i.e. vs e.g.

i.e. e.g.


  • 1) initialism That is; in other words; that is to say.
  • 2) id est (that is)


  • 1) Latin exempli gratia (for example)


  • 1) The duck/ rabbit is Wittgenstein's answer to the Problem of Universals (Plato) ie Does something have an intrinsic essence?
  • 2) He hadn't noticed the near-gale either, roistering down the bracken- and boulder-clad mountainside as if ie were a ski-run.
  • 3) •Australians may shorten words and add “-ie” pronounced “ee” to the ends of them.
  • 4) Putting an -ie on the end of words supposedly makes it easier for babies to distinguish them.
  • 5) The UN however did not authorize or agree to the UK attempting to take over Libya or kill their leader - neither did the UN agree to foreign forces in Libya - Gaddafi was right all along - this war is all about foreigners in Libya destablizing the country -ie, the UK and their useless SAS.
  • 6) The rest of them are a somehow less creative form of hockey nicknames, which are generally just variants of the person's last name ending in -s, -ie -y or -er.
  • 7) Most loans and payments are "tied"-ie, the recipient must spend the money with Chinese companies.

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