envision vs invision

envision invision


  • 1) transitive To conceive or see something within one's mind. To imagine.
  • 2) To picture in the mind; imagine.


  • 1) She tried to envision herself with infants and pushchairs, schoolbags and blazers.
  • 2) A restaurant, perhaps; she could envision him as a restaurateur.
  • 3) I could just envision myself stuck in that stuffy automobile, waiting, waiting, waiting.
  • 4) The Lords of the South will never yield if they envision a wizard with overt powers sitting one day on the throne.
  • 5) What I envision is openly theistic science of the kind that was practiced before Darwinism took hold and sucked the life out of science.
  • 6) In the absence of any positive regulation, the "freedom" that the right-wing absolutists envision is the freedom of the rich and powerful to control, crush, and humiliate the less-rich and less-powerful.
  • 7) To the contrary, the judicial role I envision is one that cannot get off the ground without strong footholds established through the political process.
  • 8) I find it ironic that you predict that only sending 500000 more troops will prevent another Vietnam, yet the solution you envision is EXACTLY what we've done in Vietnam.
  • 9) All I can envision is the kind I'm used to, where the manhole leads to a gaping space under the street, completely unsuitable for any kind of foliage.
  • 10) The only specific solution that I can envision is the improvement of bill summaries.
  • 11) These all fall under the broad umbrella of big D Design, but for a marketing manager at a Fortune 500 to leave to work on what many envision is a degree in making logos and pantsuits doesn't really make sense to a lot of people.
  • 12) ‘As the situation stands, therefore, one can envision two possibilities for the near future.’
  • 13) ‘Each scenario envisions a future in which the only national policy measures are voluntary.’
  • 14) ‘Knowing our history is a prerequisite for understanding our present and envisioning our future.’
  • 15) ‘He can even envision future programs remaining in the smaller venues in order to reach different audiences.’
  • 16) ‘The third element that appears in culinary taste has to do with how we envision our personal future.’
  • 17) ‘The mother envisions a future for her child as a caring adult that is respectful of others and that avoids aggression.’
  • 18) ‘To envision the future, one must learn from the past to create a new tomorrow.’
  • 19) ‘It's not so much a person's background that matters, as it is how they envision the future.’
  • 20) ‘Not able to work, he struggles to envision a future for himself and how his misfortune might end.’
  • 21) ‘For the future they envision a performing arts center with a library and video archive.’
  • 22) ‘I can even envision the possibility that it might be my duty to seek to change them.’
  • 23) ‘These envision a range of possible outcomes within which the actual future is delimited.’
  • 24) ‘He's detail-oriented, and her strength lies in envisioning the big picture.’
  • 25) ‘We are not intended to reach the zenith of human potential as envisioned by secular humanists.’
  • 26) ‘And here I was already envisioning another service voucher in my near future.’
  • 27) ‘The shuttle was originally envisioned as one small part of man's grand future in space.’
  • 28) ‘I envision a time in the future when we are put in the way of mutual danger.’
  • 29) ‘The creative imagination, however, can envision the unbounded, or at least the apparently unbounded.’
  • 30) ‘It is difficult to envision a plan for the future without visiting moments from the past.’
  • 31) ‘A second option envisions the sale of 100 per cent of the air carrier.’

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