passersby vs passerbys

passersby passerbys


  • 1) Plural form of passerby.


  • 1) She took her eyes from the townhouse only to dart quick looks at the clock or the occasional passerby.
  • 2) The temptation for merchants to offer Deals to lure in passersby may be overwhelming; will we also see shopkeepers complaining about Facebook's leverage the way some restaurateurs worry about OpenTable?
  • 3) Your choice to ignore your responsibilities and then sit around gruffly barking at passersby is just that, your choice.
  • 4) Not the least shadow of a memory, either in passersby or in the neighbors.
  • 5) When asked of their thoughts on the economic slump, the man with the bongos laughs and quickly counts the coins passersby have dropped in his cup.
  • 6) Lovers Walk captures the egotism of love, the moments when you have eyes only for each other; the passersby are the extras, hurrying by unaware of their walk-on role in this everyday romance of tingling possibilities, wounded hearts and stalking tendencies.
  • 7) Surrounded by tall buildings and skyscrapers leading up to the show-stealing MetLife building, it's nearly invisible to passersby, which is too bad because how often is there a wizard at work just above your head?

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