instants vs instance

instants instance


  • 1) An individual copy of such a dungeon or other area.
  • 2) One of a series of recurring occasions, cases, essentially the same.
  • 3) A dungeon or other area that is duplicated for each player, or each party of players, that enters it, so that each player or party has a private copy of the area, isolated from other players.
  • 4) A step in a process or series of events.
  • 5) A case or an occurrence.
  • 6) An example that is cited to prove or invalidate a contention or illustrate a point. synonym: example.
  • 7) Archaic Urgent solicitation or entreaty.
  • 8) A suggestion or request.
  • 9) obsolete That which is instant or urgent; motive.
  • 10) (Law) the Court of Admiralty acting within its ordinary jurisdiction, as distinguished from its action as a prize court.
  • 11) The act or quality of being instant or pressing; urgency; solicitation; application; suggestion; motion.
  • 12) by way of example or illustration; for example.
  • 13) That which offers itself or is offered as an illustrative case; something cited in proof or exemplification; a case occurring; an example.
  • 14) the court by which a case is first tried.
  • 15) Occasion; order of occurrence.
  • 16) those which proceed at the solicitation of some party.
  • 17) A token; a sign; a symptom or indication.
  • 18) an occurrence of something
  • 19) In Scots law, that which may be insisted on at one diet or course of probation.
  • 20) An impelling motive; influence; cause.
  • 21) Hence Evidence; proof; token.
  • 22) A case occurring; a case offered as an exemplification or a precedent; an example; originally, a case offered to disprove a universal assertion: as, this has happened in three instances.
  • 23) A happening or occurring; occurrence; occasion: as, it was correct in the first instance; a court of first instance (that is, of primary jurisdiction).
  • 24) Presence; present time.
  • 25) The act or state of being instant or urgent; insistence; solicitation; urgency.
  • 26) The process of a suit.
  • 27) transitive To mention as a case or example; to refer to; to cite; as, to instance a fact.
  • 28) intransitive To cite an example as proof; to exemplify.
  • 29) clarify by giving an example of
  • 30) To cite as an instance; adduce in illustration or confirmation; mention as an example.
  • 31) To furnish an instance or example of; exemplify; manifest.
  • 32) To take or receive example or examples; give or find illustration: followed by in.
  • 33) obsolete To give an example.
  • 34) To offer as an example; cite.
  • 35) To demonstrate or show by an example; exemplify.
  • 36) To mention as a case or example; to refer to; to cite.
  • 37) (for instance) As an example; for example.


  • 1) Indeed one of that dynasty provided a rare instance of a dealer refusing to offload a masterpiece.
  • 2) Any punishment should be relatable to the particular instance of misbehaviour.
  • 3) We aim to be in touch in the next two weeks and will try to contact you by phone in the first instance.
  • 4) In one instance a 100-year-old woman was pulled from rubble.
  • 5) There have been a number of disturbing instances recently of such leniency but at the moment they are not offences that can be referred.
  • 6) For instance, the use of first person limits the book to the point of view of the narrator.
  • 7) In one instance, she pocketed 17,000 from the machine.
  • 8) It's a rare instance of the double standards around women and appearance benefiting us, not them.
  • 9) All the cards will be sent to London in the first instance, and will be sorted and classified there.
  • 10) There are rare instances of secret and entirely human selfishness.
  • 11) That was indeed one instance of drawing from life.
  • 12) In this instance a second person can help by asking questions.
  • 13) In these particular instances it should be up to the courts to decide guilt or innocence.
  • 14) This is actually the best practice for the first instance of weakness.
  • 15) In some rare instances people can become so depressed that they become seriously ill through jealousy.
  • 16) Just another crazy instance of judges putting our little ones last.
  • 17) Is there anyone that can think all this through with your son in the first instance?
  • 18) Clearly that is not the case in this instance.
  • 19) This is one of the rare instances of a genuine conflict between the demands of science and the demands of humanity.
  • 20) Take the names used, for instance.
  • 21) Yet the number of instances is now rising in Germany.
  • 22) Critics of Belgian policy contend that the right to enter is abridged in a number of instances.
  • 23) For instance, no use is being made of the kitchen.
  • 24) In this instance, the person was trying to meet mortgage payments and avoid their home being repossessed.
  • 25) I cited three instances, meaning them as a formula for many more.
  • 26) Twitter:: Base. new (httpauth) end def self. instance return @@instance end end
  • 27) The $instance value is derived from user input when the script is first called. databases: The collection of databases available on the instance specified in
  • 28) $instance: The SQL Server instance on the server specified in $server.
  • 29) The truth is that "clean energy" in this instance is code for "clean coal" an oxymoron if there ever was one, gas and nuclear power.
  • 30) Daley's not even as entertaining as his father, Richard J. Daley, whose speech impediments churned out some of the most memorable malapropisms in American history: "He's a man of great statue" and "The policeman isn't here to create disorder, he's here to preserve dis order" (dis in the second instance is Chicagoese for "this".)
  • 31) • Verify that the action defines the title instance variable and fills it with the correct value.
  • 32) What you have in this instance is a right to not be subject to unreasonable search and siezure.
  • 33) ‘There are lines of communication and despite a few instances which might suggest otherwise, there's been a cordial relationship going on.’
  • 34) ‘PorkWatch says there are instances of imported pork and pork products being labelled in ways that might make shoppers think they are British.’
  • 35) ‘Importantly, these instances show the direction of the road ahead.’
  • 36) ‘Unfortunately there have been instances where buildings with important heritage have been lost to the community.’
  • 37) ‘There are many instances where termination is important or necessary.’
  • 38) ‘As a result, in numerous instances, subscribers who requested cancellation continued to be charged monthly service fees.’
  • 39) ‘And are you aware of instances where China put pressure on Germany to prevent Taiwan's participation?’
  • 40) ‘This issue is of minor importance in most instances of either pure hemorrhagic or hypovolemic shock.’
  • 41) ‘We collected some money so that when we found instances of real distress over matters other than food we had a fund that we were able to divide up.’
  • 42) ‘Does this variation simply reflect, as Simmons seems to suggest, instances of policy failure?’
  • 43) ‘He said such instances continued to occur and just reinforced the importance of the battalion's mission in East Timor.’
  • 44) ‘He recounts numerous instances of issuing false data, some, like the hamlet evaluation statistics, well known.’
  • 45) ‘Barratt totally rejects the criticisms, saying that these were isolated instances which did not involve Barratt in this part of the country.’
  • 46) ‘I posted numerous instances above of complete misunderstandings of how science operates.’
  • 47) ‘This week, we'll be collecting instances of egregious liberal tunnel vision on the West Wing.’
  • 48) ‘I collect instances of ‘like oh my god’ because it can be used to express so many different thoughts and emotions.’
  • 49) ‘About three-quarters of all British cases occur as isolated instances rather than as epidemics.’
  • 50) ‘Last Wednesday I saw three such instances of this abuse, and it really is a matter that needs to be tackled head on by the council.’
  • 51) ‘There are instances of students continuing these courses even after the holidays out of sheer interest.’
  • 52) ‘If you want to collect instances of English for the feeble-minded, you have only to trawl the sports pages.’
  • 53) ‘In the first instance, take the matter of evaluation of the worth of a teacher.’
  • 54) ‘The detection in these instances is a matter of minutes, but most of these advanced devices are available only in the military.’
  • 55) ‘Needless to say, the availability of condoms matters little in these instances.’
  • 56) ‘The board was unwilling to take on the powerful teacher union in many instances when it most mattered.’
  • 57) ‘Having a good pre-shot routine can be, in some instances, even more important than having a good technique.’
  • 58) ‘When amended versions of the two bills reached him, a few days later in both instances, he promptly signed them.’
  • 59) ‘This is one of those instances where the most important message is in between the lines and what has not been revealed could count just as much.’
  • 60) ‘In these instances, it is important that the change team take the trouble to identify all the processes in use and to assess their scope and integrity.’
  • 61) ‘MscL activities increase with pressure and in both instances reach saturation.’
  • 62) ‘In these important instances therefore, he has the same parental status as a married father.’
  • 63) ‘It is also important in these instances to check for concomitant drug use, particularly drugs received over the counter.’
  • 64) ‘At present perjury proceedings are difficult and complex in such instances.’
  • 65) ‘He added that the Council has never lost a case yet in instances where it has had to bring developers to court.’
  • 66) ‘The NPA says there are also instances of imported pig products being labelled in a way that can cause shoppers to think they are British meat.’
  • 67) ‘In many instances, a complex phenotype can be assessed continuously or discontinuously.’
  • 68) ‘Of course, such superficialities shouldn't matter in this instance.’
  • 69) ‘If so, why would the identity of the victim matter in this instance and not in others?’
  • 70) ‘In some instances, military means could be important, such as in the case of fighting the Taliban in Afghanistan.’
  • 71) ‘In many instances, a single trial or set of trials will not be able to address all the issues of interest to both agencies.’
  • 72) ‘Likewise, there may be instances where a single heroic act may be its own sufficient justification.’
  • 73) ‘He agreed that there were few houses being built in rural areas, and instanced the case of the man with the house on the mountainside.’
  • 74) ‘He instanced a case of a woman who borrowed £500 from one of these to attend a funeral down the country.’
  • 75) ‘In a recent report, Amnesty instanced the case of a farmer from the Shan tribe forced to work by the military.’
  • 76) ‘He instanced situations like car crashes, fires and drownings and said that in past few years they have had to deal with some traumatic situations.’
  • 77) ‘Repeated in a new situation, the old formulations can often be misleading, as instanced by the examples of Baius and Jansenius in the seventeenth century.’
  • 78) ‘Well, it's not actually illegal as instanced by the fact you can buy playing cards in the major stores.’
  • 79) ‘Other delegates instanced names of people who would be eligible for membership of the IFA under the new rules, but who would have opposite views on several issues to those held by farming members.’
  • 80) ‘This was a popular design for library bookcases in particular, as instanced by Plate 92 in the 1762 edition of Chippendale's Director.’
  • 81) ‘He also reminded them of the devastation that a single disease could cause by instancing the 30-40 million deaths brought about less than 100 years ago by influenza.’
  • 82) ‘Mr McCarthy instanced the success of food companies, such as Kerry Group plc, Lee Strand Co-op, Tralee, and the Cadbury factory in Rathmore.’
  • 83) ‘He instanced a number of Brazilian workers who were compelled to work for £100 less than their colleagues and a Romanian who was sacked because he returned home when his wife had a difficult pregnancy.’
  • 84) ‘Why are local authorities now playing down the scale of the problem (massively in my view) as instanced by their estimate of $30 million for repairs?’
  • 85) ‘The bad faith of a majority of the left is instanced by four things (apart, that is, from mass demonstrations in favor of prolonging the life of a fascist government).’
  • 86) ‘He said he had seen a big improvement in the town during those years and instanced the number of houses that had been built, the new businesses that had opened and the general air of prosperity which now prevails.’
  • 87) ‘He instanced one Dublin firm where 10 workers use eight vans.’
  • 88) ‘But on the flip side could be instanced fleeting moments when rhythmic control was a little wayward and when ensemble unity was not quite perfect.’
  • 89) ‘He also instanced his meeting with the 10 children who came from Chernobyl to spend a month in Castlebar with host families.’
  • 90) ‘He instanced its failure to compel the Indian steel company to clean up the plant and site as a condition of the takeover in 1996.’
  • 91) ‘He instanced the plight of a young lad who got planning permission for a site on his father's land near Rakestreet but could not get water.’
  • 92) ‘Marine leisure activities have some potential, however, as instanced by the new marina in Caherciveen.’

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