farther vs further

farther further


  • 1) comparative form of far: more far Of or pertaining to being distant, or of greater distance in degree or of extension in time.
  • 2) More distant; remoter.
  • 3) Tending to a greater distance; beyond a certain point; additional; further.
  • 4) more distant in especially space or time
  • 5) To or at a more distant or remote point.
  • 6) Usage Problem To a greater extent or degree.
  • 7) To or at a more advanced point or stage.
  • 8) At or to a greater distance; more remotely; beyond.
  • 9) Moreover; by way of progress in treating a subject.
  • 10) (used elliptically for) go no farther; say no more, etc.
  • 11) Foreign; distant.
  • 12) To promote; advance; help forward. See further.
  • 13) Additional; increased.
  • 14) Foreign;distant.
  • 15) More remote; more distant: as, Farther India.
  • 16) To a greater degree or extent; more; additionally.
  • 17) Tending or reaching to a greater distance; further: as, here his farther progress was stayed.
  • 18) At or to a greater distance; more distantly or remotely; beyond: as, be content without looking farther.
  • 19) To help onward. [R.] See further.


  • 1) More, additional.
  • 2) comparative form of far: more far; of or pertaining to being distant, or of greater distance in degree or of extension in time.
  • 3) More distant in degree, time, or space.
  • 4) Additional.
  • 5) More remote; at a greater distance; more in advance; farther. See farther.
  • 6) Beyond; additional
  • 7) more distant in especially degree
  • 8) comparative form of far: more far
  • 9) location At greater distance in space or time; farther.
  • 10) conjunctive Moreover; beyond what is already stated.
  • 11) conjunctive Also; in addition to.
  • 12) To a greater extent; more.
  • 13) In addition; furthermore.
  • 14) At or to a more distant or advanced point.
  • 15) not so near; apart by a greater distance.
  • 16) To a greater distance; in addition; moreover. See farther.
  • 17) to or at a greater distance in time or space (`farther' is used more frequently than `further' in this physical sense)
  • 18) in addition or furthermore
  • 19) to or at a greater extent or degree or a more advanced stage (`further' is used more often than `farther' in this abstract sense)
  • 20) To support progress or growth of something.
  • 21) transitive To encourage growth.
  • 22) promote the growth of
  • 23) To help or urge onward or forward; promote; advance; forward.
  • 24) In addition; to a greater extent; by way of extension, progression, or continuation: as, I say further that no man knows the reason.
  • 25) Additional; continued or continuing; extending beyond.
  • 26) To help or assist.
  • 27) More remote; more distant than something else.
  • 28) Tohelporassist.
  • 29) At or to a greater distance; more remotely; beyond, literally or figuratively: as, move further away; seek no further for happiness.
  • 30) To help the progress of; promote. synonym: advance.
  • 31) To help forward; to promote; to advance; to forward; to help or assist.


  • 1) farther along the hall there is a morning room.
  • 2) farther round you look across a valley to a hillside full of glorious autumn colour.
  • 3) farther along is a suite of six baths next to walk-in showers.
  • 4) farther along, there was some loud drumming coming from a sweet chestnut tree.
  • 5) farther afield are two small historic houses that are part of the fabric of British life.
  • 6) farther east, there appears to be little contradiction.
  • 7) The geographer Guyot, himself a European, goes farther, —farther than I am ready to follow him; yet not when he says, —“As the plant is made for the animal, as the vegetable world is made for the animal world, America is made for the man of the Old World. …
  • 8) English, _Why you no come farther, Mr. Bear_ said he, _pray, Mr. Bear come farther_; and then indeed we all burst into a laughter; especially when we perceived Friday drop like a squirrel upon the ground, leaving the beast to make the best of his way down the tree.
  • 9) Those _Bishops and Martyrs_ It was the advice of Sir that assisted in this Reformation, Henry Wotton, "Take heed did not (as Sir _Henry Wotton_ of thinking the farther you go said wisely) think _the farther_ from the Church of Rome, they went from the Church of Rome, the nearer you are to God." the nearer they got to heaven.
  • 10) In this example, a conditional jump is made to TARGET, a label farther down in the code.
  • 11) If you are coming with a car the Motel Zacatecas farther from the center but with parking and its own small restaurant is on the main through town boulevard.
  • 12) We also found a trail that we believe is where it was the drag of its tail behind it, we found very shallow prints along the side of the drag but not to distinct because this was farther from the shore and drier, the prints and slides were near the shore and almost an inch deep because the ground was moist.
  • 13) How is this going to work for people like me that live farther from the closest city on a round trip than that?
  • 14) Nothing could be farther from the truth, and you need only look at the work to know it.


  • 1) You will receive further details about when the league launches.
  • 2) The jury did not ask for further help.
  • 3) If this matter is taken further there should be a national outcry.
  • 4) You refused to accept this and asked the adjudicator to seek and consider further evidence.
  • 5) Obviously getting in the ring and getting hit is going to further the damage.
  • 6) In banking the costs potentially extend much further.
  • 7) This really worries me in case she takes it further.
  • 8) The consultation is ongoing and we are unable to comment further at this time.
  • 9) Ministers thought the public needed protection against their charitable contributions being used to further political agendas they might not endorse.
  • 10) Austria then seemed to let their heads drop and Ireland could have punished them by going further ahead.
  • 11) What about going further into the future?
  • 12) Your insurer paid to stop his additional charges increasing further.
  • 13) The surveys point to further slowing ahead.
  • 14) There is one further point before we turn to the stories themselves.
  • 15) Study for qualifications which would further your career.
  • 16) This is a project to further political union.
  • 17) These figures are further evidence of that.
  • 18) You both stand to lose so much if you take things any further.
  • 19) Your personal circumstances at the time will further determine how much you are affected.
  • 20) No other church officials were involved and no further action was taken.
  • 21) You need to stop this before it goes any further.
  • 22) We left the car park a further four times.
  • 23) She decided she needed a further challenge and looked for opportunities to move.
  • 24) This does not suggest much further progress.
  • 25) We will consider whether to take the matter further when we receive our report.
  • 26) The absence of further ambition helps him to appeal to the players too.
  • 27) The rally was modest because there are doubts about further cuts.
  • 28) But the keeper insisted he would take a finals spot ahead of further personal glory.
  • 29) Our troops receive training on these subjects throughout their career and further specific training prior to deployment.
  • 30) We can take this point further.
  • 31) This year we expect a further 52% rise.
  • 32) There is an initial charge of up to 3% but no further fees.
  • 33) The deal struck excludes Britain from any further political integration for the first time.
  • 34) He was predicted five A* passes as he decided only six months ago to take additional further maths.
  • 35) For services to further Education.
  • 36) J Brand was already the must-have jean brand for the style pack even the Duchess of Cambridge wanted a piece of the action but this long-term collaboration has won the label further fashion credentials.
  • 37) The extra "r" added by Jarry only propels the word further from any semantic content and into the realm of pure scream and abstraction.
  • 38) This time it was Katani who found the name further down the wall among the Rs.
  • 39) His flat options for a title further betray his depression: he toyed with “Imitating the Equator,” “Another Innocent Abroad,” “The Latest,” and “The Surviving Innocent Abroad”; not until July did he decide on Following the Equator and its faintly redundant subtitle, A Journey Around the World.
  • 40) The title further shows the audience “full written details on request” and “makes the other 93% count.”
  • 41) The burgher started visibly, and his expression further paled on seeing Pieter, his rangy but muscular frame outlined in the light, a pair of gamebirds in one hand and a musket, held at the trigger, in the other.
  • 42) ‘Amelie decided to drive further up the coast’
  • 43) ‘before going any further we need to define our terms’
  • 44) ‘this theme will be developed further in Chapter 6’
  • 45) ‘All going to plan, this will expose each band to new ears, furthering their own audience development.’
  • 46) ‘He saw it as the next step in the future of the town and a natural step forward in furthering the aims and objectives of the Development Association.’
  • 47) ‘More importantly he's furthering his art-form by developing full hour shows.’
  • 48) ‘Both boxers enjoyed the trip and are looking forward to furthering their horizons later in the season.’
  • 49) ‘Ignoring the existence of these students and their educational needs only furthers the ignorance that this take on sex education fosters.’
  • 50) ‘He furthered my quest to slowly and deliberately develop my musical and even my personal identity.’
  • 51) ‘We should integrate literacy into play only if it furthers a play theme in progress, and we should avoid literacy props that may distract children from make-believe.’
  • 52) ‘The opulent color of many of the works furthers their impact and feels like a recent development, even though his palette has been steadily intensifying over the last few years.’
  • 53) ‘Part II, also comprising two chapters, furthers this assessment in terms of recent developments in modern social theory.’
  • 54) ‘Yet both groups claim to be furthering the interests of the child in promoting their preferred form of custody.’
  • 55) ‘He would do well to distinguish between violence which furthers the cause of human freedom, and this repellent violence which kills thousands of workers in the name of fundamentalism.’
  • 56) ‘The Texas statute furthers no legitimate state interest which can justify its intrusion into the personal and private life of the individual.’
  • 57) ‘It just furthers the urban trend of economic apartheid.’
  • 58) ‘What does it matter so long as he furthers the agenda?’
  • 59) ‘It requires the youngsters to be away from home for a fortnight and furthers their academic education or gives them a chance to get a taster of subjects like archaeology not taught in school.’
  • 60) ‘Western militarization furthers this objectification of women as gratification available for cheap purchase.’
  • 61) ‘Non-Americans, however, misunderstand the true source of our ignorance about them, which only furthers our mutual estrangement.’
  • 62) ‘The courts will most likely defer to the military on the issue of whether this policy furthers a compelling government interest.’
  • 63) ‘But to imply that this is some kind of permanent or natural state for gay men just furthers the stereotypes and misinformation about us.’
  • 64) ‘But the effect of predestination may be furthered by their prayers, and by other good works also.’

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