oriented vs orientated

oriented orientated


  • 1) having a specific orientation
  • 2) adjusted or located in relation to surroundings or circumstances; sometimes used in combination
  • 3) Simple past tense and past participle of orient.


  • 1) headed or intending to head in a certain direction. Opposite of unoriented.
  • 2) Adjusted or aligned to surroundings or circumstances; sometimes used in combination.
  • 3) Simple past tense and past participle of orientation.


  • 1) Both are family oriented and value their friendships.
  • 2) They are goal oriented but enjoy the means as well as the ends.
  • 3) It Just shows how much she really has a family oriented mindset '.
  • 4) Costly ad hoc measures should be replaced by rule-based, medium- to long-term oriented "Ordnungspolitik."
  • 5) Funny that the GOP and far right always are talking about FAMILY VALUES but when something very family oriented is posted about President Obama they moan and whine about it.
  • 6) "When markets are more volatile and the economy is troubled, boards of directors are more inclined to reach accommodations with short-term oriented, activist hedge funds," said Scott Barshay , managing partner in the corporate department of law firm Cravath, Swaine & Moore LLP's, which generally represents companies, not activist investors.
  • 7) When the average investor has become short-term oriented, it pays off to extend your own investment horizon and vice versa.
  • 8) A quick way to get oriented is to visit the Auto Dealers Caring for Kids Foundation Welcome Center on the second floor.
  • 9) "There were notable drops in short positions for a number of the big ETFs and I-shares, which might be more indicative of short-term oriented trading," said Mr. Noland.
  • 10) As long as the level of economic activity remains so clearly depressed — people unemployed, office space unrented, factories not working — then policy needs to remain oriented on spurring the renewed utilization of the people and facilities currently sitting idle.
  • 11) Even while grousing that the market is too short-term oriented, these experts think they can beat it by being even more short-term oriented themselves.


  • 1) He orientated himself slowly, like a simpleton, arms outstretched, turning gradually as if surrounded by tormentors.

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