lessee vs lessor

lessee lessor


  • 1) An individual or a corporation who has the right of use of something of value, gained through a lease agreement with the real owner of the property.
  • 2) The entity to whom a lease is given, or who takes an estate by lease.
  • 3) Someone who is allowed to use a house, building, land etc. for a period of time in return for payment to the owner.
  • 4) One that holds a lease; a tenant.
  • 5) (Law) The person to whom a lease is given, or who takes an estate by lease.
  • 6) a tenant who holds a lease
  • 7) The person to whom a lease is granted; a tenant taking an estate by lease.
  • 8) Eye dialect spelling of let's see.


  • 1) The owner of property that is leased.
  • 2) One who leases property; a landlord.
  • 3) (Law) One who leases; the person who lets to farm, or gives a lease.
  • 4) someone who grants a lease
  • 5) One who grants a lease; the person who lets to a tenant.


  • 1) It didn't surprise him at all to learn that Sean Abercorn was the lessee; Marina Leucci was also authorized to drive the car.
  • 2) ‘The answer is, so that the registration authority can give appropriate notice to owners, lessees, tenants or occupiers, or to others who might wish to object to an application to register.’
  • 3) ‘In the lease the lessee's covenants were contained in clause 4.’
  • 4) ‘The thinking behind it appears to have been that they remained liable as original lessees under the lease.’
  • 5) ‘The plaintiffs were lessees and occupiers of one of the flats.’
  • 6) ‘In a real sense, the lessee leased not only the restaurant premises but the premises in the context of the entire mall as outlined in the site plan.’
  • 7) ‘What you are telling us is the relationship between the lessor and the lessee and mortgagee.’
  • 8) ‘We have built up a very good relationship with yourselves, the planners, the local estate office, tenants and lessees and other interested parties.’
  • 9) ‘Well, the issue was that the obligations of the lessee would not be overlooked because the lessee and the lessor were the same person.’
  • 10) ‘There was an owner, a lessee and a sublessee, as I understand it, is that right?’
  • 11) ‘Readers should beware of thinking that the tenants, lessees or farmers of the properties were necessarily personally resident therein.’
  • 12) ‘If the covenant has the meaning suggested by the lessees, the lessors are liable for breach of the implied covenant.’
  • 13) ‘It also pleaded that it had received Indonesian advice that a foreign company could be a lessee or assignee under a lease.’
  • 14) ‘During the period of the lease, the lessee is usually prohibited from making improvements on the leased assets.’
  • 15) ‘This would include mortgagees, lessees and the acquirers of other interests, both legal and equitable.’
  • 16) ‘The claimant was a co-operative and owned the freehold of a block of flats where the defendant was a lessee.’
  • 17) ‘Where there is an assignment by a lessor to a lessee the interest which the lessee takes is the interest which the lessor himself had.’
  • 18) ‘However, when the lease expired the lessee chose not to renew it and now Mr Durney isn't certain what he will do with it.’
  • 19) ‘There was no present attempt to forfeit the lease by reason of the activities of the lessee.’
  • 20) ‘The insurers, having paid a claim made by the lessees of the refinery, brought against the defendants a subrogated claim for negligence.’
  • 21) ‘One condition relates to the wish of the lessee to dispose of the lease.’


  • 1) A lessor is required to disclose to the tenant any dangerous condition of the premises, existing when the tenant is given permission, of which the lessor knows or has reason to know and which is not discoverable by the tenant on reasonable inspection.
  • 2) There is to be a tax of one-half penny in the pound on the capital value of undeveloped land, and there is to be a ten percent reversion duty upon any benefit accruing to a lessor from the determination of a lease.
  • 3) Unless the lessor is paying the lessee — in which case the lessee’s excess value is a simple unsecured (or undersecured) debt — the leasehold can not be worth more than the fee.
  • 4) Finally, the owner argues that the lessor is a corporation, and corporations do not have religious beliefs.
  • 5) The lessor, which is 84% UK government owned following a 2009 bailout that nationalised its parent, Royal Bank of Scotland, owns or manages
  • 6) Taking any kind of lessor action will just keep this kind of insane activity going on forever.
  • 7) 'lessor' to the detriment of Johnson, included additional kickbacks to ...
  • 8) Just as if the holder of the trust (lessor) owned the property.
  • 9) The lessor invests mainly in smaller jetliners, like Boeing 737s and Airbus A320s, which boast strong demand and are easily traded.
  • 10) ‘If the covenant has the meaning suggested by the lessees, the lessors are liable for breach of the implied covenant.’
  • 11) ‘In addition the scheme provided for relief for owner-occupier or lessors of residential property.’
  • 12) ‘For a very brief time, both the lessor and the lessee were one and the same person.’
  • 13) ‘When a lessee commits a breach of covenant on which the lessor has a right of re-entry, he may elect to avoid or not to avoid the lease, and he may do so by deed or by word.’
  • 14) ‘It is not simply the transfer of title to a piece of property: it is also a contract in itself under which both the lessor and the lessee accept rights and obligations.’
  • 15) ‘The trustee sought a renewal for the children and the lessor refused to grant the lease to the children.’
  • 16) ‘In this case, an owner of a piece of equipment sells the equipment to a lessor, who then leases it back to its former owner, who is then the lessee.’
  • 17) ‘That rationale is not inconsistent with allowing a lessor to recover for reduced rent suffered by the lessor as a result of the liability of the land to be affected by nuisance.’
  • 18) ‘It leased trucks from a lessor in Manitoba and re-leased them to tourists in Alberta.’
  • 19) ‘Both owners and lessors of properties will qualify for the incentive.’
  • 20) ‘There had been a stipulation in the lease that the buildings were not to be altered without the lessor's consent, which was never asked for.’
  • 21) ‘The lessor can neither refuse the license to assign, nor assent to the assignment, for he has nothing more to do with it.’

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