perquisite vs prerequisite

perquisite prerequisite


  • 1) A gratuity.
  • 2) mostly plural Any monetary or other incidental benefit beyond salary.
  • 3) A privilege or possession held or claimed exclusively by a certain person, group or class.
  • 4) A gratuity; a tip.
  • 5) A payment, profit, or benefit received in addition to a regular wage or salary, especially when due or expected.
  • 6) Something regarded or claimed as an exclusive right by virtue of one's social position or rank: synonym: right.
  • 7) (Law) Things gotten by a man's own industry, or purchased with his own money, as opposed to things which come to him by descent.
  • 8) Something gained from a place or employment over and above the ordinary salary or fixed wages for services rendered; especially, a fee allowed by law to an officer for a specific service.
  • 9) an incidental benefit awarded for certain types of employment (especially if it is regarded as a right)
  • 10) In law, whatever one gets by industry or purchases with his money, as distinguished from things which come to him by descent.
  • 11) An incidental emolument, profit, gain, or fee, over and above the fixed or settled income, salary, or wages; something received incidentally and in addition to regular wages, salary, fees, etc.


  • 1) Something that must be gained in order to gain something else
  • 2) In education, a course or topic that must be completed before another course or topic can be started. May be colloquially referred to as a prereq.
  • 3) Something that is prerequisite, as a course that is required prior to taking an advanced course.
  • 4) Something previously required, or necessary to an end or effect proposed.
  • 5) A condition required beforehand; a preliminary necessity.
  • 6) Required as a prior condition of something else; necessary or indispensable.
  • 7) Required or necessary as a prior condition.
  • 8) Previously required; necessary as a preliminary to any proposed effect or end.
  • 9) required as a prior condition or course of study


  • 1) Okay, so after I looked up "perquisite" I thought they'd misspelled prerequisite, but it turns out it means "freebie" or "bonus", I thought--gee, who uses the word "perquisite"?
  • 2) The Finance (No 2) Act, 2009, reintroduced stock incentives as 'perquisite' in the hands of employees.
  • 3) In making the annual contract with the baker, his perquisite was the thirteenth loaf of every dozen furnished—hence the baker’s dozen.23 He was expected to know how to make “all kinds of preserved fruit, both liquid and dry, stewed fruits, creams, sweet cakes, marzipans, syrups, flavored waters, and distilled liqueurs.”
  • 4) He hoped Dinwiddie would not renege on his promises and make his situation “worse by taking away the only perquisite I have.”
  • 5) ‘With workers in demand, employees can easily leave one organization and seek a better salary and perquisites in a new position.’
  • 6) ‘That's an unexpected perquisite that has benefited my daily life away from the poker tables.’
  • 7) ‘To the extent that it repudiates those duties, it is accountable to the society in which it functions and from which it enjoys its freedoms, privileges and perquisites.’
  • 8) ‘The proposal is premised on the idea that tenure exists as a perquisite, a personal entitlement, and nothing more.’
  • 9) ‘It goes to the accountability and the powers and perquisites of the government.’
  • 10) ‘Outside appointments confer prestige and status, as well as financial rewards and perquisites.’
  • 11) ‘They desire fair compensation and financial benefits as well as the perquisites of many managerial jobs.’
  • 12) ‘Life at Court was in fact an endless pursuit of advantage, status, pensions, offices, and perquisites from those whom royal favour endowed with power to bestow them.’
  • 13) ‘They will there be showered with perquisites, first and not least among them that they will never again have to read another screenplay.’
  • 14) ‘As he has evidently now discovered, the trappings of high office are not limited to posh perquisites and media glare.’
  • 15) ‘The representatives of both families regarded their seats as family perquisites.’
  • 16) ‘It hardly needs saying that their salaries are not over generous or that perquisites are few.’
  • 17) ‘Usually, the erring civil servants could only be punished by a transfer to some other post or region, without any cuts in their existing salary or perquisites.’
  • 18) ‘This level of gambling makes him a ‘whale’ in casino terms, given all sorts of perquisites.’
  • 19) ‘She asked him if he missed the perquisites of being Speaker of the House.’
  • 20) ‘He is a symbol for them of their own high status and perquisites, which are now threatened.’
  • 21) ‘To carry out this function the Speaker was supplied with silver by the Crown, which he retained as a perquisite after leaving office.’
  • 22) ‘The loss or diminution of salary and other contractual perquisites are claimed as special damages.’
  • 23) ‘Salaries and perquisites are unlikely to have kept greedy men satisfied enough to prevent it.’
  • 24) ‘He increased the university's endowment and, at the same time, enormously expanded administrative costs and perquisites.’


  • 1) The lessons to be learnt are an essential prerequisite to the establishment of effective safety protocols.
  • 2) Land reform is an essential prerequisite for labour rights.
  • 3) An essential prerequisite is a system for measuring productivity.
  • 4) This is an important prerequisite for proper fasting and the best guarantee of success.
  • 5) The most important prerequisite for economic survival is flexibility.
  • 6) An interest in religion is almost a prerequisite for the job of king.
  • 7) When you have been coach you realise this is an absolute prerequisite.
  • 8) Getting a deal back on the table is an absolute prerequisite of moving forward.
  • 9) An absolute prerequisite is that they can do the job technically and have the experience.
  • 10) The confidential flow of information between governments is an essential prerequisite for the effective management of international relations.
  • 11) Isn't that a necessary prerequisite for taking part in the first place?
  • 12) Since our bodies house our voices, good posture becomes an important prerequisite for the best use of our vocal instruments.
  • 13) Home ownership, that central prerequisite for membership of the middle classes, is now open to all.
  • 14) The adoption of a Mediterranean culture, customs and fashions was a necessary prerequisite for success under the new regime.
  • 15) In theory, it should not be necessary for religious work, but in reality it is an essential prerequisite for the job.
  • 16) ‘Such experiments require at least two prerequisites.’
  • 17) ‘However, those nations must be prepared and there are prerequisites necessary to realizing this potential.’
  • 18) ‘In some instances there may be certain prerequisites that must be accomplished prior to submitting an entry.’
  • 19) ‘A secure job and a reliable partner who is also good parent material are considered essential prerequisites.’
  • 20) ‘These tests are the necessary economic prerequisites for membership of a successful currency union.’
  • 21) ‘He strongly feels that songs and dances are the essential prerequisites of any Hindi film.’
  • 22) ‘She also has one of the essential prerequisites for the role - a big set of lungs.’
  • 23) ‘These requirements are sometimes referred as functional prerequisites.’
  • 24) ‘These basic prerequisites for conducting high quality research into complementary medicine would not have been in place several years ago.’
  • 25) ‘There are certain parameters and prerequisites that must be followed and met before the humor can even begin to work.’
  • 26) ‘Yet, one of the basic prerequisites for management is to know both the limits of the organization and of oneself.’
  • 27) ‘The decision-making process must comply with these prerequisites to result in a decisive policy.’
  • 28) ‘The program might be full or the student may not have the necessary prerequisites.’
  • 29) ‘All three prerequisites must coincide for an injunction to be appropriate.’
  • 30) ‘The arguments for demanding formalities or other prerequisites to create contractual relations where none existed before are strong.’
  • 31) ‘Major issues appear to be the number of credits required, courses offered, and prerequisites.’
  • 32) ‘There simply did not exist within Russia the objective economic prerequisites for so radical a transformation.’
  • 33) ‘Admission will require a bachelor's degree in another field and science prerequisites.’
  • 34) ‘He is trying to stabilize the situation and to create prerequisites for the continuation of the democratic process.’
  • 35) ‘A handful of states require prerequisite contact hours or extensive work histories.’
  • 36) ‘These agencies already have the prerequisite technical and executional skills.’
  • 37) ‘This was always the prerequisite act before a fight: you push your hat forward.’
  • 38) ‘Her voice is adequate, if not remarkable, and all the prerequisite beats are in place.’
  • 39) ‘All the prerequisite formalities were smoothly dealt with and battle was joined!’
  • 40) ‘I thought how many would actually go through with it if this was the prerequisite event.’
  • 41) ‘Pupils then will have the prerequisite experiences to write the same kind of poem.’
  • 42) ‘I'm not sure that Andrew, who doesn't have the prerequisite surname at the end of his name, is actually a real person.’
  • 43) ‘He didn't allow the man to have his prerequisite two cups of coffee after waking up.’
  • 44) ‘This will happen on occasion but only after you have reached a prerequisite level.’

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