moveable vs movable

moveable movable


  • 1) Alternative spelling of movable.
  • 2) etc. See movable, etc.
  • 3) movable.


  • 1) Something which is movable; an article of wares or goods; a commodity; a piece of property not fixed, or not a part of real estate; generally, in the plural, goods; wares; furniture.
  • 2) Law Personal property.
  • 3) Something, especially a piece of furniture, that can be moved.
  • 4) (Rom. Law) Property not attached to the soil.
  • 5) An article of wares or goods; a commodity; a piece of property not fixed, or not a part of real estate; generally, in the plural, goods; wares; furniture.
  • 6) personal as opposed to real property; any tangible movable property (furniture or domestic animals or a car etc)
  • 7) An article of furniture, as a chair, table, or the like, resting on the floor of a room.
  • 8) Specifically (generally in the plural), personal property; any species of property not fixed, and thus distinguished from houses and lands.
  • 9) Anything that can be moved, or that can readily be moved.
  • 10) Changing from one time to another; as, movable feasts, i.e. church festivals, whose date varies from year to year.
  • 11) Capable of being moved, lifted, carried, drawn, turned, or conveyed, or in any way made to change place or posture; susceptible of motion; not fixed or stationary; as, a movable steam engine.
  • 12) Possible to move.
  • 13) Law Of or relating to personal property (that is, property that can be moved).
  • 14) Varying in date from year to year.
  • 15) (Ecclesiastical) a holy day that changes date, depending on the lunar cycle. An example of such a day is Easter.
  • 16) Changing from one time to another.
  • 17) (Heb. Gram.) a letter that is pronounced, as opposed to one that is quiescent.
  • 18) Capable of being moved, lifted, carried, drawn, turned, or conveyed, or in any way made to change place or posture; susceptible of motion; not fixed or stationary.
  • 19) (of personal property as opposed to real estate) can be moved from place to place (especially carried by hand)
  • 20) Fickle;inconstant.


  • 1) The solid and insolid, this world and that, all edible and moveable feasts.
  • 2) They add porches and entry ways, and if they cannot afford to do that, people put in moveable room divider screens and add dimensional carvings to the edges of the ceilings.
  • 3) The phryganea is another fly of this order; the larva lies concealed under the water in moveable cylindrical tubes of their own making.
  • 4) MR. CUTLER: There were a series of meetings of what you might call a moveable feast for quite a while, but in the end, yes, what's what happened.
  • 5) Thanks in part to warm sunny weather, the turnout was double what was expected as visitors passed by 20 000 picnic tables lined up end-to-end in what organisers dubbed a moveable feast of "everyday life and culture".
  • 6) Therefore by granting the application you would imply that the An Bord Pleanala deadline is moveable, which is not in your remit.
  • 7) In English law, succession to what is known as moveable property (e.g. chattels, cash) is governed by the law of the deceased's domicile at death.


  • 1) After the war, he dreamt often of that empty Warsaw house, where anything left behind would have been stolen, anything movable looted.
  • 2) He lifted the mat and Doug and I checked under anything else movable but we found nothing.
  • 3) The driver climbed up on top of the back of the truck and unhooked the top while the movable crane was positioned by the first truck.
  • 4) I have 5 websites and the following 3 blogs: callingtheshots.; evolvingboomers. com written in movable type; evolutionoftrading.
  • 5) He decided to use his goldsmithing skills to mold what became known as movable type and to use type in his new printing press to print the one book he knew would sell -- the Bible.
  • 6) Houses and lands are not mentioned among the emir's wealth, as nomadic tribes dwell in movable tents and live chiefly by pasture, the right to the soil not being appropriated by individuals.
  • 7) So wecould also call the movable boxes show "Hu" performance.
  • 8) Then, in mid-fifteenth-century Germany, printer Johannes Gutenberg happened upon a discovery: By creating type pieces out of metal -- known as movable type -- and arranging them to form words, you could make multiple copies of a document far faster than a monk could write.
  • 9) I mean propositions in which the nature in question is found in any concrete body to be fleeting and movable, that is to say accruing or acquired, or on the other hand departing or put away.
  • 10) The programmer liked the idea of movable “walls” that he could open and shut at whim.
  • 11) It is the fulfilment of what is potential when it is already fully real and operates not as itself but as movable, that is motion.
  • 12) The power wanted is 6 horse, and movable, that is, on wheels.
  • 13) This condition is known as movable kidney, and is more common in the female than in the male.
  • 14) ‘Storm windows should have weatherstripping at all moveable joints; be made of strong, durable materials; and have interlocking or overlapping joints.’
  • 15) ‘Wind instruments are tuned by adjustment to the length of tubing, using the tuning-slide on a brass instrument, the staple of the reed on an oboe, or the movable top joint of a flute, etc.’
  • 16) ‘The synovial joints are the most freely movable joints.’
  • 17) ‘There are three kinds of freely movable joints that play a big part in voluntary movement.’
  • 18) ‘The pool was closed for two weeks in February, including half-term week, for a complete overhaul of the electrics, pool filters and the mechanics of the moveable floor.’
  • 19) ‘Once orbiting the Earth the crew delicately manoeuvred a 100 ft movable crane tipped with lasers and a camera to inspect the wings and nose for damage.’
  • 20) ‘In England, France and Germany magic lanterns, moveable gauze screens and transparencies had been used to experiment with light on stage since the seventeenth century.’
  • 21) ‘The first mechanical element is movable relative to the casing, between an engaged position and a disengaged position.’
  • 22) ‘Padlocks provide portable security for movable items such as bikes and boats and in locations such as lockers and outdoor sheds.’
  • 23) ‘In the first, a movable die travels horizontally towards a similar stationary die.’
  • 24) ‘You want furniture that is of course kid-size, but you also want it to be easily moveable and light-weight enough so that the children themselves can move it around as necessary.’
  • 25) ‘One of the unique features about this museum is that the exhibits are in moveable cases so we can take them out and transform the function area.’
  • 26) ‘The search for solutions to this problem led to the development of mobile computers mounted on mobile or movable facilities.’
  • 27) ‘The cost of a move in a building with a raised floor and movable partitions would be closer to $166 than to $3,640.’
  • 28) ‘The school's performance center will have moveable seating so auditorium-type settings can be easily converted mechanically to settings suitable for small work groups.’
  • 29) ‘Lightweight is the basic reason for using aluminum in all types of transportation equipment, as well as in moving and movable parts in general.’
  • 30) ‘I imagined a future me, rolling down the aisles of the Target store in my moveable chair thing that I bought, my dutiful husband lugging my oxygen tank, trying to keep up with me.’
  • 31) ‘The council wants the agency to re-consider the installation of moveable flood walls around the Shallows in the centre of the village, because of concerns about the visual impact of permanent flood banks.’
  • 32) ‘In trying to recover from the turbulence, the first officer moved the rudder, the big fin on the back of the tail fin, the moveable piece, back and forth, back and forth.’
  • 33) ‘Over the past dozen years this Steinbach lawyer has dedicated his efforts to research the lineage of Mennonites throughout their moveable history from country to country.’
  • 34) ‘It was here that the notion of Vote for Change as a moveable multi-artist feast first began to germinate.’
  • 35) ‘Meskel, or the Festival of the True Cross, is celebrated on moveable days in late September.’
  • 36) ‘Since the feast is movable, the changes are often made to avoid Easter week conflicts.’
  • 37) ‘Our Lady of Sorrows: known as "sorrowful" or "painful" Friday, the day is movable in that it occurs on the Friday before Palm Sunday.’
  • 38) ‘Private ownership of both land and moveable property is also subject to statutes governing financial solvency, such that bankrupts can have their land and other property sold to balance their debt.’
  • 39) ‘Resources can be external, material goods, such as land and moveable property.’
  • 40) ‘The inheritance of land is often separated from that of movable property.’
  • 41) ‘If the deceased is survived by a spouse, the descendants are entitled to claim legal rights over, and share between them, a third of the deceased's movable property.’
  • 42) ‘It governs, inter alia, capacity to marry, the legitimacy of children, and succession after death to moveable property and it is one of the tests of the validity of a Will.’
  • 43) ‘Three years after its inception, Namibia Wildlife Resorts is still in the process of having the resorts and other movable assets transferred so that they can be under its ownership.’
  • 44) ‘The law allows compensation only for buildings and land, not for movables like the greenhouses' computerized irrigation systems.’
  • 45) ‘Enterprises in Bulgaria can receive loans under effective credit lines or by pledging movables or mortgaging immovable property as security.’
  • 46) ‘Residents were understandably concerned with the orderly transmission of property, particularly movables, upon the demise of the holder.’
  • 47) ‘In place of the old system the Assembly established three direct taxes: a land tax (contribution foncière), a tax on movables (contribution mobilière), and a commercial profits tax (patente).’
  • 48) ‘For the first three years of Cosine's existence the valuations used for determining the withdrawal-share were based upon the replacement cost of movables and improvements, which included buildings.’
  • 49) ‘… The feudal ownership of land did bring dignity, whereas the modern ownership of movables is reducing us again to a nomadic horde.’
  • 50) ‘It was a wealth tax levied entirely on movables, and not on land.’
  • 51) ‘After this date the company faces debt execution actions with regard to its products, assets, accounts, bank guarantees, movables and immovables.’
  • 52) ‘Country dwellers often had precise knowledge of the quality and value of their neighbours' properties and estates, in relation to both moveables and immoveables.’
  • 53) ‘He ordered that his executors should sell all of his moveables after his death, and spend the proceeds on various embellishments for S Ruffillo.’
  • 54) ‘It is important to note that if the house is fully furnished, Vat at 21 per cent applies to the moveables (ie, tables, chairs and so on).’
  • 55) ‘In contrast, Article 53 enables an occupying force to appropriate state movables to the extent that those materials may be used for military operations.’
  • 56) ‘There is little doubt that it is the lex situs which as a general rule governs the transfer of movables when effected contractually.’
  • 57) ‘During the long years of freedom from foreign war after 1214 the tax on movables remained an occasional resource of the Crown.’
  • 58) ‘Apart from movables, they got at most a parental dowry.’
  • 59) ‘An estate mainly consisting of fixed assets and movables will have a problem.’
  • 60) ‘He had stripped the flat of movables and loaded the car well below its Plimsole line.’

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