jerry-rigged vs jury-rigged

jerry-rigged jury-rigged


  • 1) improvised from whatever is available
  • 2) (Naut.) Rigged for temporary service; done or made using whatever materials are available; makeshift. See jury, a.
  • 3) Simple past tense and past participle of jury-rig.
  • 4) Nautical, rigged in a temporary manner on account of accident.


  • 1) The other figure was female, decked in bluish body armor that looked jury-rigged, as if she changed its dimensions constantly.
  • 2) Such jury-rigged arrangements are necessary to deal with an unwieldy coalition where jobs are awarded based on nationality and not merit.
  • 3) You might want to check with the Muhajadeen for advice on what happens when you try to take on the U.S. military using only personal firearms and jury-rigged explosives.
  • 4) When they became too raucous, and started tearing apart their jury-rigged indoor cardboard nest, we built a coop in the yard.
  • 5) All patched up and jury-rigged and decaying while you watch.
  • 6) They jury-rigged the ventilation system in the mine because it was broken.
  • 7) ‘She was still scarred after her encounters with icebergs so proper repairs to her jury-rigged jib boom were a top priority.’
  • 8) ‘Dwarfed by the boat's jury-rigged splashboard, Lee had pushed to a handy boat length lead at the finish and will qualify for the final.’
  • 9) ‘He is closing on the last remaining competitor who, in panic, redoubles his efforts to coax his own damaged, worn out and jury-rigged boat faster, causing it to break up entirely and sink.’
  • 10) ‘Then, with a jury-rigged boat, she slowly made her way to the French owned Kerguelan Islands which were 1200 miles to the west and 2500 miles southwest of The Cape of Good Hope.’
  • 11) ‘But no football club in the land can really be expected to survive long-term at a jury-rigged stadium with a couple of temporary stands squeezed into the corner and supporters separated from the action by the width of a running track.’
  • 12) ‘Reynolds, in particular, makes use of this jury-rigged stringer system to alert his readers to articles that would otherwise go unnoticed.’
  • 13) ‘But enough of this - even though I'm sitting here with a jury-rigged computer I'm about to get back into the swing of things.’
  • 14) ‘The mines were intended as anti-personnel devices, jury-rigged claymores.’
  • 15) ‘At once monumental and fragile, it brought to mind the jury-rigged shacks constructed from cast-off materials found in every township or slum area.’
  • 16) ‘Would you be smiling if you were riding in a jury-rigged truck that had an emergency evacuation button and a giant tank of highly flammable hydrogen fuel behind the seat?’
  • 17) ‘You look at them anatomically, and they're a hodgepodge of little quirks and jury-rigged adaptations that work.’
  • 18) ‘It would, however, be unjust to the victims of atrocity to let the perpetrators of the crimes against them go free on such a cynically jury-rigged technicality as ‘victor's justice.’’
  • 19) ‘I'm half-convinced that the Electricity Board sends people out to turn the power off when it rains, so that the jury-rigged electric boxes, with all their exposed wires, don't get flooded and begin to spark.’
  • 20) ‘But problems like that can indicate a more serious one - that the database isn't answering the needs of the people it's supposed to serve without jury-rigged changes.’
  • 21) ‘As a domain of research, the de facto mental health system bristles with unsettled questions, conflicting interests, and jury-rigged resolutions.’
  • 22) ‘The machinery consists of jury-rigged turntables that mechanically drive drumsticks to beat against paint cans, gourds and other noise-making objects.’
  • 23) ‘Darwin understood that the most convincing evidence for evolution was in the imperfection of nature and the jury-rigged structure of adaptation.’
  • 24) ‘In short, the vertebrate eye is a masterpiece not of design, but of jury-rigged compensations for a fundamentally defective architecture.’

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