noticeable vs notable

noticeable notable


  • 1) worthy of note; significant
  • 2) Evident; observable.
  • 3) Worthy of notice; significant.
  • 4) Capable of being observed; worthy of notice; likely to attract observation; conspicuous.
  • 5) capable of being detected
  • 6) readily noticed
  • 7) capable or worthy of being perceived


  • 1) A person or thing of distinction.
  • 2) A person of distinction or great reputation. synonym: celebrity.
  • 3) One of a council of prominent persons in pre-Revolutionary France called into assembly to deliberate at times of emergency.
  • 4) A person, or thing, of distinction.
  • 5) (French Hist.) One of a number of persons, before the revolution of 1789, chiefly of the higher orders, appointed by the king to constitute a representative body.
  • 6) a celebrity who is an inspiration to others
  • 7) A person or thing of note, importance, or distinction.
  • 8) obsolete Useful; profitable.
  • 9) dated Capable of being noted; noticeable; plain; evident.
  • 10) Prudent; clever; capable; industrious; thrifty.
  • 11) Worthy of notice; remarkable; memorable; noted or distinguished.
  • 12) Characterized by excellence or distinction; eminent: synonym: famous.
  • 13) Worthy of note or notice; remarkable.
  • 14) Perceptible; noticeable.
  • 15) obsolete Well-known; notorious.
  • 16) Capable of being noted; noticeable; plain; evident.


  • 1) What is the effect of being bullied because of some noticeable physical difference or problem?
  • 2) Again this has very noticeable real-world effects.
  • 3) The most noticeable lasting effect was that I feel more optimistic in the days that follow.
  • 4) Last night he was, though, and the difference was noticeable.
  • 5) Two other yellow flowers are also noticeable now on the grassy verges of country lanes.
  • 6) The effect was noticeable as the visitors lost momentum.
  • 7) There has been a noticeable improvement in the management of most of the woods sold.
  • 8) They are also very noticeable when they fly up from a roadside verge.
  • 9) The only noticeable difference was the lack of engine growl.
  • 10) There was a noticeable change in atmosphere in the cabin.
  • 11) The wild grasses are now very noticeable.
  • 12) The effect is particularly noticeable when the engine is cold and at its least efficient.
  • 13) People should be able to see a noticeable improvement in the accuracy of forecasting.
  • 14) They are also noticeable at present because they are displaying in the air over their territories.
  • 15) The flight time is three hours and there is a barely noticeable time difference.
  • 16) The most noticeable changes are a sharply sculpted bonnet and a much larger grille.
  • 17) Some wild flowers of early autumn are now becoming noticeable.
  • 18) The effect is particularly noticeable once the central heating has been switched on.
  • 19) An immense improvement was noticeable and an inspector came round who was most complimentary.
  • 20) It also has a noticeable yellow band across its throat.
  • 21) Do this regularly for a noticeable difference.
  • 22) It wasn't delivered in any noticeable way.
  • 23) Ireland has changed so much, and one of the most noticeable ways is in the price of property.
  • 24) What's immediately noticeable is the age of his students: they're in their early 20s, but they're studying basic math.
  • 25) Mr. GIBSON: They fit back behind a little commercial strip in an alleyway, but hardly noticeable from the street itself.
  • 26) Immediately noticeable is Payne's instantly digestible writing style, but several aspects of the story, while intriguing, seem undercooked.
  • 27) But the one thing that has been noticeable is Okung's attitude.
  • 28) Breezes are still noticeable from the west at 10 to 20 mph.
  • 29) ‘As the wine warms the bouquet will become much more noticeable and the flavours apparent.’
  • 30) ‘There is a noticeable increase in confidence among staff who have been able to come back to work holding their heads high.’
  • 31) ‘The only noticeable increases are in the levels of crime and corruption, both of which continue to grow steadily.’
  • 32) ‘Molloy said since the car park came into being there had been a noticeable increase in traffic on the road.’
  • 33) ‘He believes it is unlikely, in the Western world, to result in a noticeable increase in either baby boys or girls.’
  • 34) ‘However, there was no noticeable increase in security checks on members of the media.’
  • 35) ‘There has been a noticeable increase in the number of Israeli-based companies coming to the market.’
  • 36) ‘He said there was a noticeable increase in caution among people searching for a property to buy.’
  • 37) ‘Finally, a lot of staff spend a noticeable amount of time chatting to colleagues.’
  • 38) ‘It is noticeable how instinctively, how easily, she establishes connections and rapport.’
  • 39) ‘Even more noticeable was the fact that no clear message came out of the anniversary.’
  • 40) ‘There has also been a noticeable change in the children, observes Donald.’
  • 41) ‘What was noticeable this year was the increase in the number of Thai families that attended.’
  • 42) ‘The most noticeable occasion was when two actors stood in arrested motion as they came through some swing doors.’
  • 43) ‘The single, most noticeable effect the drug caused was an astounding increase in sexual desire.’
  • 44) ‘There's a distinct bite to the air now, most noticeable in the early morning and in the late afternoon.’
  • 45) ‘More noticeable is the fact that he is obviously so much happier, and he has started being playful again.’
  • 46) ‘It's eating away the land and this has been particularly noticeable over the last five years.’
  • 47) ‘Teachers claim the activities have had a noticeable effect on improved pupil behaviour and attendance.’
  • 48) ‘A rapid but noticeable change in atmosphere stirs me from my inspection.’
  • 49) ‘The second noticeable phenomenon is the appearance of emotional patriotism.’
  • 50) ‘But he said there had been noticeable differences on bus runs where pupils acted as bus monitors.’
  • 51) ‘One of the noticeable differences is that the skill level depends on your level of thinking and is not as reliant on speed of hand.’
  • 52) ‘One of the most noticeable differences is that the Chester walls make a virtually complete circuit of the city.’
  • 53) ‘I found no noticeable flavour difference from the rest of Tetley's un-organic range.’
  • 54) ‘Of course, while the colour is a big change, the most noticeable difference is the physical size of the paper.’
  • 55) ‘As it happened, neither discipline represented a noticeable difference in the final marks.’
  • 56) ‘The really noticeable difference in midweek, however, came off the pitch rather than on it.’
  • 57) ‘The most noticeable difference initially, for obvious reasons, is the weather.’
  • 58) ‘What was most noticeable about this unusual creature was its several antennae, twice as long as its body.’
  • 59) ‘No noticeable difference was found in tubular effects between the two groups.’
  • 60) ‘There was no noticeable difference in survival rates between flies from the two crosses.’
  • 61) ‘It is noticeable that the difference between the old and young groups was retained.’
  • 62) ‘Certainly, such a flaw was not unique to Baddiel's Syndrome but it was particularly noticeable here.’
  • 63) ‘The most noticeable interior feature of the Malibu is its ample interior space.’
  • 64) ‘Perhaps the most noticeable exhibits were the sleek and powerful desktop computers.’
  • 65) ‘In recent times, the company has been noticeable by its absence in the PR world.’
  • 66) ‘The complaints have become particularly noticeable in the past three months.’
  • 67) ‘One of the more noticeable changes has been his ability to stay away from off-speed pitches.’
  • 68) ‘But it does not produce very noticeable changes.’


  • 1) But many of the luxury brands that feature so heavily in her magazine are notable by their absence on the website.
  • 2) They make a notable difference to your appearance, without looking like you've done much.
  • 3) If there are reassuring similarities between 1997 and today, there are also notable differences.
  • 4) She will be in trouble if her self-imposed March deadline slips but the price of that has been a notable lack of clarity.
  • 5) There are many similarities but one notable difference.
  • 6) They have done so with notable success.
  • 7) It lacks a notable plot and fails to offer any new insight into the youth prison system.
  • 8) This success is notable for three reasons.
  • 9) This passage is notable for two reasons.
  • 10) There are big artists notable by their absence.
  • 11) The most notable aspect of this treasure hunt movie is the number of terrible accents.
  • 12) This is a direct and notable contribution to reducing the likelihood of heart disease.
  • 13) There he was a notable success with all ranks.
  • 14) It is notable for its lack of dogma.
  • 15) There were two notable casualties in the opening round.
  • 16) Sound insulation is notable by its absence.
  • 17) One of the most notable aspects is the class action.
  • 18) The album includes two notable covers.
  • 19) We have scored a notable victory, it seems.
  • 20) As it was, he reeled off the next four sets to complete a notable victory.
  • 21) Perhaps his most notable role was advising the administrators of Barings in relation to the crisis in 1995 in which the bank narrowly avoided bankruptcy.
  • 22) Extra notable is the films lead tough guy, Ken Foree – the guy just oozes cool.
  • 23) Jiru is referring to China's pledge to make what it calls notable cuts to its emissions.
  • 24) Jobin hopes to build on the organization's prestige and what he calls notable stability.
  • 25) The most notable is a new Rasmussen automated poll in Colorado that finds what the pollster describes as a "virtual tie" between Democratic Sen. Michael Bennet and Republican challenger Ken Buck.
  • 26) Also notable is that like Peter Facinelli, Liz is staying out of the salary negotiations fray.
  • 27) Most notable is the vast National Rural Employment Guarantee Act, which offers low-income Indians 100 days of guaranteed work and is expected to benefit almost 45 million households this year.
  • 28) ‘It is notable that bargaining power is revealed not only in explicit negotiation but also implicitly.’
  • 29) ‘A notable exception is the prominent role played by Jewish patrons of the arts.’
  • 30) ‘He led us on a short guided walk round the ceremony, drawing our attention to notable people on the way.’
  • 31) ‘I disliked virtually everything they asked for, with two notable exceptions.’
  • 32) ‘For the most part, the acting in the movie is excellent, with some notable exceptions.’
  • 33) ‘One of the most notable features of the building is a pair of large stone pineapples that flank the West Street facade.’
  • 34) ‘One notable exception to the rental costume list is the blue ball gown Knight wears in Act Two.’
  • 35) ‘Apart from a few notable exceptions, everything seemed to conform to type.’
  • 36) ‘There are notable exceptions, especially among academics and medical faculties.’
  • 37) ‘Planning law is complex, but its most notable feature is its infinite flexibility.’
  • 38) ‘Jackie Kay's Strawgirl marked the author's notable debut as a writer for children.’
  • 39) ‘His work also had a notable influence on young British realists of the time.’
  • 40) ‘These two companies have the notable distinction of being able to generate a profit at the moment.’
  • 41) ‘The Rothschilds are still prominent in banking in Britain and are notable patrons of the arts and sciences.’
  • 42) ‘Perhaps a dozen of these have notable vitality and some real academic distinction.’
  • 43) ‘These things happen, and I'm sure everyone thought this was as notable an achievement as I did.’
  • 44) ‘Other notable individuals who are still with the group have formed their own companies.’
  • 45) ‘Two most notable events have taken place in the history of Richmond and its neighbourhood during the past week.’
  • 46) ‘His bluntness is softened by a naturally upbeat demeanour and a notable lack of self-importance.’
  • 47) ‘In Scott Murray's absence, young Alastair Kellock had a notable Celtic League debut.’
  • 48) ‘Many of the dishes are named after local African-American notables.’
  • 49) ‘The members of the ruling class, formerly citizen-soldiers, became local notables and loyal subjects of the emperor.’
  • 50) ‘Not all the local notables were Puritan Parliamentarians.’
  • 51) ‘The problem with this assumption was it ignored the role of local notables and rural communities.’
  • 52) ‘The alliance between the Napoleonic state and the new elite of notables represented the third important feature of Napoleonic Italy.’
  • 53) ‘It is trendy these days for spin doctors to help our politicians, sports stars and other notables avoid accepting responsibility for what they do.’
  • 54) ‘On visitations they spoke mainly to priests, who almost invariably assured them that all was well, and to local notables holding administrative office in parishes.’
  • 55) ‘Local elections favor local political notables who are capable of mustering sufficient resources and influence on their own.’
  • 56) ‘It represented a decisive defeat for the old liberal politics, dominated by local notables, with their traditional methods of patronage and persuasion.’
  • 57) ‘What was being touted as a low key opening turned into one of the better parties in Pattaya, with all the local notables in attendance and a host of Bangkokians as well.’
  • 58) ‘And it's not just the banks that come under pressure from local notables.’
  • 59) ‘Ancestor worship, the chief ritual observance, was directed by local notables.’
  • 60) ‘Differences in wealth produced a class of local notables who relied upon the community for their influence and power.’
  • 61) ‘The movement was taken over by the notables - local gentry, clergy, and officials - as the only way to control it.’
  • 62) ‘We made it a point to meet some of our Chinese neighbors and local notables.’
  • 63) ‘At the very least, they attracted donations from local notables.’
  • 64) ‘In 1831 the government forced local notables to serve on temporary boards of health, in order to combat cholera.’
  • 65) ‘The council would not be elected, but instead would be endorsed by local meetings of notables.’
  • 66) ‘His name was announced at a lunch at the Town Hall on Friday attended by Rochdale's leading notables and businessmen.’
  • 67) ‘Though they performed only in café-theatres and beer halls, even such notables as Beckett and Brecht recognized their greatness.’

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