hanger vs hangar

hanger hangar


  • 1) UK A steep, wooded declivity.
  • 2) One who hangs, or causes to be hanged; a hangman.
  • 3) That by which a thing is suspended. Especially:
  • 4) That which hangs or is suspended, as a sword worn at the side; especially, in the 18th century, a short, curved sword.
  • 5) A decorative strip of cloth hung on a garment or wall.
  • 6) A short sword that may be hung from a belt.
  • 7) One who hangs something.
  • 8) A bracket on the spring shackle of a motor vehicle, designed to hold it to the chassis.
  • 9) A device around which a garment is draped for hanging from a hook or rod.
  • 10) A contrivance to which something hangs or by which something is hung, as.
  • 11) A loop or strap by which something is hung.
  • 12) A strap hung to the girdle, by which a dagger or sword is suspended.
  • 13) engraving A steep, wooded declivity.
  • 14) A bridle iron.
  • 15) That by which a thing is suspended.
  • 16) (Mach.) A part that suspends a journal box in which shafting runs. See Illust. of Countershaft.
  • 17) a worker who hangs something
  • 18) anything from which something can be hung
  • 19) The arrangement of straps by which, in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, the rapier was hung from the belt: an appendage often made elaborate and ornamental.
  • 20) In tailoring, the loop or strap by which a coat or other garment is hung on a peg.
  • 21) A vat in which skins are tanned by being suspended in the liquor.
  • 22) One who hangs anything; one whose occupation is to hang something: as, a bell-hanger; a paper-hanger.
  • 23) Specifically — A support for a line of shafting, consisting of a box for holding the shafting, an oiling device, etc., and supported by a bracket, by arms fixed to the ceiling, or on legs which rest on the floor. The term includes the whole apparatus, supports and all, whatever their shape.
  • 24) The great seaweed, Laminaria digitata. The stem is woody, from 2 to 6 feet in length and from half an inch to nearly 2 inches in diameter. The frond is 6 or 8 feet in length and 2 feet broad, and olivaceous brown in color. When young the stems are sometimes eaten. It was once largely used in the manufacture of glass, supplying the alkali, but has now been superseded. It is also used for making handles for knives, for fuel, and for manure by the Highlanders. Also called tangle, sea-girdle, sea-staff, and sea-wand. See Laminaria.
  • 25) That which hangs or is suspended; specifically, a hanging or sloping wood or grove.
  • 26) A long loop or looped rod which hangs from a transverse beam attached to a foundry crane, and which receives the trunnions of a molding-flask slung therefrom.
  • 27) A chain or bent rod on which a pot or kettle is hung in the open fireplace of old-fashioned kitchens, by means of the pothook: hence used humorously in the phrase pothooks and hangers, the characters made by children in their first attempts to write.
  • 28) That from which something is hung or suspended.
  • 29) A short cut-and-thrust sword, especially one worn by seamen and travelers.
  • 30) One who hangs persons, or inflicts the penalty of hanging; a hangman.
  • 31) The lower part of the heddle of a loom.
  • 32) In lace-making, one of those bobbins which lie straight down the cushion, as distinguished from the worker-bobbins, which are moved from side to side.


  • 1) A large garage-like structure where aircraft are kept.
  • 2) A shelter especially for housing or repairing aircraft.
  • 3) a large building at an airport where aircraft can be stored and maintained.
  • 4) a large structure at an airport where aircraft can be stored and maintained


  • 1) Store them neatly by duct taping one end to a coat hanger, winding tightly along then taping the other end.
  • 2) That might make them think: "How did that coat hanger end up in the ocean?
  • 3) You have plasma bags hanging from coat hangers.
  • 4) The writers ask if there is now better equipment aboard than an adapted coat hanger.
  • 5) Cut away a length of coat hanger.
  • 6) But puzzled cops could only find a coat hanger in her car.
  • 7) Today it's showjumping from an aircraft hanger.
  • 8) Use a wooden or wide plastic coat hanger for jackets, rather than a wire one.
  • 9) To make a wind sock, bend a wire coat hanger into a circle.
  • 10) The artist holds the Guinness world record for the largest art installation made entirely from coat hangers.
  • 11) If the static has already built up, brush with a wire coat hanger.
  • 12) Previously Mach has used coat hangers to make sculptures of gorillas and tigers.
  • 13) We don't want your coat hangers, honest.
  • 14) If you have to lie on the bed and tug up the zip using a coat hanger, the chances are your jeans are too small.
  • 15) Grilled hanger steak on white bean purée with truffle oil was fine, but the meat didn't sing.
  • 16) It pulls a wire, which tends to rust and snap, but can be replaced with a bit of wire coat hanger.
  • 17) IF you do not want to scoff an entire bag of crisps, remove the clips from a clothes hanger and use them to seal the bag.
  • 18) The “Genius Lasts Longer than Beauty” clothes hanger is really cool: a statement mixed with something practical, a thing to reflect about on your way to work.
  • 19) This silly hilarious coat hanger is simple and a little naughty, so Mr P entertains our office desks and accessorizes our homes in a unique, fun and memorable way!
  • 20) Or if you want your name in B&C or P&Y record books, a wall hanger is a success.
  • 21) With the arm not inside the shirts, grab a hanger from the pile.
  • 22) Do we all recall that Bush only made speech in "hanger's" telling the troops we are a Nation at War, and thank you so much for giving to your country.
  • 23) & Design's "Frame hanger" is a huge, leaning cut-out of a silhouette of an artistic scene, intended to be used as a coat-hanger.
  • 24) Does your opinion change with the sentence My striped hanger is unique?
  • 25) Because as most women can tell you, men are rarely forthcoming about what they like in clothing, and the question, "What do you think of this shirt?" posed to a man while dangling it in front of him on a hanger is generally met with a blank stare.
  • 26) ‘Decorators insist that you use their painters and wallpaper hangers, and that you buy from their show rooms.’
  • 27) ‘Howard is equally delighted by her two wallpaper hangers, the Beswick brothers, Len and Stan.’
  • 28) ‘Only the absolute, most experienced hangers even have a chance at doing this job.’
  • 29) ‘On the far left, the lead hanger runs the belt by pushing a lever with his knee and hangs the first shackle.’
  • 30) ‘In the slaughterhouse, what they would do is to lower each cage of chickens into one of these chambers before dumping them on the belt for the hangers to put in the shackles.’
  • 31) ‘If the door was locked, a coat hanger or garden tool was usually used to try to hook the keys.’
  • 32) ‘PC Flowers said that another method of stealing car or house keys was by pushing a coat hanger through letterboxes to hook keys off tables near the front doors.’
  • 33) ‘There was a bloke with his bicycle, a bag, and - this threw me a bit - a plastic coat hanger.’
  • 34) ‘I went to the master bedroom and found his uniform still hanging on the steel hanger.’
  • 35) ‘Ideally trousers should be hung on hangers by the waist band, they will hold their shape a lot longer than left folded over a bar.’
  • 36) ‘Buy some fresh new hangers, and hang all your skirts and pants.’
  • 37) ‘There were several hangers, and Eve hung up the few good shirts that she had, and a couple of skirts.’
  • 38) ‘You just spray this on the night before and smooth away the wrinkles as it hangs on a hanger.’
  • 39) ‘I believe that new, fantastic clothes should be instantly purchased, hemmed, and transported onto hangers in my closet.’
  • 40) ‘Two hoodies hang on actual hangers in the closet.’
  • 41) ‘The loft was strewn with clothes; shirts were draped over the couch and loveseat while pants were hung with hangers on the kitchen table seats.’
  • 42) ‘Yeah, mine is separated into t-shirts and jeans, but I don't have complete outfits hanging from hangers!’
  • 43) ‘Girly, light clothing of every hue filled the shelves in the closet, hung on the hangers, and splashed still more color in the room.’
  • 44) ‘Seven white shirts and five skirts, three plaid and two gray, hung from hangers.’
  • 45) ‘Olivia hung up the phone and went to her closet, scanning the dresses that hung from the hangers.’
  • 46) ‘White gloves that were studded with diamonds hung on the hanger beside it.’
  • 47) ‘Still, he calmly slipped out of his thick green jacket and hung it on the hanger closest to the air conditioner.’
  • 48) ‘A black leather mini-miniskirt hung from a nearby hanger, and it happened to be her size.’
  • 49) ‘She moved quickly over to her closet where her uniform hung from a hanger.’
  • 50) ‘Jim reached out for Blair's coat and hung it on the hanger behind the desk, then started to take his own off.’


  • 1) What do you do with a hangar emptied of aircraft?
  • 2) He installed a hangar for his helicopter at his main home.
  • 3) The general opinion was that the most distinctive feature was the minimalist decor and aircraft hangar lighting.
  • 4) Those expecting to find evidence of a wrecked alien spaceship being kept in an aircraft hangar were disappointed.
  • 5) The property has eight bedrooms, a helicopter hangar and a deer park.
  • 6) It boasts a helicopter hangar and is usually moored in Monaco.
  • 7) Each season, she must also venture into the helicopter hangar that stores her clothes.
  • 8) Their workshop is a rented aircraft hangar near Seattle.
  • 9) But then we made our way to the large hangar where all BA crew learn their emergency evacuation drills.
  • 10) Last month I saw the first firing of the rocket in a dank aircraft hangar in Cornwall.
  • 11) If it were not for the strips at the back, shimmering blue light to suggest the sea, we be inside an aircraft hangar.
  • 12) Too many British on-screen personnel sit alone at some design masterpiece of a desk in the middle of a set the size of an aircraft hangar.
  • 13) ‘Twelve Fireflies and nine Seafires from HMS Triumph armed with rockets attacked Haeju Airfield, damaging hangars and buildings, but no aircraft were sighted.’
  • 14) ‘Latest reports say it is now the rainy season in Iraq, the tents are water-logged and troops sleeping on the floor in an aircraft hangar or in an airport until the tents dry out.’
  • 15) ‘It was a deadly junkyard full of unexploded ordnances and mines, destroyed aircraft, hangars and gutted buildings.’
  • 16) ‘The Fly Field portion of the base went back to the county but the government still maintained control over the military hangars and other buildings although they were empty.’
  • 17) ‘From that initial experience on the hangar floor the ‘runway literacy game’ evolved.’
  • 18) ‘According to CAF, the Museum precinct will essentially encompass the buildings, hangars and aprons on the airfield side of Williams Road.’
  • 19) ‘Dining facilities were established in an aircraft hangar and in lest tents.’
  • 20) ‘Military chapels, mess halls, decks of ships, aircraft hangars, tents, and open field assembly areas are frequently utilized.’
  • 21) ‘Funding will cover a range of projects, including repair or replacement of terminal buildings, hangars and security lighting.’
  • 22) ‘Chino Airport Manager James Jenkins stated that the aircraft in these hangars are not contaminated, but the area is.’
  • 23) ‘A core of naval buildings (the canteen, bar, bowling alley, shop, aircraft hangars and residential quarters) was retained, but much of the base was dismantled.’
  • 24) ‘The funds would go to restore cuts that affect military housing, barracks, child care centers, schools, hangars, and office buildings.’
  • 25) ‘Other areas, like hangars and flight line space, are being returned piece by piece.’
  • 26) ‘The hangars will accommodate aircraft as large as a 747 for those concerned about the rigors of a Russian winter.’
  • 27) ‘After the dust settled, the extensiveness of the damage to Clark was clearly seen, as the bombing destroyed hangars, supply buildings, the communications center, shops, and barracks.’
  • 28) ‘These things can be done, as peaceful protesters have demonstrated in fields of GM maize, nuclear laboratories and military aircraft hangars all over the country, without hurting anyone.’
  • 29) ‘The Hamilton Cove landing area had a hangar erected next to the beach along with a Spanish-style terminal.’
  • 30) ‘‘In the years I have been here we have put together five land leases for customers who want to build hangars to store business aircraft,’ she said.’
  • 31) ‘Here you find the island's only shop, the post office, the airport hangar and arrival hut, and the fairly new Hungry Iguana restaurant.’
  • 32) ‘These aren't paved roads passing hangars, housing or human civilization, but rather gravel roads passing trees, trees and more trees.’
  • 33) ‘Here, four airships are hangared in Glynn County, Ga.’
  • 34) ‘Accordingly the aircraft has to be hangared, shored and jigged to proper alignment position.’
  • 35) ‘On 6 June 1928, Amelia went to Croydon Aerodrome south of London where the Avian, carrying the British civil registration G-EBUG, was hangared.’
  • 36) ‘It's completely an operational comment, Claude, completely an operational comment that says if you're going to base an aircraft here it must be hangared because of the salt and the potential for corrosion.’
  • 37) ‘I quickly hangared the Flytec Dragonfly and with the help of David Glover wheeled out Pete Lehmann's 195 Falcon.’
  • 38) ‘Swift Aviation began life with the purchase of GTA Aviation Services, which was located adjacent to Sky Harbor's executive terminal and primarily provided contract fueling, some line services and executive jet hangaring.’
  • 39) ‘An applicant for aircraft registration must be the owner or lessee of an aircraft based or hangared in the State of New Mexico.’
  • 40) ‘An aircraft owner or prospective aircraft purchaser should become familiar with the use tax provisions of the state where the aircraft will be hangared.’

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