what I assume was the magpie house.’
  • 49) ‘You really must have your own work area which can be cut off from the rest of the house.’
  • 50) ‘It was of average size for a house of the particular period in which it had been built.’
  • 51) ‘He spent the night in the house of the evil spirit which was no longer able to live there.’


  • 1) We're clearly looking at a witch hunt here.
  • 2) NORTHERN Ireland veterans were yesterday given fresh hope the witch hunt against them could be ended.
  • 3) There are fears as many as 1,000 ex-servicemen could face charges in the current witch hunt.
  • 4) But the many being targeted by witch hunts over'war crimes' need help now.
  • 5) They always saw the witch doctor before they saw me.
  • 6) It is a historical witch hunt on the part of the left.
  • 7) Is there a witch hazel you love?
  • 8) So why the bad press for witches?
  • 9) The idea of witches casting evil spells is itself fantastical.
  • 10) The witch doctors were smearing them with paste and shouting spells at them.
  • 11) He will claim that he is being subjected to a witch hunt.
  • 12) She thought she could cure herself with witch doctors.
  • 13) Does she draw a clear parallel between witch doctors and modern medical workers?
  • 14) The practice of witchcraft was often blamed for poor weather and there was a witch hunt hysteria at the time.
  • 15) witch hazel in a spray bottle.
  • 16) It's like a panto without a wicked witch.
  • 17) witch hazel is an old-fashioned ingredient that is perhaps best known in this regard.
  • 18) They've just had a witch hunt for the last few years.
  • 19) One of her "pretends "was that Emily was a kind of good witch who could protect her.
  • 20) They say too that the housekeeper knows all about it, and is hand and glove with the old witch.
  • 21) The old witch is dead!
  • 22) I bought my cat off a witch in south London.
  • 23) With their reputation for casting evil spells, witches don't get the best press.
  • 24) Is she a wicked witch or a beloved'alternative' voice?
  • 25) As you get older, you're always playing some awful old witch.

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