edict vs addict

edict addict


  • 1) a proclamation of law or other authoritative command
  • 2) A formal pro cement or command.
  • 3) A formal procement or command.
  • 4) A decree or proclamation issued by an authority and having the force of law.
  • 5) (French Hist.) an edict issued by Henry IV. (A. D. 1598), giving toleration to Protestants. Its revocation by Louis XIV. (A. D. 1685) was followed by terrible persecutions and the expatriation of thousands of French Protestants.
  • 6) A public command or ordinance by the sovereign power; the proclamation of a law made by an absolute authority, as if by the very act of an cement; a decree
  • 7) A public command or ordinance by the sovereign power; the proclamation of a law made by an absolute authority, as if by the very act of ancement; a decree
  • 8) a formal or authoritative proclamation
  • 9) A decree or law promulgated by a sovereign prince or ruler on his sole authority; hence, any analogous order or command.
  • 10) Specifically In Roman law, a decree or ordinance of a pretor.
  • 11) In Scotch ecclesiastical use, a church proclamation; specifically, a notice to show cause, if any, why a pastor or elders should not be ordained.


  • 1) An adherent or fan (of something)
  • 2) A person who is addicted, especially to a harmful drug
  • 3) One who is addicted, as to narcotics or gambling.
  • 4) A devoted adherent; a fan.
  • 5) someone who is physiologically dependent on a substance; abrupt deprivation of the substance produces withdrawal symptoms
  • 6) obsolete To adapt; to make suitable; to fit.
  • 7) To cause someone to become addicted, especially to a harmful drug
  • 8) To involve oneself in something habitually, to the exclusion of almost anything else.
  • 9) to cause (someone or oneself) to become dependent (on something, especially a narcotic drug)
  • 10) Addicted.
  • 11) To give over or surrender; devote, attach, or assign; yield up, as to the service, use, or control of: used both of persons and of things.
  • 12) Specifically In Roman law, to deliver over formally by the sentence of a judge, as a debtor to the service of his creditor.
  • 13) To devote or give up, as to a habit or occupation; apply habitually or sedulously, as to a practice or habit: used reflexively: as, to addict one's self to the exercise of charity; he is addicted (addicts himself) to meditation, pleasure, or intemperance.
  • 14) To occupy (oneself) with or involve (oneself) in something habitually.
  • 15) To cause to use something on a regular or dependent basis.
  • 16) To cause to be physiologically or psychologically dependent.
  • 17) To apply habitually; to devote; to habituate; -- with to.
  • 18) obsolete Addicted; devoted.


  • 1) The edict was issued to cleaners across the capital.
  • 2) It issues edicts, micro and macro.
  • 3) For the most part, that edict was ignored.
  • 4) For corrupt officials, that would be a tricky edict to ignore under any circumstances.
  • 5) Neither Labour nor the Conservatives have issued any such edict.
  • 6) Claudius, &c. -- This edict is almost certainly that mentioned by
  • 7) Insisting her "edict" is to get kids graduated, Martin Van Buren HS Principal Marilyn Shevell has declared war on athletics, outraged students, parents and coaches charge.
  • 8) Insisting her edict is to get kids graduated, Martin Van Buren HS Principal Marilyn Shevell has declared war on ...
  • 9) Remember that as this loser of a president shields himself behind the cadets at West Point because he is unable to issue this edict from the Oval Office.
  • 10) The latest edict from the National Fatwa Council reflects a growing swing towards a conservative brand of Islam in the multi-ethnic country that has prompted worries among non-Muslims.
  • 11) The edict is obviously and blatantly a marketing ploy just for the sake of publicity.
  • 12) If the Portuguese did not behave themselves, an edict from the Chinese administrators in Guangzhou was enough to cut off food supplies to the port.
  • 13) It cannot be made to happen simply by edict from the top of either government or business.
  • 14) A Latin edict of Theodoric is still extant, in one hundred and fifty-four articles.
  • 15) This edict is about as popular a measure as you’d imagine.
  • 16) ‘Another step forward was the progressive declarations of invalidity extended to certain laws, decrees, and edicts issued in Stalin's time.’
  • 17) ‘Word of this soon reached the British top brass, who sent down an official edict ordering that the practice cease immediately.’
  • 18) ‘Although government clerics often issue edicts against terror, the bulk of the government's effort has been security-related.’
  • 19) ‘Sure, my son can ask for a reason after I issue one of my edicts.’
  • 20) ‘Each time the religious institution issues custom-made edicts for political purposes, it loses credibility.’
  • 21) ‘Issuing edicts founded on the false premise that whatever the bishop declares to be a mortal sin is a mortal sin is not teaching.’
  • 22) ‘It is easy to issue laws and edicts, particularly when there is no need to gain the consent of elected or appointed representatives.’
  • 23) ‘The word bull is still used in English for a Papal Bull, an edict issued by the Pope.’
  • 24) ‘Apart from royal edicts on certain general issues, the king's domains were subject to no law and no administrative practice common to them all without exception.’
  • 25) ‘And would the pope issue edicts blaming the United States for bringing the whole tragedy upon itself?’
  • 26) ‘However, much more paradoxical edicts were issued under the totalitarian regime.’
  • 27) ‘The bureaucracy in Beijing issues edicts on mine safety but does not provide the necessary funds.’
  • 28) ‘Clerics issued religious edicts against the British when they invaded Iraq during the First World War.’
  • 29) ‘Finally he issued an edict, prohibiting the smoking of tobacco throughout the New Netherlands.’
  • 30) ‘An imperial edict against infanticide was issued by Valentinian in 374- making an exception for the very poor.’
  • 31) ‘You can issue an edict to cut taxes, which really helps boost your population's happiness.’
  • 32) ‘He issued an edict that there will be no flight training at any of the Chicago-owned airports.’
  • 33) ‘That apparently was too much for the Taliban government, which then issued its edict.’
  • 34) ‘On 12 February 1912 an edict of abdication was issued on behalf of the child Emperor.’
  • 35) ‘An edict was issued to this effect and by 1636, France had a navy of nearly 40 ships.’


  • 1) Few in this generation are heroin addicts.
  • 2) The homeless drug addict tested positive for cocaine.
  • 3) Subsequently his mother lost her nursing job and became a drug addict.
  • 4) Drug addicts were at ease with her.
  • 5) We're not convinced a romance between these recovering drug addicts is the most sensible idea.
  • 6) He loves his son, but remains addicted to heroin and is tragic.
  • 7) The brothers come from a troubled background, raised by their nan as both parents were heroin addicts.
  • 8) In reality, she was a former drug addict who spent three years behind bars for smuggling drugs into jail.
  • 9) The contradictions are apparent in her first appearance, when we find her in a halfway house for recovering addicts.
  • 10) In the days that followed it was claimed the singer had died a heroin addict and had recently been admitted to hospital after an overdose.
  • 11) No one else can make an addict stop.
  • 12) Ten years ago he was a hapless drug addict.
  • 13) The former drug addict had previously served as least two sentences for robbery.
  • 14) The notion of addicts as passive victims of their addiction is a gross simplification.
  • 15) He spends much of his free time helping other addicts and alcoholics find freedom.
  • 16) Those who become addicted to toxic food will not find organic food enjoyable.
  • 17) Treat yourself like a recovering drug addict who needs to go cold turkey.
  • 18) This is a party ideologically addicted to spending and borrowing and taxing.
  • 19) But the takeaway addict could not stop himself begging for food.
  • 20) This new pleasure leads them to become addicted to the experience.
  • 21) This makes recovering addicts prone to relapse.
  • 22) Locals say many inhabitants are alcoholics and drug addicts who spend the day sleeping indoors.
  • 23) If a person is an addict it is an illness that no amount of bullying is going to help.
  • 24) We had such a brilliant time we became addicted and now we go twice a year if we can.
  • 25) The best treatment for heroin addicts?
  • 26) According to the former addict who knows them, such a move always comes with risk.
  • 27) It's about being addicted to a person you should not be addicted to.
  • 28) As a former crack addict, he says he speaks from experience.
  • 29) They almost have to withdraw from the adrenaline, much as drug addicts have to experience discomfort when "kicking "their habit.
  • 30) My husband and I are already addicted to it and look forward to seeing how the plot unfolds.
  • 31) Living as she did in an age much addicted to gossip and scandal, the legacy of her past was simply too spectacular to conceal.
  • 32) Who knew that all you had to do was sit on the floor of the bathroom for 24 hours, suffer the dry heaves for a while and boom, just like that, a years-long Vicodin addict is in recovery.
  • 33) I'm not a label addict, although I will check out Donna Karan, Dolce
  • 34) Tell a cocaine or heroin addict or an alcoholic to "just say no" after that first snort, shot, or drink.
  • 35) For obvious reasons I have chosen not to take drugs, but with the latest from pharmacology the risks of becoming a permanent addict is perhaps reduced?
  • 36) The lineup was impressive for fans of '70s and' 80s rock with Kiss lead guitarist Ace Frehley and Guns N 'Roses drummer Steven Adler, but panelist (and former heroin addict) Rickie Lee Jones stole the show playing a couple songs, including the beautifully fractured ballad, "The Magazine", about a junkie desperately trying to score.
  • 37) The show gives you hope for them: two of the cops have been revealed to have come from similar circumstances, and there is a former heroin addict character who is mentoring others through NA.
  • 38) Evans became a full-blown heroin addict during his time with the Miles Davis Sextet in 1958 and 1959.
  • 39) April 18th, 2010 at 11: 52 am trooper says: preach on, brother heroin addict, preach on.
  • 40) Conservative addict, is that what you guys call “compassionate conservatism”?
  • 41) ‘But do they suffer the same level of discrimination as drug users or addicts?’
  • 42) ‘A heroin addict who ran a drugs den frequented by dealers at all hours of the day has been jailed for 18 months.’
  • 43) ‘She lived the typical chaotic lifestyle of a heroin addict and a convicted drug dealer had access to her flat.’
  • 44) ‘The project, the first of its kind in the York area, aims to help addicts of heroin and other opiate drugs such as methadone.’
  • 45) ‘Children of drug addicts, and addicts ' siblings, will be the main focus for help.’
  • 46) ‘Drug addicts are being sold impure substances which are far more harmful than the real thing.’
  • 47) ‘We are happy to provide needle exchange schemes for drug addicts, and their addictions are treatable.’
  • 48) ‘Heroin addicts should be able to register and get supplies on prescription.’
  • 49) ‘This means that they can't resell the drug to other addicts, and use the cash to buy heroin.’
  • 50) ‘One of the boys had been an heroin addict but he had got off it.’
  • 51) ‘When you are an heroin addict the only thing that matters to you is where you are going to get your next hit from and you will do anything to get it.’
  • 52) ‘So they wouldn't let my grandma home from hospital because they knew I was living with her and I was a drug addict.’
  • 53) ‘The family wanted Daniel out of the house and even told the hospital he was a drug addict.’
  • 54) ‘Some addicts become as reliant on methadone as they were on heroin.’
  • 55) ‘Switzerland and a few other countries now prescribe heroin to some addicts.’
  • 56) ‘Police say there are currently around 3,000 heroin and crack cocaine addicts in the town.’
  • 57) ‘A former heroin and crack addict, he has been off drugs and in the community for five years.’
  • 58) ‘She has called for more support to be made available for former drug addicts coming out of prison.’
  • 59) ‘The raid resulted in four arrests, as the police walked in whilst four addicts were using drugs.’
  • 60) ‘Officers say most burglars are heroin or crack addicts who need cash to feed their drug habits.’
  • 61) ‘The Elvis impersonator and telly addict is back on the box tomorrow.’
  • 62) ‘My friend, who is a self-confessed salad addict and doesn't eat meat, opted for the salad nicoise.’
  • 63) ‘This piece of literature appeals to the tastes of many, whether you're a history buff or sex addict.’
  • 64) ‘I know you've been watching this, you shameful, shallow little telly addicts.’
  • 65) ‘Bermuda's telly addicts have much to look forward to in the months to come.’
  • 66) ‘Britain is full of telly addicts who spend little time curled up with a good book, a new survey confirms.’
  • 67) ‘Maybe you're a chocolate addict, ever ready to spend your petty cash on another bar of Snickers.’
  • 68) ‘It was the most boring period of my life and I have become a telly addict.’
  • 69) ‘I'm now a fully-fledged property addict and I enjoy the creative side of it, as well as the business side.’
  • 70) ‘If the hippie happens to be a prog rock addict then it gets worse.’
  • 71) ‘Ryedale table tennis addict Cliff Edens has just been honoured with a national award for his services to the game.’
  • 72) ‘On the train from Swansea to Carmarthen I sat next to a mobile phone addict.’
  • 73) ‘Any scrapbook addict like myself would do well to keep all and paste them in the same scrapbook.’
  • 74) ‘If you are a real caffeine addict, then have the breakfast juice from day two each morning.’
  • 75) ‘I have been asking a couple friends who are television addicts what am I missing.’
  • 76) ‘It will be obvious to those who recognise my lifestyle that I am not a television addict.’
  • 77) ‘Well, if you are a fresh air addict, you might take a very dim view of that.’
  • 78) ‘He has become a real Internet addict and in his spare time he loves surfing the net for news.’
  • 79) ‘Even the most diehard personal finance addict is likely to be bamboozled by this one.’
  • 80) ‘Gadget addicts can finally throw away their ever-growing collection of chargers.’

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