1. (used especially of ideas or principles) deeply rooted; firmly fixed or held
    deep-rooted prejudice
    ingrained habits of a lifetime
    deep-seated differences of opinion
    implanted convictions
    a deeply planted need
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How To Use deep-seated In A Sentence

  • The strength of the novel lies not only in the depiction of a detailed future of hardship and privation, but in the expert characterisation of Shah: a lone figure whose origins leave him open to prejudice within the police department, and whose problematic relationship with an intersexual courtesan reveals his own deep-seated prejudices. Dark Matter, Clowns at Midnight, Damage Time and Version 43 - reviews
  • Many children have escaped or shown deep-seated reactions to their conscription by a group that had killed a loved one.
  • Part of the command-and-control legacy includes our deep-seated belief that there is only one answer.
  • Certainly most humans hold complicated and deep-seated views on deceit and candor; Americans, however, seem to have an especially bipolar one.
  • The country is still suffering from deep-seated economic problems.
  • This only served to exacerbate landlordism, the impoverishment of the peasantry and the deep-seated hostility to the British occupation.
  • The only irregularities are small east-dipping flexures over deep-seated faults.
  • The causes are something a historian can study and document: the colonial period where long-standing social orders were overturned to serve colonial interests, and not-so-deep-seated animosities between the two main ethnic groups were exacerbated; the hatred of Tutsis that Hutu regimes inculcated even deeper into peasants for years so that most of these poor people at one point actually began to believe Tutsis were devil-like beings with tails and that killing them was their duty; teaming masses of impoverished urban Hutus (of the kind a Marxist would call the lumpen proletariat) murdering their Tutsi neighbors so they would cart off their property and rape their women (just like peasants murdering their neighbor to take his piece of land), and so endlessly on. AllAfrica News: Latest
  • How else to explain the suddenly awakened consciences of the conspicuously caucasian Tea Baggers who, rather than easily grasp that the causes they trumpet are actually empirically proven to be detrimental to their own interests, opt instead to bleat banal credos which sound superficially like rousing cries for "smaller government" and "accountability" but what are in truth thinly veiled, virulent, recidivistic expressions of deep-seated racism? The Full Feed from
  • Something more than television soaps and radio talk-shows is needed to address deep-seated attitudes, before they corrode our democracy.
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