enthusiastic vs enthused

enthusiastic enthused


  • 1) obsolete An enthusiast; a zealot.
  • 2) With zealous fervor; excited, motivated
  • 3) Having or demonstrating enthusiasm.
  • 4) Filled with enthusiasm; characterized by enthusiasm; zealous.
  • 5) having or showing great excitement and interest
  • 6) Filled with or characterized by enthusiasm, or the conceit of special intercourse with God, or of direct revelations or instructions from him.
  • 7) Prone to enthusiasm; zealous or devoted; passionate in devotion to a belief or a principle, or the pursuit of an object: as, an enthusiastic reformer.
  • 8) Synonyms Enthusiastic, Fanatical; eager, zealous, devoted, fervent, passionate, glowing; heated, inflamed, visionary. Enthusiastic is most frequently used with regard to a person whose sympathies or feelings are warmly engaged in favor of any cause or pursuit, and who is full of hope and ardent zeal; while fanatical is generally said of a person who has fantastic and extravagant views on religious or moral subjects, or some similarly absorbing topic. See superstition.
  • 9) Elevated; ardent; inspired by or glowing with enthusiasm: as, the speaker addressed the audience in enthusiastic strains.


  • 1) Past participle of enthuse


  • 1) The speech was short, the crowds less enthusiastic.
  • 2) Many young people are enthusiastic about IT, but don’t consider it a career path.
  • 3) It was really good fun and they were all keen sailors and enthusiastic.
  • 4) The enthusiastic young chemist set to work.
  • 5) An enthusiastic gardener on the ground at each school is essential.
  • 6) Surely it is good to see a younger person so enthusiastic about antiques?
  • 7) There may be staff whose performance is less than enthusiastic.
  • 8) Reaction from investors was less than enthusiastic.
  • 9) His approach on presentation day is equally enthusiastic but less swashbuckling.
  • 10) But other head teachers are less enthusiastic about the proposals.
  • 11) You effectively acknowledge this in your report but disregard it in your leader where you give the plan your enthusiastic support.
  • 12) He is so young and enthusiastic.
  • 13) It's a lot of fun being this keen and enthusiastic.
  • 14) Then you'll have my enthusiastic support.
  • 15) After professing enthusiastic support for reform of the present scorned system, ministers have gone suspiciously quiet.
  • 16) They were young, enthusiastic and full of new ideas.
  • 17) The hotel has flourished under its new owners, with the help of an enthusiastic young brigade.
  • 18) Which is perhaps why her friends are less enthusiastic that she's here today.
  • 19) It is also easy to see why enthusiastic young men were desirable to the Army.
  • 20) She is an enthusiastic gardener and does most of the work herself, employing help just one day a week.
  • 21) This gives the big name a personal interest in offering enthusiastic support, because it is to his or her continuing financial advantage.
  • 22) He was also a keen angler and an enthusiastic gardener, with his dahlias and leeks becoming the envy of Hampshire.
  • 23) The sumptuous productions of the 1980s were considered by the Met management to be an investment and found the enthusiastic support of major sponsors.
  • 24) Instead, it should match stern condemnation of injustice in the rich and poor worlds alike with enthusiastic support for faster growth, more competition and freer trade.
  • 25) He was shorthanded, and anyone who has ever had 14 girls herded onto one softball field knows the meaning of the term enthusiastic confusion.
  • 26) He laughs about his earthquake phobia, turns glum when reflecting on a domineering father and gives weight to theories of his eternal boyhood in enthusiastic chatter about toys and theme parks.
  • 27) We heard testimony from most of the volunteers who actually operate the station and serve as DJs, and they were nearly all in enthusiastic support.
  • 28) "A character," "very enthusiastic" is how veterinarians described him on their new-patient sheets whenever we moved and introduced a new care provider to the Buckness of Buck.
  • 29) But most enthusiastic is Christopher Long, writing for DVD Beaver: "I'm so excited to see Muriel made available on a Region 1 DVD that I hate to point out the flaws in the transfer."
  • 30) Manasi of A Cook At Heart writes a hilarious account of the tradition of "fasting" and makes a "fast food" that is the secret reason why so many Maharashtrians remain enthusiastic about undertaking fasts: Sabudana Khichadi.
  • 31) McKean and other professional word gatherers join enthusiastic amateurs in Wallraff's new book Word Fugitives, which reassures us that taking language seriously needn't always mean being serious about language.
  • 32) All three of us - me, my wife, and the writers - can remain enthusiastic fans because none of us can disprove the others.
  • 33) He spoke in enthusiastic terms of the splendid work Canadians -- had done in the battle line and said that in the two most crucial engagements of the war Canadians had saved the day and that under the most trying circumstances, and against weapons never before used in warfare.
  • 34) ‘Back then the rallies were big and the support was energetic and enthusiastic.’
  • 35) ‘Finally you will be surrounded by enthusiastic people eager to grow in faith.’
  • 36) ‘All were extremely enthusiastic, and eager for everyone on the course to do well.’
  • 37) ‘The officers from Manchester are enthusiastic and keen to take on the challenge.’
  • 38) ‘What is more, the book has generated some genuinely warm and enthusiastic reviews.’
  • 39) ‘She is a lively, dedicated and enthusiastic volunteer and we are all very proud of her.’
  • 40) ‘I was interested in how many women competed, and how enthusiastic they were about it.’
  • 41) ‘I like being the elder statesman and the committee is almost entirely new and enthusiastic.’
  • 42) ‘It sounded like a pipe dream, but he was so enthusiastic it was hard not to get excited for him.’
  • 43) ‘He's enthusiastic about the live show, but is also keen to raise his comedic profile again.’
  • 44) ‘Such interest was at least as enthusiastic in the provinces as in the metropolis.’
  • 45) ‘To aid me I discussed the idea with a former colleague who was very enthusiastic about the whole thing.’
  • 46) ‘Some small local cinemas were still staggering along, run by enthusiastic amateurs.’
  • 47) ‘But they also care a good deal for me, and are enthusiastic for what will make my life better.’
  • 48) ‘The cold wet evenings are not a deterrent to the training of the enthusiastic group.’
  • 49) ‘Most skaters are active, enthusiastic and trying to do what they love without being hassled.’
  • 50) ‘There was a lot of enthusiastic hand-shaking in the European parliament in those days.’
  • 51) ‘I also have to report that some reviewers were not as enthusiastic as those quoted by the publisher.’
  • 52) ‘It was a very enthusiastic meeting and I know I'm going to get a lot of support from the people there.’
  • 53) ‘The heads of the other two main arms of the military were perhaps less enthusiastic in their reactions.’


  • 1) In the sharpness of my sense of loss, I probably enthused about him, and perhaps this was unwise, perhaps almost suspicious.
  • 2) he enthused, and rushed over to Barry Butler who was beaming with pleasure.
  • 3) Susan enthused over the quality and colour of local apples, and the greengrocer's wife, with adoring eyes, offered her a bagful free.
  • 4) Thank you, she enthused from a weekend red carpet.
  • 5) Director Jules Dassin enthused, Please let me express my great esteem for you ....
  • 6) Keeping the lower-half teams interested and enthused is half the battle in keeping a fun, fair, competitive league.
  • 7) "For the magazine we would have shot 10 of the bottles, but for the app, we shot all 100 bottles," Cowin enthused.
  • 8) "I wouldn't have known the first thing about doing all of this, if the people from the Deshpande Center led me through," recalls enthused
  • 9) It was believed that those who were so caught up with their religious views that they 'enthused' about them were dangerous fanatics, who had to be opposed.
  • 10) Just as there are two Benazirs (who sometimes get mixed up: only the Radcliffe Benazir could be "enthused" by her Asian identity), there are two Bhutto families: one is compared to the Kennedys; the blessed clan destined to deliver the people from poverty and oppression, but punished by political martyrdom.
  • 11) That is to say, I’ve * wanted* to be able to champion episodic games for a long time, but there are so few successful episodic games around that it’s hard to remain enthused.

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