defensive vs defendable

defensive defendable


  • 1) A means, attitude or position of defense.
  • 2) An attitude or position of defense.
  • 3) A means of defense.
  • 4) That which defends; a safeguard.
  • 5) to be or stand in a state or posture of defense or resistance, in opposition to aggression or attack.
  • 6) an attitude of defensiveness (especially in the phrase `on the defensive')
  • 7) That which defends or serves for defense; a safeguard; a security.
  • 8) Intended to deter attack
  • 9) Displaying an inordinate sensitivity to criticism; compare paranoid
  • 10) Intended for defence; protective
  • 11) Performed so as to minimise risk
  • 12) cricket Of a bowling or fielding tactic designed to prevent the other side from scoring runs.; of a batting tactic designed to prevent being out.
  • 13) sports pertaining to defense, as opposed to attack.
  • 14) Of or relating to the effort to prevent an opponent from gaining points in a game or athletic contest.
  • 15) Of or relating to defense.
  • 16) Performed so as to avoid risk, danger, or legal liability.
  • 17) Intended to withstand or deter aggression or attack.
  • 18) Intended or appropriate for defending; protective.
  • 19) Psychology Constantly protecting oneself from criticism, exposure of one's shortcomings, or other real or perceived threats to the ego.
  • 20) Carried on by resisting attack or aggression; -- opposed to offensive.
  • 21) Serving to defend or protect; proper for defense; opposed to offensive.
  • 22) In a state or posture of defense.
  • 23) intended or appropriate for defending against or deterring aggression or attack
  • 24) Serving to defend; proper for defense: as, defensive armor.
  • 25) In a state or posture to defend: as, a defensive attitude.
  • 26) Of the nature of defense; consisting in resisting attack or aggression: as, defensive war, in distinction from offensive war, which is aggressive.
  • 27) (on the defensive) Prepared to withstand or counter aggression or attack.


  • 1) You would need a tactically intelligent defensive midfielder and here options are imperfect.
  • 2) The rest string themselves across the pitch in a defensive line.
  • 3) We need to this week work on our defensive play and not conceding is a big thing for us.
  • 4) The defensive record 'is a point we have to work on.
  • 5) In contrast, a failure puts our country in a weaker defensive position.
  • 6) They also kept another clean sheet, maintaining their impressive defensive record of conceding only four goals here in eight matches.
  • 7) Note that I am being slightly defensive about the lolling.
  • 8) I haven't got anything to be defensive about.
  • 9) We are often made to feel quite defensive of our reasons for doing things, as there is such pressure put on women by other women.
  • 10) Some of these people are feeling scared, defensive and deeply traumatised by the criticism and abuse we have been subjected to over the past two years.
  • 11) The other area of his armoury that is unrivalled is his defensive position play.
  • 12) It is this approach that makes other defensive sides of the past pale into insignificance.
  • 13) There was no need for the minister to be defensive about his grasp of grammar.
  • 14) The team who have boasted the best defensive record for the past three seasons now look shaky.
  • 15) It was a strong defensive position but made retreat difficult.
  • 16) And the defensive midfielder hopes to fly under the radar.
  • 17) This helped other players gauge where they needed to be in the defensive line more quickly.
  • 18) He moves in so smoothly and has good defensive play.
  • 19) Most feel defensive about losing the urge.
  • 20) And they had the best defensive record in the league.
  • 21) It still conveys the impressive power of such defensive positions.
  • 22) He made a lot of offensive and defensive plays that were important.
  • 23) Does he feel defensive when it comes to talking about himself as a musician?
  • 24) The less said about defensive indiscipline the better.
  • 25) This is a slightly defensive position.
  • 26) And he has warned his back-up defensive line to be fully focused.
  • 27) Line them up in a different formation and they'll make defensive walls.
  • 28) The statistics reflect that: a really poor defensive record at home.
  • 29) I can't see there being a better central defensive pair.
  • 30) But as a defensive midfielder I admire his gritty determination.
  • 31) Much maligned for much of the season, the Nigerian coped well when drafted into a central defensive role.
  • 32) He surely has a better chance than of changing his controversial image - or of me being the best defensive midfielder in the Bundesliga.
  • 33) "No toughness, no championship," he said, repeating one of his go-to tenets—and the phrase defensive end Justin Tuck whispered to his should've-been-hobbled coach that Christmas Eve night when the up-and-down Giants finally seemed to find themselves.
  • 34) The term defensive driving has taken on a new definition as street conditions continue to deteriorate.
  • 35) Jancek joined Georgia's staff in 2005 and was given the title defensive co-coordinator before this season after turning down a coordinator position at South Florida.
  • 36) Israeli media reports quote President Peres as saying in remarks to reporters in Hebrew, that he raised threats to Israel's security from Iran, and the need for what he called a "defensive wall" against Iran.
  • 37) I'm not sure that coming out on the defensive is a good way to win a leadership contest, but obviously Huw Lewis thinks that the First Minister's recent comments were directed agaist him.
  • 38) A key moment before the war had come in January 1950, when Secretary of State Dean Acheson, in a speech, defined what he called the defensive perimeter that the United States was committed to protecting.
  • 39) The firefighters are in what they call a defensive "surround and drown" mode.
  • 40) ‘This group unites to form a defensive force to protect the city from a new band of villains.’
  • 41) ‘The mammals swam in tight circles to create a defensive barrier as the great white lurked under the surface.’
  • 42) ‘At the Tuileries, meanwhile, courtiers were going about armed and preparing defensive positions.’
  • 43) ‘The shire developed in Saxon times around Nottingham itself, where the rock made a strong defensive position.’
  • 44) ‘On the other hand, the Austrians enjoyed a strong defensive position that could be maintained at a relatively low cost.’
  • 45) ‘In front of it lay the very strong Hindenburg Line - a defensive position in which the Germans put a great deal of trust.’
  • 46) ‘However, the Soviet forces quickly managed to construct new defensive positions and bring up fresh forces.’
  • 47) ‘Those involved in the ambush said a trap had been laid, and that the area was marked with defensive earth berms and firing positions.’
  • 48) ‘I followed her outside to where the guards had formed defensive ranks.’
  • 49) ‘He is the first player ever to be voted top rookie and defensive player of the year in the same season.’
  • 50) ‘Benitez can also boast having one of the country's best defensive records having conceded just six times.’
  • 51) ‘Liverpool have the eighth best goalscoring record and the seventh best defensive record.’
  • 52) ‘You are the dominant defensive player in the game, yet rarely do you run into foul trouble.’
  • 53) ‘At the time when he was forced into suspension United sat top of the table, with the best defensive record in the league.’
  • 54) ‘He has as much athleticism as any collegiate player and strong defensive ability.’
  • 55) ‘The defensive players were boisterous and energetic and were taking it to the offense.’
  • 56) ‘He is not considered a good defensive player, mainly because of his lack of speed.’
  • 57) ‘Next, have the player go through the defensive movements in slow motion on the court.’
  • 58) ‘Make a short hard jab step in the direction of the defensive player with your right foot.’
  • 59) ‘Very early on in a table tennis career you have to decide whether you want to be an attacking or defensive player.’
  • 60) ‘A great defensive performance kept the score line blank at half time.’
  • 61) ‘The Rams are sure to use most of their draft picks on defensive talent and make staff changes.’
  • 62) ‘They were left to rue one awful defensive blunder which enabled full back Simon Verbickas to race in for a try.’
  • 63) ‘The final was closer than the scoreline suggested, with both players adopting a defensive style in a gruelling final.’
  • 64) ‘Getting your first wind is now a difficult thing, the weaker player getting into a defensive stance right from the start.’
  • 65) ‘The Bucs simply played a brilliant defensive game, one of the best in recent memory.’
  • 66) ‘Early in the match he brought a fine save out of David Marshall in the Celtic goal after a defensive error from Joos Valgaeren.’
  • 67) ‘A defensive lapse in the 43rd minute allowed a Brandon player to get a shot on target.’
  • 68) ‘Dings deserve credit for some excellent defensive work and solid set-piece play.’
  • 69) ‘Many patients say they felt discouraged from complaining in the face of a defensive approach to criticism.’
  • 70) ‘Both sides tend to adopt inflexible, judgmental and defensive attitudes toward one another.’
  • 71) ‘Perhaps we should cut out the defensive attitudes and actually read what was posted?’
  • 72) ‘Most said they were met with a defensive and legalistic attitude by the organisation.’
  • 73) ‘His death is another development in a series of angry exchanges between a critical media and a defensive government.’
  • 74) ‘Host Alan Kohler quite nicely brought out this defensive side with some telling jabs.’
  • 75) ‘One side admitting intellectual vulnerability may make the other side less defensive too.’
  • 76) ‘Her expression is pained, quizzical and defensive, as if expecting a tirade of criticism at every turn.’
  • 77) ‘Could you be feeling defensive because you want to avoid having to say you're sorry?’
  • 78) ‘Unsurprisingly, he is defensive and does not take criticism very well.’
  • 79) ‘Yet when challenged they got ever so defensive and the story quickly unravelled.’
  • 80) ‘I'm no psychologist but he did seem a little defensive about his name.’
  • 81) ‘He was never frightened, but was easily defensive, and yet he also had a gentle side.’
  • 82) ‘Unlike my sister, who became more reserved, I became an extrovert and very defensive.’
  • 83) ‘Certainly ignorance tends to make people defensive and a little insecure.’
  • 84) ‘Their gazes met, held, and the defensive expression in her eyes shattered.’

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