1. that is to say; in other words
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How To Use i.e. In A Sentence

  • It is an Extended Family Tree - showing all the collateral branches of a family, i.e. all the descendants.
  • In other cases panting is caused, i.e. the mechanism most often seen in the dog under natural conditions, when it is hot. Walter Hess - Nobel Lecture
  • That notion identifies heritability with the regression of the offspring phenotype on the parental (or biparental mean in the case of sexual reproduction), where both phenotypes are presented as z-scores (i.e., set to mean = 0 and standard deviation = 1). Miss Winter Solstice
  • All three impulsively committed a felonious act that lead to their incarceration, i.e., attempted murder and kidnapping, attempted murder, and murder.
  • If the property remains unsold after the auction i.e. your bid was below the reserve price, speak to the auctioneer to register your interest before leaving the saleroom.
  • (i.e. iron) _shirts of mail_, 334. græg-mæl, adj., _having a gray color_, here = _iron_: nom.sg. sweord Beowulf
  • Previous workers have attributed these differences to changes in rheology, i.e. brittle faulting in sandstones v. more ductile folding and faulting in dolostones.
  • • Depersonalization, or separated from your environment i.e. derealisation. anxiety disorders? ReadABlog.com New Blogs and RSS Feeds
  • I.e. he generated a spectrogram of the proxies using a different orthonormal basis set. The RE Benchmark in A&W « Climate Audit
  • Dio Cassius can scarcely be mistaken when he says that Tyre and Sidon were "enslaved" -- i.e. deprived of freedom -- by Augustus, [14477] who must certainly have revoked the privilege originally granted by Pompey. History of Phoenicia
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