discriminating vs discriminatory

discriminating discriminatory


  • 1) Able to perceive fine distinctions between similar things; perceptive
  • 2) Having a discerning judgment or taste
  • 3) Marked by or showing prejudice; discriminatory.
  • 4) Able to recognize or draw fine distinctions or judgments.
  • 5) Serving to distinguish; distinctive.
  • 6) having a refined taste or excellent judgment.
  • 7) making careful or fine distinctions, especially as to quality or accuracy.
  • 8) Marking a difference; distinguishing.
  • 9) showing or indicating careful judgment and discernment especially in matters of taste
  • 10) Present participle of discriminate.
  • 11) That discriminates; noting distinctions and differences with accuracy and nicety; distinguishing: as, a discriminating mind.
  • 12) A higher tonnage-duty on vessels not owned by citizens of the importing country than on vessels owned wholly or in part by such citizens. Also called differential duty.
  • 13) Serving as a ground or means of discrimination; distinctive.


  • 1) Of or pertaining to discrimination (in all senses).
  • 2) Showing prejudice or bias.
  • 3) Marked by or showing prejudice; biased.
  • 4) Making distinctions.
  • 5) Discriminative.
  • 6) capable of making fine distinctions


  • 1) late thirties to cater for the more discriminating clientele of the valleys.
  • 2) She had a far more discriminating worldly sense than ever he, or Luke, could hope to have.
  • 3) Driving south, it struck me that if David Half Moon's curse went after either one of those two women, it wasn't very discriminating.
  • 4) ISPs are not interested in discriminating against content, nor against particular application or content providers.
  • 5) Her topic: How broadband service providers are and should be regulated in discriminating against legal content and applications.
  • 6) Making generalized statements about "white people discriminating" is for the most part, untrue.
  • 7) (These facts are vital in discriminating between appropriate and inappropriate descriptions and applications of creativity.)
  • 8) It's only troubling if voters think that not discriminating is wrong.
  • 9) Brent if you will look at history you will find that the winner or ruling class always has treated the losers or minorities in discriminating ways ..
  • 10) It counts for more than most human qualities and provides the fairest proxy for "merit" in discriminating among people.
  • 11) They enjoy keenly touching any soft pleasant surface, and become exceedingly keen in discriminating between the differences in the sandpaper cards.
  • 12) ‘‘The composer's operetta appeals to a less discriminating taste for melody, harmony and rhythm,’ he said.’
  • 13) ‘Here are the latest DVD releases for those with discriminating tastes.’
  • 14) ‘For people of discriminating tastes, that is the ideal karaoke.’
  • 15) ‘How sweet of you to worry, but I do have a discriminating taste in men.’
  • 16) ‘You seem like someone who has discriminating tastes.’
  • 17) ‘Sure, free range, grass fed cattle is best, especially for the discriminating taste, but is it affordable?’
  • 18) ‘They have discriminating taste and an appreciation of craftsmanship.’
  • 19) ‘I can't imagine it appealing much to women or to those of more discriminating tastes.’
  • 20) ‘This place has some amazingly gorgeous things to offer shoppers with discriminating taste.’
  • 21) ‘My discriminating palate tastes the most uncommon differences’
  • 22) ‘Apart from finding a reputable dealer, the only way for serious collectors to develop a discriminating eye is through studying the history of the medium, visiting museums and galleries and endlessly handling and comparing prints.’
  • 23) ‘If a woman is discriminating and judgemental, doesn't that make her affection a greater prize?’
  • 24) ‘It does require a fairly perceptive and finely discriminating eye to judge intelligently the intrinsic qualities of any work of art.’
  • 25) ‘Daisy has a very sensitive stomach and a discriminating palate.’
  • 26) ‘In five years since coming to England, he had received royal notice as poet and playwright, the subscription had gone well, he enjoyed the friendships of men of wit and the support of some discriminating patrons.’
  • 27) ‘My comments are those of an occasional patient, a discriminating consumer, and a visual critic.’
  • 28) ‘Today's most notorious urban music artists love it, so do discriminating four-star chefs and everyone in between.’
  • 29) ‘But increasingly, what many discriminating moviegoers want is a more judicious use of visual effects’
  • 30) ‘They have a strong desire to succeed, are very discriminating and tend to be critical of others.’
  • 31) ‘I think you have to arm yourself with good information, which means seeking out reliable books or Internet sites that can give you the information so that you can be a discriminating consumer.’


  • 1) Safe spaces refer to meetings that are welcoming to all but prohibit what is deemed to be discriminatory language.
  • 2) People were more offended by discriminatory language, the watchdog claimed.
  • 3) The report added:'There were many examples given to the researchers of bullying and discriminatory behaviour towards staff and students.
  • 4) There should be no question of discriminatory behaviour by any organisation that benefits from the taxpayer.
  • 5) But we abhor any insulting or discriminatory behaviour.
  • 6) Fertility experts have suggested that the law is unfair and discriminatory.
  • 7) The legal framework provides the context for the emergence of discriminatory practices such as these.
  • 8) The discrimination is being drawn on grounds which are racially discriminatory in a pejorative sense.
  • 9) This is unfair and discriminatory, they say.
  • 10) He said that the movement would challenge any false claims and take legal action over any policy changes it considered unfair or discriminatory.
  • 11) The rail regulator should look at this discriminatory practice which punishes part-time workers.
  • 12) The Labour leader has demanded small firms publish salary details to crack down on discriminatory practices.
  • 13) Other factors such as lack of control over work, conflicts and discriminatory practices can also have an effect.
  • 14) For years, tens of thousands of workers have paid the price of discriminatory and unfair practices and poorer conditions of employment.
  • 15) We are confident that any gaps that remain are not as a result of discriminatory practice, and will be addressed over time.
  • 16) If we step back to look at the big picture and then choose grace and empathy, we can avoid many discriminatory practices.
  • 17) Raiding powers for human rights body 'which discusses the increased powers of the Victorian law enforcement agencies to come into your home and seize your belongings as' evidence 'and arrest you if they conclude you are guilty of what they term discriminatory speech.
  • 18) Bhengu said she was dismayed at what she termed the discriminatory treatment experienced by the activists at the hotel despite concerted public education efforts, both by the government and non-governmental organisations to educate people about
  • 19) Sasco said it was unimpressed by what it called the discriminatory practise of business in funding institutions which had been well-sponsored in the past while neglecting those that were suffering financially.
  • 20) Sasco said it was unimpressed by what it called the discriminatory practise of business in funding institutions which had been well-sponsored in the past while neglfinancially.
  • 21) Wednesday to protest what they call discriminatory parole policies by the Department of Correctional Services.
  • 22) Palestinians boarded the Israeli bus in a widely advertised action hoping to draw attention to what they call discriminatory measures in the West Bank, particularly travel restrictions.
  • 23) The Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs has filed an administrative complaint against Cargill Meat Solutions, which is a subsidiary of Minneapolis-based Cargill, Inc. Federal officials want to cancel Cargill's existing government contracts and prevent future contracts until the company stops what they call discriminatory practices.
  • 24) The Palestinians boarded the Israeli bus in a widely advertised action hoping to draw attention to what they call discriminatory measures in the West Bank, particularly travel restrictions.
  • 25) People infuriated by what they call a discriminatory ban on photography by one of Italian fashion label Dolce & Gabbana's Hong Kong outlets have protested outside the store.
  • 26) ‘It is unfair and discriminatory to charge disabled people more to travel.’
  • 27) ‘Enable children to think more critically about prejudice and discriminatory behaviour.’
  • 28) ‘The arguments put forward to lock them out of the scheme were always discriminatory and quite unfair.’
  • 29) ‘He says he did not formally indicate to the Tribunal that he felt his treatment by them was unfair and discriminatory.’
  • 30) ‘It sets the stage for discriminatory practices against disabled and sick people.’
  • 31) ‘It said that workers could face the sack for any racist, sexist or any other discriminatory behaviour.’
  • 32) ‘Families of political prisoners also had to bear discriminatory practices for many years.’
  • 33) ‘There is nothing biased or discriminatory or even vaguely xenophobic about this.’
  • 34) ‘Of course, it's unlikely that any of these discriminatory practices will be changed in the near future.’
  • 35) ‘I posted last year about the discriminatory practice of denying all gay men the chance of donating blood.’
  • 36) ‘His legal argument was that the dress code is unfair and can be used against men in a discriminatory way.’
  • 37) ‘Do you see that as a counterweight to the discriminatory practices that you've been documenting?’
  • 38) ‘A lot of opposition came from representatives of States where law or practice were crudely discriminatory.’
  • 39) ‘If an officer acted in a racially discriminatory way in dealing with the public then a claim could be brought against that officer.’
  • 40) ‘It creates a system that can be used in a discriminatory or racist manner.’
  • 41) ‘The move was denounced by human rights organisations as racist, undemocratic and discriminatory.’
  • 42) ‘The bill is discriminatory and inequitable, and the Government will pay for that.’
  • 43) ‘Human interaction has been composed of discriminatory actions since the dawn of the race.’
  • 44) ‘He also said it would be discriminatory to limit the number of fêtes to be held in the area or to pick and choose between fête venues.’
  • 45) ‘It is discriminatory as the closure will disproportionately affect older people and those with disabilities.’

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