enquiry vs inquiry

enquiry inquiry


  • 1) UK, Australia, New Zealand A question.
  • 2) See inquiry.


  • 1) The act of inquiring; a seeking of information by asking questions; interrogation; a question or questioning.
  • 2) Search for truth, information, or knowledge; examination of facts or principles; research; investigation; as, physical inquiries.
  • 3) A close examination of a matter.
  • 4) The act of inquiring.
  • 5) A question; a query.
  • 6) The act of inquiring; a seeking for information by asking questions; interrogation; a question or questioning.
  • 7) a writ issued in certain actions at law, where the defendant has suffered judgment to pass against him by default, in order to ascertain and assess the plaintiff's damages, where they can not readily be ascertained by mere calculation.
  • 8) See under Court.
  • 9) Search for truth, information, or knowledge; examination into facts or principles; research; investigation.
  • 10) a systematic investigation of a matter of public interest
  • 11) A question; an interrogation; a query.
  • 12) Search for truth, information, or knowledge; examination into facts or principles: as, an inquiry into the truth of a report.
  • 13) The act of inquiring; a seeking for information by asking questions; interrogation; inquisition.


  • 1) Liz did not think she would have minded her investigation into Crossland's whereabouts being subsumed into the wider Carver enquiry.
  • 2) On such occasions there is no evidence, no proof that can be offered to satisfy my Honourable Friend's enquiry.
  • 3) Not wanting to interrupt such good entertainment, she didn't go into the office but sat down at the enquiry desk.
  • 4) Of particular importance for our enquiry is the account of native history as Landa heard it directly from the lips of his Maya informants.
  • 5) Observe to whom this enquiry is addressed -- to God himself.
  • 6) And therefore the first answer to their enquiry is a very sharp reproof of their hypocrisy, directed, not only to the people of the land, but to the priests, who had set up these fasts, and perhaps some of them were for keeping them up, to serve some purpose of their own.
  • 7) Very recently I had an enquiry from a large corporate entity asking for p2pnet advertising rates, as well as a lot of complicated data on p2pnet readers, who they are, where they are, click-through rates, and so on.
  • 8) I said nothing about Israeli Courts But the proposed enquiry is NOT a court.
  • 9) A national enquiry is needed to force the disclosure of these illicit inducements.
  • 10) Litigator London: I said nothing about Israeli Courts But the proposed enquiry is NOT acourt.
  • 11) A full, transparent 43 force public enquiry is needed to force the disclosure of these illicit payments and inducements.
  • 12) "That is desirable only if the enquiry from the media potentially relates to inside information," he added.


  • 1) There have been a number of lines of inquiry.
  • 2) It is thought to be discussing launching a formal inquiry.
  • 3) The number of people making inquiries about divorce tends to rise in January.
  • 4) From their labours across multiple and converging independent lines of inquiry we've gained knowledge in the past generation.
  • 5) It is part of an inquiry launched last July into whether the industry has the capacity to meet demand.
  • 6) On a recent simple matter, an inquiry of mine was passed through more than ten members of staff.
  • 7) Yet an independent inquiry can run alongside such a process, not least in passing on any information to police.
  • 8) A Metropolitan police spokesman said the force was aware of the incident and that inquiries continue.
  • 9) More than 50 teachers and governors from inner-city schools spoke to the official government inquiry on condition of anonymity.
  • 10) Soca did not share the information from its inquiry with the privacy watchdog until last week.
  • 11) The police said initially that their inquiry would last three months.
  • 12) The usual independent inquiry has been set up.
  • 13) You would need a government inquiry to discover who is the less happy.
  • 14) Last night the suspect was on bail pending further inquiries into the incident.
  • 15) This will remain a live investigation and our inquiries will continue.
  • 16) These seminars were useful in ironing out bad ideas and cancelling pointless lines of inquiry.
  • 17) Police were making house to house inquiries yesterday to find out more about the tragedy.
  • 18) There is no suggestion that a formal inquiry is imminent.
  • 19) He gave the inquiry further purported information about the identity of the mistress.
  • 20) The document should have been handed to the inquiry last year.
  • 21) She called for a full inquiry independent of the animal research industry.
  • 22) The studies have provided important sources of evidence for a number of government inquiries.
  • 23) According to their results all of our inquiries into the incident are now over.
  • 24) There will have to be a police investigation and judicial inquiry.
  • 25) There are two fruitful lines of inquiry.
  • 26) Inquiries into this matter should continue.
  • 27) You still make those inquiries, but discreetly.
  • 28) Once there, police and military intelligence make suspicious inquiries.
  • 29) West Ham have begun an inquiry into the matter.
  • 30) In the last few days we have had a lot more inquiries, specifically about our campuses abroad.
  • 31) I spend a lot of my afternoon dealing with press inquiries about my work.
  • 32) It would attempt to stall the takeover until police completed their inquiries, a process that could take years.
  • 33) There has been no formal review of the inquiry - a process which could unearth a key piece of the jigsaw.
  • 34) To categorically deny this inquiry is absolutely wrong.
  • 35) One aspect of all of this that begs further inquiry is the seeming ineptitude of the military planners.
  • 36) This inquiry is a good indicator of interest in open source appropriate technology design.
  • 37) Naturally the inquiry is a little more delicate, and perhaps the answer is not quite so certain, but I think the suggestions which I am going to make are fairly reasonable.
  • 38) I sincerely hope that inquiry is not too controversial coming from today´s rabid goat.
  • 39) The Equality Commission thinks, “Uh, oh, a parliamentary inquiry is about to examine what it is we actually do …”
  • 40) In response to an inquiry from a council member, Mr. Mattingly said the problems in this case aren't linked to financial cutbacks at the agency, but rather "poor practice."
  • 41) A military inquiry is to investigate how Norgrove, a 36 year old aid worker, died.
  • 42) ‘the police were making inquiries in all the neighbouring pubs’
  • 43) ‘we are getting a lot of inquiries from people who are relatively new to acquiring art’
  • 44) ‘new areas of inquiry emerged in the course of the conference’
  • 45) ‘all lines of inquiry are open’

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