laid vs lain

laid lain


  • 1) of paper Marked with parallel lines, as if ribbed, from wires in the mould.
  • 2) set down according to a plan:
  • 3) Simple past tense and past participle of lay.
  • 4) Presseddown;pressed.
  • 5) of lay.
  • 6) paper marked with parallel lines or water marks, as if ribbed, from parallel wires in the mold. It is called blue laid, cream laid, etc., according to its color.


  • 1) Plow-land lying at the foot of the downs.
  • 2) Past participle of lie.
  • 3) A layer. Harrison, Descrip. of England, p. 187.
  • 4) Denial; concealment.
  • 5) Past participle of lie (oriented in a horizontal position, situated).
  • 6) p.p.oflie,v.i.
  • 7) Todeny;conceal.


  • 1) Women have lain down their lives throughout history.
  • 2) These had lain for centuries under what is now a city council car park where a church once stood.
  • 3) She had lain at the bottom of the pool for an unknown time before being spotted and pulled out.
  • 4) But he had lain and thought of himself and his aches and weariness for hours and days and months and years.
  • 5) It's a double bill of the science show that answers all those questions you've lain in bed at night worrying about.
  • 6) A 6.3 million Lotto jackpot has lain unclaimed for more than two weeks.
  • 7) The term "lain in state" is traditionally reserved for elected U.S. officials or military officers, according to the office of the clerk of the House.
  • 8) Nathanael exclaimed: "Long has the word lain upon my tongue!
  • 9) Produk Google lain akan menyusul, termasuk produk-produk baru yang akan diluncurkan oleh Google.
  • 10) Every other aspect of business partnerships have these terms lain out, but it is apparently obvious the case of marriage/divorce is not covered.
  • 11) Kahwinilah lelaki / wanita yang gemar anda berbicara dengannya, kerana kemahiran berbicara antara satu dengan lain akan menjadi lebih penting pabila usia semakin tua.
  • 12) Mahkamah antara lain akan mendengar permohonan DSAI untuk mengenepikan pertuduhan fitnah terhadap beliau.
  • 13) Dalam banyak kasus, berbagai ide lain akan muncul saat Anda mulai berbicara.

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